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Chapter 222 - The Treasure of the Town Mountain

  In the evening, the bird of prey restaurant. Li Dong did not get off when he arrived, sat in the car and looked at the time, it was almost seven o'clock. He took out the phone and called Shen Xi, and it took a while for the phone to get through. As soon as the phone call came through, Shen Xi complained, "Mr. Li, at least I'm a manager, why don't you give me a car?" Li Dong opened his mouth and paused for a moment before he said glumly, "Where are you?" "Almost there, it's so annoying to take a taxi, it's troublesome to take a taxi on my side of the house." Shen Xi complained again. Li Dong cried and laughed, the hell knows you actually do not have a car. You know, he knows these second generation, who do not have their own private cars, some even more than one. This guy Shen Xi said to him to take a taxi to come, really give the second generation shame. Li Dong did not give her a chance to complain, immediately said: "This thing back to you and the financial side of the application, I approved." A car matter, on Wu Jianguo such a small fish themselves are sent out more than a car money, to Shen Xi with a car Li Dong also do not put on the heart. Hearing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi immediately smiled and said, "Really? Can I choose my own car?" "Whatever you want, where are you now?" Li Dong just finished asking, the car window was knocked on. Glancing at it, Shen Xi was waving at herself with the phone. Li Dong got out of the car and took a look at Shen Xi, and only after a long time did he say, "I asked you to come over for a meal together, it's not a party, why are you dressed so formally?" Tonight's Shen Xi is indeed not the same as usual, not only redoing her makeup, but also changed into a more formal small dress. The usual ponytail also put down, a black hair draped over the shoulder, looks more than a touch of femininity. Shen Xi was a little upset: "Hey, what do you mean!" Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and said nothing more, stepping forward while walking: "Don't say anything later, I'll just say what I have to say, you'll be a sidekick, understand?" "Humph!" Shen Xi hummed and mumbled a few words in a low voice. Li Dong wanted to laugh, the more he contacted with Shen Xi, the more he felt that Shen Xi was like a child who had not grown up. When Shen Xi first came to the company, she also behaved somewhat like a white bone spirit, but now it seems that it is all an illusion, she is a playful little girl who has not grown up. If it were not so, it would not have been pestering itself to become vice president. This is like a child asking for candy, not to continue to pester, and so to, I'm afraid to turn around and run away. So thought, Li Dong more determined, temporarily can not promote this woman, or I'm afraid she did a period of time feel no meaning really want to run away. Thinking about things, Li Dong feet are not slow. Into the restaurant, Li Dong went straight to the second floor private room. Behind Shen Xi also hurriedly followed up, while asking: "Today and who eat together? Why call me? Later I do not speak, you can handle alone?" Li Dong said perfunctorily, "We'll know when we get in, just don't talk." While the two of them were talking, Li Dong had already found the private room. Pushing the door in, Zhang Lan Yu was about to get up to welcome him, and then she saw Shen Xi behind Li Dong. Chen Rui, who was still sitting at the end, naturally also saw it, and the corner of his mouth twitched as he got up and said, "Mr. Li, Shen Xi, you came together?" Shen Xi swept a few people in the room, frowned, grunted: "So it is these guys, I should have known not to change clothes, waste." The room is so big, although Shen Xi said it was a mumble, but who was present did not hear. The corners of Chen Rui's mouth twitched even more, and Zhang Lan Yu also looked embarrassed and said, "Sister Xi, sit down, sit down and talk." Shen Xi grunted, pushed Wang Siwen and said, "Let's go, I'll sit here with Li Dong." Wang Siwen laughed and did not care, got up and changed his position. Shen Xi did not sit in his place, pulling Li Dong to sit down, and sat down beside Li Dong himself. Then she said as if no one was watching, "It's you guys again, for the project?" She is not stupid, these guys chased Li Dong all the way to Dongping, plus Li Dong today's meeting about the distribution center and the Yuanfang Building, Shen Xi naturally guessed their purpose.