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Chapter 220: The Qing Yang affair is over

  The wind swept through the clouds and the cups were in disarray.???? ??? w?? w???? When the banquet was almost over, an interesting scene also happened. The Chen family old man with a few young people and a middle-aged man who looked a bit temperamental was ready to come over to Li Chengyuan, but the middle-aged man saw the crowd at the main table from afar and turned around and left. Li Dong didn't notice this scene, and only when Li Chengyuan asked about it, he asked, "Who was that just now?" "Chen Guodong, did you forget?" Li Chengyuan did not say Li Dong really did not remember, once said Li Dong did remember. Chen Guodong, Chen Jiawan's first college student, also studied in Pingchuan University, after graduation has remained in Pingchuan. I heard that in Pingchuan also mixed a civil servant, what exactly Li Dong is not clear, only know that the Chen family people have not seldom take out to brag. But now Chen just took a look and left, Li Dong immediately realized that Chen Guo Dong must have recognized who was on the main table. But Li Dong also do not know who he actually saw before he ran, the main table today there are a lot of people, can and official circles also a lot of people, who knows who scared away Chen Guodong. Not to mention Li Dong, in addition to Chen Guodong, I'm afraid that the person who scared him may not even know that he scared him away. These are irrelevant, Li Dong did not take it to heart. At the end of the banquet, Li Dong sent off the people one by one. When Fang Qingfei and Huang Zhigao also got into the car, Li Dong said to Fang Qingfei: "I've settled Wang Jia's debt, she can now go back to Pingchuan." Interestingly enough, Hu Wanlin, the debtor who forced Wang Jia to go out of her way, was right next to her. The two of them did not know Fang Qingfei, and Fang Qingfei did not know that the loan shark who forced her good sister to leave her hometown was Hu Wanlin. The two women clinked glasses during the lunch time. The two of them don't know, Li Dong, the lover is looking at the sour teeth, when Fang Qingfei not less cursed Hu Wanlin, the world is so wonderful. Fang Qingfei did not know what Li Dong was thinking, heard the words greatly grateful: "Li Dong, thank you, really thank you!" Because of the loan shark matter, Wang Jia has not dared to stay in Pingchuan for a long time. Even coming back to visit his mother is also sneaky, every time he left a little money and left in the night. Now Li Dong helped to solve the loan shark matter, Wang Jia will be free in the future. This time, Fang Qingfei did not mention the money, it is too much, not to mention her, is that she and Wang Jia two people together to do a lifetime may not be able to pay off. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, and Huang Zhigao chatted a few words, and finally waved goodbye to the crowd. Hu Sicheng Chen Rui, although these people want to talk with Li Dong in detail, but also know that now is not the time. Several people agreed to wait for Li Dong back to Pingchuan to talk again, and then also one by one to leave. The last to go was Qin Yuhan's family. Because Li Dong still has to stay in his hometown for a day, Qin Hai and his family have to go back to the company, Qin Yuhan is also not convenient to stay. Before leaving, Qin Yuhan said, "I'm going back to the capital tomorrow, I'll come back to see you when I have time." "So soon? The National Day holiday has not yet passed." "There are still some things in school, I can't go back." Qin Yuhan squirmed a little and said. She didn't have the heart to say that her dessert store had just opened on the National Day, and if it wasn't for the passing of Li Dong's eldest uncle, she wouldn't have been ready to come back this National Day. Li Dong nodded, did not say anything, just gently kissed her forehead. This scene saw a lot of people, the Qin family couple, Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang, and most of those villagers who did not leave saw it. Qin Yuhan face swished red, did not have time to say goodbye to Li Dong's parents, turned around and got into the car and closed the door, then Qin Hai started the car and hurried away. Li Dong smiled and didn't make a sound, but the corners of the mouth of the couple next to Li Chengyuan twitched. For a long time, Cao Fang whispered: "This girl is not ugly, people are also quite good, turn around and find time to settle down." Li Chengyuan's face was a bit stiff and he said sullenly, "There is no hurry first, let's wait until the boss is over this." Cao Fang also realized that now is not the time to say this, nodded and said no more. The people did not stand at the intersection for long, soon the Chen family came to Li Chengyuan, said to discuss the matter of Chen Jing. Originally this kind of thing Li Dong this junior is not qualified to participate, but today the Chen family is deliberately let Li Dong over. Li Dong also did not pretend, and Li Chengyuan discussed a few words, the two went to the Chen family together. When Li Dong father and son arrived, the Chen family is not many people, in addition to the Chen family old man, only Chen Jing mother and daughter and the Chen Guodong present. The Li family side, in addition to Li Dong father and son, Li Nanming accompanied Wang Li arrived. After all, it is a family scandal, there is no need to make a big deal about it. Before Chen Lao Han trouble, that is also no way things, who let Wang Li mother and son denied. Whether it is Chen Jing mother and daughter or Wang Li Li Nanming, these people look at Li Dong's eyes are a little different. Li Dong face bland, also do not care about the eyes of the crowd. Next to talk about things, Li Dong even more did not express an opinion. Finally, the two sides talked for more than half an hour, also quarreled for more than half an hour, only gradually reached an agreement. First, Wang Li side to give Li Lan 50,000 alimony. Second, the engineering team has a 200,000 final payment did not recover, the money if Chen Jing can get back to Chen Jing. Third, Li Chenghui built a small two-story building in his hometown that year to Chen's mother and daughter.