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Chapter 217 shallow water out of a dragon

  Others in the envy of the long convoy, Li Dong is a bit of a headache. These people came to give themselves face, the key is that Li Dong simply do not need others to give themselves face. In front of Li Nanming these people show off what use, no benefit not to say, trouble may be a whole lot more. If it is a normal exchange of favors is just, but most of those who came today have an ulterior motive. To say the truth, I'm afraid that the company's own people have some pure purposes, others are drunkenness. Now make such a scene, Li Dong can not help but sigh. As the saying goes, the rich and powerful do not return home, such as the brocade night walk. But Li Dong really do not have the heart of the rich and famous to return home, these days, rich is not a crime, the crime is that you have money actually do not help the folks. By these guys so much, they do not bleed a little is certainly not possible. Li Dong himself does not care about fame, but also can not let parents lose face. Money is not the main thing, the most important thing is that such a mess, I am afraid that his parents have to move to do. These days, for the sake of money desperate things are not without. Previously, no one has paid attention to Li Chengyuan old couple, now want not to pay attention to can not, really want someone to move the mind, Li Dong must be depressed to death. Obviously can save a lot of trouble, these guys have to add to their own chaos. …… Li Dong's old home also belongs to Dongping County. Chenjiawan, this is where the Li family's old house. The reason why it is called Chenjiawan and not Lijiawan, naturally because the village surnamed Chen is far more than the surname Li, Li surname in Chenjiawan belongs to the small surname. From Dongping County to Chenjiawan, the distance is not too far, about thirty kilometers or so. Li Dong's caravan is a separate operation. Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang had gone home yesterday to make funeral arrangements, but Li Dong had to rendezvous with the hearse from Qingyang. From Qingyang to Chenjiawan and from Dongping County to Chenjiawan, there will be a three-way intersection in the middle, Li Dong and Li Nanming through the phone, agreed to meet at the three-way intersection. …… hang up Li Dong's phone, Li Nanming mouth skimmed. The side of Li Qing inquired: "What did Dongzi say?" Li Nanming said: "What can I say! That son of a bitch asked us to join him, I think he just wants to save some fares, stingy goods!" Li Qing frowned, swept a glance at the driver who was not looking at her, and whispered, "Don't talk nonsense later." Although she and Li Dong also can not play together, but also not as disgusting as Li Nanming. In addition, this time Li Chengyuan contributed money and effort, Li Qing is also afraid that Li Nanming will talk nonsense later to upset Li Chengyuan. Li Nanming grunted and didn't say anything, obviously not taking Li Qing's words too seriously. When Qing Yang's car arrived at the intersection, Li Nanming stretched out his head and swept around the intersection, then said, "I knew this bastard was unreliable, let's not wait for him, let's go!" Li Qing said with some hesitation, "Why don't we wait a little longer." The words just fell, the other end of the intersection slowly came a long line of caravan. Li Nanming originally wanted to go directly, but when he saw the convoy, Li Nanming stopped. After sticking his head out of the window for a while, Li Nanming stammered, "Damn, when did so many rich people come out of this shitty place in Dongping." "Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche …… Holy shit, there's a Bentley, this is the first time I've seen a real car, it's fucking beautiful!" Li Nanming muttered a few times. Li Chenghui over the years to do engineering although earned a lot, but the entire fortune is only one or two million bottom. Not to mention those millions of luxury cars, is a few hundred thousand cars Li Nanming can not afford to buy. Can not afford to buy, Li Nanming is still very familiar with the car, a time to see so many good cars, Li Nanming heart itch not. Li Qing did not pay attention to the car brand, but puzzled: "How the car stopped, we did not block the road, right?"