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Chapter 219 - The Golden Dollar

  The Chen family left and things quickly lifted off. ranw?enw?w?w?. In addition to the Li family from time to time to discuss a few words, Hu Sicheng these people are not too serious. But a few local farmers messed up, and no one was killed, they simply do not take it to heart. To put in Yaohai District, Hu Sicheng as a parent official may have to avoid some suspicion, but now in this nook of Qingyang, Hu Sicheng is too lazy to bother. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. When he was buried, Li Dong suddenly felt much relieved in his heart. I do not know if it is a psychological impact, Li Dong feel as if their hearts less a layer of psychological shackles, the sky is a lot clearer. Li Dong kneeled and burned a lot of paper, silently chanting: "Uncle, good deeds get good results, if you really suffer on behalf of my father and son, the next life will be a good birth." Ashes into the ground, the funeral service should also be almost over. Li Chengyuan hurriedly greeted the crowd down the mountain to eat, others have gone, except Chen Rui the white hair monster surrounded the ancestral grave of the Li family refused to leave. Zhang Langyu saw the Li family people looking at Chen Rui with strange eyes, cursed in his heart, and hurriedly walked up. "Let's go!" Chen Rui ignored her and lowered his voice and said, "Lan Yu, there is really something wrong with the Li family's ancestral tomb, have you found it?" Zhang Lanyu was ready to shout at him to leave, but at this moment heard the words but could not help but say, "What problem?" Chen Rui face with a profound smile, pointed to a grave bag directly in front and said: "You did not find? This grave is not ordinary, the left green dragon right white tiger, before the vermilion bird after the xuanwu ……" did not wait for him to finish, Zhang Lan Yu said in a good mood: "Speak human words!" Chen Rui laughed dryly and added: "Simply put, this grave is larger than the next, and the grass is also much more lush, I asked, this is the grave of Li Dong's grandparents, it is indeed extraordinary." Zhang Lan Yu originally thought he could say something big, but ended up waiting for such an extraordinary. Glaring at him, Zhang Lanyu frowned and said, "Less bullshit, let's go!" Saying that also ignored Chen Rui, Zhang Lan Yu turned around and left. Chen Rui saw the situation and hurried to catch up, explained: "I am serious, do not believe you stand far away to see, the entire Li family ancestral graves, Li Dong his grandfather's grave is the most conspicuous." Zhang Lan Yu will doubtfully look back, this look, Zhang Lan Yu some jaw dropping. Because from a distance, Li Dong's grandfather's grave is really the most conspicuous, obviously a mound of earth, but from a distance, but as if the ancient gold yuan treasure general. Not to say not to notice, the more attention, the more substitution, Zhang Lan Yu feel more like. Golden treasure, could it be that Li Dong's fortune is really destined? The entire Li family, it seems that the two brothers Li Chengyuan mixed well, Li Chenghui although dead, but also alive when wrestling a Chen Jiawan richest name. As for Li Chengyuan, although not much ability, but his son is remarkable, and now I'm afraid that even the richest man in Qingyang. This is not exactly the commentary of the gold yuan treasure! Chen Rui saw her dazed, he he laughed: "I'm right, right, you look again, is it still green smoke?" Zhang Lan Yu look again, I do not know whether it is because of blurred vision, or the sun, from a distance, the grave really has a feeling of smoke. Zhang Lan Yu, who never believed in ghosts, gods and feng shui, suddenly said, "I'll find a feng shui master to go to my ancestral tomb to take a look!" Chen Rui smilingly said, "Your family does not need to see, there is Uncle Zhang in, feng shui can still be bad?" Zhang Lanyu ignored him, but in his heart he was determined to go back and really find someone to look at. …… Zhang Langyu and Chen Rui's discussion Li Dong did not know. If he knew, Li Dong must have laughed at their nonsense. His grandfather's grave to really good feng shui, in his last life he would not be so down and out, Li Chengyuan will not pass away early. But even if Li Dong knew, he wouldn't say it. Since Chen Rui they think so, so let them think so, anyway, they do not lose anything.