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Chapter 212 - The Lecturer

  When she saw Hu Wanlin again, Hu Wanlin was obviously much more haggard. Seeing Li Dong, Hu Wanlin hated her teeth, if not for the situation, she really wanted to slap this bastard to death. Li Dong did not look at her, but looked at Hu Yue next to her and said, "Why are you here?" Hu Yue looked a little embarrassed, although Li Dong was not her classmate, but also considered an acquaintance. She didn't say she was working in a loan shark company when we met in the capital last time, so if word got out that her classmates knew about it, they would definitely laugh at her. But this time the boss asked her to come, Hu Yue can not help. Recently Hu Wanlin ate a small loss in the hands of Li Dong Hu Yue also know, more understand Hu Wanlin called himself to come to the meaning, in order to ease the atmosphere. Hu Yue quickly suppressed the embarrassment and smiled: "Knowing that my old classmate is coming, I purposely asked Mr. Hu to bring me along, my old classmate doesn't mind, right?" The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched and helplessly said, "Don't mind, who let us be old classmates." Saying that both of them laughed, then Li Dong and Hu Yue had a few more small talk before Li Dong finally turned his gaze to Hu Wanlin. Although Hu Wanlin's heart hated to death, but also know that at this juncture there is no need to continue to fight with Li Dong. When the two of them stopped, Hu Wanlin said directly: "Mr. Li, draw a road down, I admit this loss!" "Mr. Hu, look at your words, it seems that I am the one who suffers the loss, right?" Li Dong said smilingly. Hu Wanlin hummed: "I didn't do the store smashing! Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with me, but Chen Si and I are acquaintances after all, he ran away, I will help Li compensate for his losses!" "Mr. Hu is open-minded!" Li Dong gave a thumbs up and praised, then said, "This matter is not really a big deal, Mr. Hu said compensation will be over, Wang Jia's father's debit note to me." Hu Wanlin was half dead with anger, easy to say, Wang Jia's father's payment is now up to two million. But she had expected this before, plus Wang Jia's side ten ** is not able to collect the money, Hu Wanlin did not say anything, gestured a glance Hu Yue. Hu Yue took out a stack of IOUs from the bag and handed them to Li Dong, who took a look at them and put them away. Hu Wanlin saw the situation and said unhappily, "Mr. Li, let's forget this matter, right?" "No hurry." Li Dong smiled, did not look at Hu Wanlin's ugly face, mentioned the box behind himself on the table and pushed it over. Hu Wanlin frowned and said, "What do you mean?" "Half a million, and I'm not taking advantage of Mr. Hu. Wang Jia's father borrowed a million from you, and actually got about 800,000, in front Wang Jia paid back 300,000, now I'll make up another 500,000, Mr. Hu shouldn't be at a loss, right?" Li Dong said smilingly. Hu Wanlin's face kept changing, obviously did not expect Li Dong to come to this trick. Even if Li Dong did not pay a penny, she was prepared to eat this stifling loss this time. But now Li Dong has the upper hand, and also gave 500,000, more than the 300,000 said last time, this face can be said to have given enough. At this time Hu Wanlin did not know whether to hate Li Dong good, or should thank Li Dong. After all, half a million is not a small amount, can recover this amount, Hu Wanlin naturally happy. But this is in Li Dong forced to agree, Hu Wanlin and a little uncomfortable, always feel not so happy. No matter how you think, today, Li Dong face and face have given, Hu Wanlin also have a step down, and finally sighed: "Mr. Li, this matter we clear, from now on you go your Yangguan Road I cross my only wooden bridge." Li Dong laughed: "Look at what Mr. Hu said, we don't know each other, more friends, more roads, it's better than becoming enemies." Hu Wanlin rolled her eyes and didn't know what to say. Is it that I want to become enemies with you? If you can really become friends with Li Dong, Hu Wanlin is also happy, after all, to meet a few rich people will help her. But two days ago, Li Dong almost drove her crazy, and now he said to make friends, Hu Wanlin is really depressed. Not taking Li Dong's words, Hu Wanlin lifted her suitcase and got up, "Mr. Li, whether it's a friend or an enemy, I'll say one more thing, it's true that I didn't order the smashing of the store."