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Chapter 215 - Returning to one's roots

  Driving back to Qingyang on the road, Li Dong spirit some trance. Not the sadness is difficult to suppress, just lamenting the vagaries of the world, fate is unpredictable. In his previous life, Li Chenghui lived with grace and ease, but in this life, he was sick and passed away early, and for the first time in his life, Li Dong felt that life was so fragile. Even if he has the ability to prophecy, but also the ability to change anything, and even Li Dong vaguely speculated that the passing of Li Chenghui may be somewhat related to his rebirth. The heavens are fair, there is a give and take. Li Dong was reborn, Li Chengyuan and his wife got rid of the torment of illness and death, these are all acts against the heavens, and in these things Li Dong has been gaining and not giving. Since this is the case, then as a blood relative of the Li family Li Chenghui's early death from illness is not incomprehensible. On behalf of the brother suffered also strike, qi backlash also strike, anyway, the final is Li Chenghui passed away, Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang still live a good end. These are Li Dong's guesses, if it was placed in the previous life, Li Dong will only be treated as nonsense. But now even reborn have, Li Dong vaguely feel or some credible. …… Li Chenghui was walking in his own home. Perhaps it is the feeling of time is not much, Li Chenghui the last few days of life chose to go home. When Li Dong arrived, the front door of Li's house was wide open, and the sound of whimpering came from far away from the house. In the living room, Li Chengyuan couple, Wang Li mother and son, Wang Li's siblings also all arrived, the crowd gathered in the living room whispering about what to discuss. Li Nanming and Wang Li look unattractive and their eyes are a bit red and swollen, but they seem to have recovered a bit. Only Li Qing was still choking, and the whimpering sound that just came out was from Li Qing. Seeing Li Dong enter, Cao Fang greeted him and sighed in a low voice: "Go in and see your eldest uncle for the last time." Li Dong nodded, and did not say anything more, went straight into the room. The room bed, Li Chenghui has changed into the birthday suit. Because of the torture of illness, the formerly tall and powerful Li Chenghui shrunk into a ball, prepared in advance of the birthday suit is a bit on the large side, looks more desolate. Standing at the bedside, Li Dong was a little distracted. At the moment, Li Dong is not thinking about anything else, but whether Li Chenghui is suffering on behalf of himself and his parents? This question Li Dong may never be able to understand. After a while in the room, Li Dong sighed, finally looked at Li Chenghui, turned around and left the room. …… In the living room, Li Chengyuan was whispering something with Wang Li's second brother. When Li Dong came out, Li Chengyuan sounded a bit agitated and said, "I don't agree with this! People are gone, you are still counting this, do you still have a conscience?" Wang Li's second brother Wang Hongmin also fiercely retorted: "Look at what you said, making me a bad person both inside and outside! Am I doing it for myself? I'm doing it for the three of them!" "The people are gone, but the living have to live their lives! If you go back to the countryside for a funeral, you have to spend at least tens of thousands of dollars, you haven't been back home for so many years, why waste this money?" "In the city directly cremated, find a cemetery buried, is not better than buried in the countryside?" "Besides, I'm just making a suggestion, what's the use of yelling at me!" Li Chengyuan's face was red with anger, and he glared at Li Nanming next to him and said, "Nanming, you are also an adult, what do you think about this?" Li Nanming did not say a word, smoking a cigarette, waiting for Li Chengyuan asked, then said in a muffled voice: "According to my opinion, it does not matter whether this is done or not, anyway, there are not many people in the old family know." Li Chengyuan's face was white with anger, Li Dong saw the situation and quickly went forward to pat him on the back.