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Chapter 211 - The Depressed Hu Wanlin

  The next few days, the matter of shares Li Dong and Sun Tao who did not mention again, as if Li Dong did not say at all. 20 September, Li Dong through Wu Jianguo about Hu Wanlin together for tea. The meeting place is the old place, last time Hu Wanlin and Li Dong is here to talk about the collapse. After meeting Hu Wanlin, Li Dong said directly: "Mr. Hu, business is about peace and prosperity, but rabbits bite when they're desperate, and I'm not a rabbit, you have to give me an explanation!" Li Dong opened his mouth and asked him to give an explanation, Hu Wanlin was a little confused. Then Hu Wanlin reacted and said with a cold face, "Mr. Li, I should be the one to say this, don't bully people too much!" Hu Wanlin is now holding a fire in her heart, Li is too arrogant! Last time, because of Wang Jia's incident, he had a hand in it, and the old man was a bit unstable during that time, she did not continue to find Wang Jia trouble. The original this is enough to give face to Li Dong, she did not go to Li Dong trouble, Li Dong instead found her. Li Dong smiled and said, "What, Mr. Hu had people smash my five stores, but you are the one who is justified?" "Li, don't go too far!" Hu Wanlin couldn't help it, only she had always framed people, when did it become someone else's turn to throw sewage on her! She heard about Li Dong's store being smashed, and Hu Wanlin was gloating at the time. Although there is no big feud with Li Dong, but after all, there is a bit of trouble, Li Dong store was smashed, Hu Wanlin happy to see. But gloating that is because it is someone else's business, Li Dong will now throw dirty water on her head, Hu Wanlin can not tolerate it. Don't say she didn't do it, even if she did, this can't be admitted. Li Dong's face also cooled down and said gloomily, "Mr. Hu, let's not talk about the dark side, Chen Si is your man, right?" Hu Wanlin frowned, feeling a little bad, humming: "Chen Si I do know, what do you mean?" "Oh, my store was smashed by those people from Chen Si, I don't believe that Mr. Hu doesn't know about it." "Since Mr. Hu does not admit, then I can not help, after all, there is no evidence. It doesn't matter if Mr. Hu doesn't give me face, we'll see." Li Dong sneered, and no longer continue to talk with Hu Wanlin, get up and leave. As soon as Li Dong left, Hu Wanlin's eyebrows immediately tightened up, his face was a bit cloudy and uncertain. The person who smashed the store was Chen Si? Although Chen Si is not a member of her company, but in fact is her most important partner. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Not to mention outsiders, even she now treats Chen Si as one of her own. Chen Si smashed Li Dong's store, to say that she did not instruct, not to mention Li Dong do not believe, Hu Wanlin themselves are somewhat unbelievable. But Hu Wanlin's heart is suffocating, she really does not know this! Chen Si and Li Dong and no hatred, smashed Li Dong's store this is not a pit for her! Of course, this can not listen to Li Dong's side of the story. Hu Wanlin took out her cell phone and made a call, asked a few questions, her face was a little ugly. Then she made a few more phone calls, and the results showed that it was indeed Chen Si who did it. Then Hu Wanlin called Chen Si, but the phone was turned off several times, this time Hu Wanlin was immediately annoyed. No need to guess, this thing is definitely Chen Si do. Chen Si is now ten ** is hiding, but this mess she how to deal with? Li Dong is not a good stubble, this matter is clear that will not give up, this black pot she does not have to carry.