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Chapter 221 - The Little Family

  Returning to Pingchuan from Dongping, Li Dong had a lot of things to do. The first thing, Li Dong convened a high-level meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Li Dong said indifferently, "The plans of the Yuanfang Building and the distribution center seem to have been leaked, who can tell me what is going on in this matter?" The people looked at each other, obviously not expecting that Li Dong just came back to pursue responsibility. Wang Yue, who was sitting at the top on the right, said, "Mr. Li, it doesn't seem to be a leaked plan. The company is recently doing research, others a little speculation, know what we want to do is also very simple, I think they may be their own guess." Wang Yue is not to cover up anyone, just now in the meeting to say this is a bit inappropriate. The far side is now in the integration period, the alarm is not good for the next work, Wang Yue does not want to face this kind of trouble just after he joined. Of course, of course, a little bit of selfishness, she helped people out at this juncture, to buy the hearts of people is also good. Anyway, Li Dong certainly will not be in this matter and her, Wang Yue heart than anyone understands. Li Dong smiled and did not make a sound. Guess? There is no such thing as a coincidence, the plan just came out and was guessed, and also all catch up to Dongping. In fact, the matter of the Yuanfang Building and distribution center is not very important, leaks do not matter much. The key is that Li Dong to knock them a bit, this time leaked is not important documents, then the next time? The business world is like a battlefield, really one day to leak an important secret, may cause a major blow to the far side is not certain. Of course, just words of warning is actually not very useful. Li Dong just want to come to a knock on the mountain to shake the tiger, the specific he has asked Zhou Haidong to arrange people to investigate, panic in the reveal a little foot better. Whether it is intentional or unintentional leaks, this kind of people can not stay in the far side. Seeing Wang Yue open his mouth, Li Dong stopped talking about it and said, "Let's not talk about the leaks in advance, since the news is out, let's continue to talk about the Yuanfang headquarters and the distribution center." "Director Xu, have you researched the address of the distribution center?" Xu Haoran, who was asked the question, hurriedly said, "Yes, now three locations have been selected, and we think they are all quite suitable, now we are inspecting them, and when the inspection is finished we will go and talk to the government side." "Well, turn around and bring me the information." Xu Haoran nodded and said, "What about the government side of Yaohai District?" "Has the land in Yaohai District been selected?" Li Dong asked. Xu Haoran shook his head and said, "Yaohai District is not suitable, the distribution center covers a wide area, the traffic should be convenient, and there is no such condition on the side of Yaohai District." "I know, I'll talk to the district government later." Li Dong had a good idea of Xu Haoran's answer, this side of Yaohai District was indeed not suitable for building a distribution center. If not, Hu Sicheng would not have run to Dongping. But this Li Dong will not change his mind because Hu Sicheng, business is to make money, and not to send political achievements to Hu Sicheng. Next, Li Dong casually listened to the report of several directors, the meeting came to an end. When leaving the conference room, Shen Xi came to the side and said, "Mr. Li, the sports meeting is ready to be held in the city gymnasium this Sunday, the basketball team is still short of one person, how about adding you one?" Li Dong skimmed his mouth and said, "Do you think I have time?" "Mr. Li, this is a good time to boost morale ……" not waiting for her to finish Li Dong interrupted: "Cut the crap, this you let Sun go, and so on when the awards I will go to see if I have nothing. " Shen Xi smiled a little lost, so easy to organize a sports event, the boss does not go to participate, this is not to do useless work. Public relations department now nothing, want to take credit for no opportunity. Shen Xi sighed for a while, and finally helplessly said: "Then you remember to award must go, the staff can wait for you as the boss to give them the award."