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Chapter 213 Personnel Changes

  The matter of Niu Mang was left to Hu Wanlin, and then Li Dong waited to see the drama. But for several days in a row, the political scene in Pingchuan is still calm and quiet. Now Li Dong understand, these old foxes are planning to move later, without full certainty is not going to make a move, want to watch the show still do not know when and how long. Since a short time to watch the show, Li Dong also do not bother to pay attention. The three smashed convenience stores have resumed operations, the smashing of the store is considered a temporary end. But Li Dong also did not idle. Just after the stores, Liu Qi told him that the headhunter recommended the vice president candidate to Yuanfang. This time, the headhunter recommended four people to Yuanfang, compared to the last batch of Shen Xi, these four people are a bit younger. Young does not mean inexperienced, these four people are veterans of the retail industry. The youngest one has been in the retail industry for more than ten years. He is not afraid of power-sharing, but really some power is not able to do, Li Dong recently although the company spent more time, but the general things Li Dong will not manage. The whole company is now on his own in control of the overall situation, Sun Tao is also a bit overwhelmed. In addition, the last time Li Dong and he said the shares, Sun Tao heart some hidden worries, now to recruit a vice president, Sun Tao would like to Li Dong so. The two discussed, the next two days Li Dong respectively and four candidates met and talked. After two days of selection and interview, Li Dong finally left a woman named Wang Yue. Wang Yue, 38 years old, engaged in the retail industry for 12 years, the highest had done a large store regional vice president. She is a regional vice president, I'm afraid that the gold content is half a level higher than the vice general manager of Yuanfang. Although Yuanfang is developing well now, it is only a corner of Jiangbei, while Wang Yue was in charge of the whole East China region. Wang Yue is willing to come to Yuanfang, to say the least, and Li Dong fame can not be unrelated. Because of the Baidu incident, Li Dong's fame was greatly enhanced, plus he was young, not short of money and full of energy. She is not too old, full of energy, but it is a pity that the big store she originally stayed in is bent on stability, plus there are layers of leadership above her, Wang Yue has been living a stifling life. Compared with other large stores, Yuanfang, which is developing, needs a senior manager who is bold and courageous. And when she joined Yuanfang, she didn't need to be responsible for others, she only needed to report to Li Dong. Even Sun Tao, the general manager, could not control her, which also gave her more freedom and more opportunities to show her ambition. With all these factors, Wang Yue chose to go far away. Similarly, Li Dong and Sun Tao had heard about this industry executive and knew that she had the ability and strength, and finally Wang Yue won the position of vice president of Yuanfang over the other three. Li Dong offered an annual salary of 500,000, with a car and a house to keep Wang Yue. Although this treatment is considered a first-class level at the moment, Wang Yue only showed a slight smile, in fact, her previous job treatment is not much worse than Yuanfang. Because of Wang Yue's joining, Li Dong convened a meeting of middle-level leaders. At the meeting, Li Dong announced the work that Wang Yue would be responsible for in the future, and the two important departments, Commodity Department and Marketing Department, were assigned to Wang Yue's management. When Li Dong finished talking, the whole conference room was quiet. Everyone looked at Wang Yue with a somewhat surprised expression, obviously not expecting that this newly-joined vice general manager would be in charge of such an important department. For Yuanfang, mastering the commodity and marketing departments would also be mastering Yuanfang's external channels. To put it bluntly, in this way, Sun Tao will only be responsible for internal affairs, while Wang Yue will become the main force of external expansion, which is simply to hollow out Sun Tao. Sun Tao's face is calm, in fact, this decision is his own proposed. Than others, Sun Tao see more clearly. Outsiders thought he was hollowed out, but in fact Sun Tao knew that although the external channels were important, they were not the core of Yuanfang. The real core of Yuanfang is only two departments, finance and human resources. Finance is under the direct control of Li Dong, and no one can interfere with this, while human resources is under his management, plus the logistics management department, control of these two departments, he is sitting on the fishing platform. Doing less than before, the right is not smaller than before, Sun Tao is happy to do so. The crowd saw Sun Tao are no opinion, naturally no one will open their mouths to hold the unfairness. When the announcement is finished is Wang Yue, the meeting is not yet over.