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Chapter 218 - Listen to me for a moment

  The ancestral tomb of the Li family is located on Baitou Mountain near Chenjiawan. At this moment, the foothills of Baitou Mountain are full of people. Although Li Chengyuan brothers have been away from home for many years, but over the years Li Chengyuan often return home to see, plus many people under Li Chenghui's engineering team is Chenjiawan. Now that Li Chenghui is gone, Li Chengyuan returned to his hometown generous, to help a lot of people really. Li Chengyuan was talking with a few old people in the village, his face was a bit worried. As we were talking, someone suddenly shouted, "Here we are!" Li Chengyuan looked up and soon, a long caravan was coming towards the foot of the mountain. As the caravan got closer, someone in the crowd whispered, "It's a mistake, it seems to be someone else's family." "Well, who's having a white wedding here? I haven't heard of anyone near our Chenjiawan who has made a big fortune?" The crowd whispered, apparently did not think it was the Li family's convoy. After all, Li Chenghui is also a contractor, although in Chenjiawan is considered rich, but really take out the comparison can not be on the stage. Others are still guessing whose family's motorcade this is, but Li Chengyuan has already guessed that this is Li Chenghui's funeral caravan. Yesterday, his son called himself to let himself open another ten tables of banquets, saying that there are many friends to come, when Li Chengyuan only thought that ten tables of banquets is too much, but now look at so many cars, Li Chengyuan did not speak. If a car one or two people okay, if a few more people, ten tables are not enough. Li Chengyuan heart some emotion, this is only how long, son actually have made so many people. The crowd is still speculating about whose family is hosting a white wedding, Li Nanming has been holding the effigy off the car. As soon as Li Nanming got off the bus, many people recognized him, and someone in the crowd was surprised: "It's really Cheng Hui's family!" "I did not expect ah, Cheng Hui these years in the city really mixed not bad!" The crowd was discussing, Wang Li in the crowd to meet up, took a look at the caravan of strangers down, some strange said: "Nanming, these people you called here?" Li Nanming said, "Which I called, I have a lot of money, that guy Li Dong brought, I do not know why he hired so many people." "Hired?" Wang Li face full of surprise, some disbelief. "Of course it is hired, otherwise you think so." Two people are whispering, Hu Sicheng and other people have come over. One look at Hu Sicheng and these people's dress temperament, walking posture, Wang Li, who has spent many years in the city, immediately felt that something was wrong. These people are hired? How is it possible! People's temperament is not innate, but slowly cultivated later in life. These people whether Hu Sicheng these officials, or Chen Rui these second generation, or those big suppliers, who is not usually commanding. The taste of the people, absolutely not spend money to hire people to perform. Although Wang Li has not read many books, and has seen the world is not big, but some big bosses and small officials in Qingyang she has seen. She can guarantee that those businessmen or officials in Qingyang, who she has seen, are not as strong as these people in front of her. Especially when these people come head-on towards themselves, Wang Li feels an invisible pressure. Not to mention Wang Li, Li Nanming also feel a little depressed at the moment. Looking back at the crowd, Li Nanming muttered, "Acting really like it." Li Nanming's muttering crowd did not hear, heard it will not care, they came today is for Li Dong, not Li Nanming. Li Dong also got out of the car at this moment, walked to Wang Li and introduced, "These are my friends, come to give Uncle a ride." Wang Li sniffed and nodded to the crowd. Hu Sicheng these people also hurried to respond, mouth constantly said "condolences. When Li Dong also introduced Li Chengyuan as his father, the crowd was more polite. Especially those managers and directors from afar, but also "uncle" shouted incessantly. Li Chengyuan looked embarrassed, some of these people are not much younger than him, the result called him uncle, which is too much. At this moment, the villagers at the bottom of the white head mountain is also finally seen. It seems that these people are Li Lao Er's son brought over, look at that aura, each one is not simple ah. Someone in the crowd whispered, "Isn't Dongzi in college? How come he knows so many big bosses?" In their view, the drive are bosses, especially the few suppliers, a look at the big boss's faction, this is a rare thing. Li Dong a student, actually know so big boss, not rare. But because we are not familiar with, plus the time is not early to immediately go to the mountains into the earth, the people did not ask more questions. When the villagers of Chenjiawan knocking gongs and drums ready to go up the mountain, not far away is a large group of people rushing over. As soon as he saw those people, Li Chengyuan immediately anxious, rushed to meet over and said, "Seventh uncle, this first do not make a scene, I will certainly give you an explanation!" Called seventh uncle is an old man in his sixties, when Li Chengyuan finished, the old man cursed angrily: "Account for what! I tell you, Li Lao Er, this matter is not over! If we don't deal with it today, that son of a bitch Li Chenghui will not want to go into the ground!" As soon as these words were said, Wang Li immediately cursed: "You old bastard, are you still human? People are dead, you still trample people so badly, you are not afraid of retribution!" "You're the one who will get retribution!" "Your old Li family deserves to be struck by lightning, you dare not admit what you have done, bullying people who are orphans and widows, still have no conscience!" As soon as Wang Li opened her mouth, those who came behind the old man also shouted and cursed. The villagers on Li Chengyuan's side were silent, but when those people started cursing, someone couldn't help but drink: "What are you talking about! Your old Chen family is shameless, and you blame our Li family?"