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Chapter 216: Gathering in Dongping

  The news of Li Chenghui's death, Li Dong originally did not want to tell others. But I don't know how the news spread, waiting for the cremation of Li Chenghui's body, ready to send back home for burial the day before, Qin Yuhan actually arrived in Dongping! This is a little out of Li Dong's expectations, he did not expect that Qin Yuhan far away in the capital are aware of it. And Qin Yuhan rushed back to Dongping today, I'm afraid that Li Chenghui just passed away she knew about it. Li Dong some helpless, no need to guess, must be their own side of the people tipped off. What makes Li Dong more unexpected is that Qin Hai and Yang Yun also came back together. The first time he saw the two, Li Dong looked surprised and said, "Why are you here?" Qin Hai saw Li Dong face sad color is not heavy, secretly relieved, then said: "these days you did not return to the company, I asked Liu Qi, Liu Qi told me." As soon as he heard it from Liu Qi, Li Dong immediately felt some bad. Sure enough, next Qin Hai said: "We came back a step earlier, Sun and the others are behind, they will arrive in the evening." Li Dong speechless, for a long time before asking: "In addition to Sun, there are others?" "A lot of people, a few suppliers over there also came to people, Longhua side also, a school leader of Jiangnan University also came over, and ……" when Qin Hai finished, Li Dong head as big as a bull said: "How no one said anything to me? " The news spread, the company came to people Li Dong is not surprised. The key is that the supplier and Jiangda actually came to people, which is somewhat unexpected Li Dong. More surprising to him is that Longhua Group actually also sent people. To know that in addition to the Longhua store, Li Dong and Longhua Group almost never dealt with, this time Longhua Group came, but let Li Dong some caught off guard. <> Not waiting for him to digest the news, Li Dong received another phone call. This call came from Li Dong inexplicably, after answering the phone, Li Dong felt himself a little confused. The caller is actually Chen Rui! The second generation who said that he would not deal with Li Dong anymore came to the phone and told Li Dong that he and Zhang Lan Yu had already left and would arrive in Dongping in the evening. Li Dong almost did not swallow a breath, Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu they also came, what rhythm is this! And Li Dong said that they do not need to come, but these guys directly told him that they are already on the way. Then, Li Dong received many more phone calls. After answering the phone, Li Dong was completely confused. Hu Sicheng, Wu Jianguo, Hu Wanlin, all of these, whether they are enemies or have an average relationship, are actually coming to Dongping to give Li Chenghui a funeral. Not compared to those second generation, Hu Sicheng and Wu Jianguo are both serving officials, this is not only the cause of personal friendship. Li Dong frowned: "Uncle Qin, is there any change in Pingchuan?" If nothing is wrong, Li Dong does not think these people will rush to Dongping, and they do not need to please Li Dong. In terms of friendship, Li Dong has not yet reached that point with them. Especially Hu Wanlin, a few days ago, Li Dong was still fighting with her, and then Hu Wanlin came to pat him on the back, which is somewhat unjustified. Qin Hai scratched his head a bit and said, "I don't think so, I haven't heard." Li Dong headache, now thinking about these also useless. <> The most urgent thing is how to arrange these people, before he did not know that there will be so many people to come, simply did not prepare. People living at home is certainly not, no way, Li Dong had to go out to arrange a hotel. Because I do not know how many people are coming, Li Dong opened twenty rooms in the hotel near the house. But when people arrived at night, Li Dong collapsed, others first, far side almost came to open a collective meeting! All the leaders above the manager are in place, this alone is more than twenty people. Plus a few city managers, a few store managers in Qingyang, Zheng Long these security …… a far-side company, came nearly fifty people!