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Chapter 214 Smoke Dissipation

  When Li Dong finished his business, he saw that Shen Xi was still following him, so he said, "There is something else?" Shen Xi's eyes rolled and said, "Yes, there is something, something at work." "Tell me about it." "I am going to prepare a staff sports meeting, what do you think?" Li Dong thought about it and nodded, "As long as it doesn't interfere with normal work, you can make up your own mind about it." The public relations department was originally responsible for the company's internal recreational activities, and this was not beyond Shen Xi's authority. "Since you agreed, I'll go to Director Liu to approve the project funds." "How much is the plan?" Li Dong originally asked this in passing, and did not take it too seriously, but Shen Xi's next words scared Li Dong. "One million!" Li Dong's footsteps stalled, staring at her, "You think I'm stupid!" A staff sports meeting, just playing basketball, table tennis, badminton and so on, plus some other costs, in Li Dong's opinion, a few tens of thousands of dollars will be enough. But Shen Xi directly to a million, really do not take money as money ah! Shen Xi was a bit vain: "You agreed before?" "But you didn't say a million before!" Li Dong said in annoyance. "I'm going to make this sports meeting a little more formal and grand, not only these employees from the headquarters, but also the employees from other branches will come to participate." "When there are more people, the money spent will be more. I'm going to set up the prizes a little heavier, after all, this is the first staff sports, prizes, staff motivation, morale is also sufficient, and deepen the staff's sense of belonging to the far side …… "Shen Xi crackled a bunch of words, in short, a word, money! One million in fact or she saved and saved, if according to her original plan, three million is not too much. Li Dong listened to feel their liver pain! Three million to run a sports event, is their own mishearing, or Shen Xi is stupid? Not to mention Pingchuan, I'm afraid I can't find a company like this anywhere in the country. Let the staff to return to the heart, Li Dong also want, but does not mean that he agrees with Shen Xi defeat. Li Dong did not hesitate and said directly: "Don't even think about one million, one hundred thousand, no way to do it." Shen Xi aggrieved: "And not I want money, I am for the company, for the future of the company ……" "Less about those useless, you want to attract attention, want to create momentum to buy hearts and minds, want to promote do not make so many tricks! " Li Dong hummed, directly point out Shen Xi's small mind. Shen Xi was annoyed and angry: "You are a gentleman's belly with the heart of a villain!" "Are you a gentleman?" Li Dong snickered. "The surname Li!" Shen Xi was furious, and after seeing Li Dong glaring at herself, she wilted down again and said, "One hundred thousand is really not enough, will five hundred thousand do?" Li Dong speechless, helplessly said: "300,000, three hundred thousand for a sports event is definitely enough, you also stop rubbing elbows with me, say 300,000 are gone." Shen Xi puffed her mouth and muttered, seeing Li Dong looking at herself, she hurriedly smiled dryly and said, "Okay, then 300,000." Li Dong waved his hand and told her to leave, really too lazy to talk to her. Shen Xi also did not care, smiling and walking towards the finance department. Li Dong shook his head and Liu Qi next to him whispered, "Mr. Li, do you really approve 300,000?" "Well, you can tell Director Liu later, 300,000 is 300,000, just give her to pass the time." Liu Qi secretly staggered, 300,000 for Shen Xi to pass the time, as if money is not money. Of course, she also knows that she and Shen Xi can not compare. Even if Shen Xi insisted on one million for the games, maybe in the end, Mr. Li would agree.