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Chapter 223 - Shen Xi's attitude

  Shen Xi's arrival was a complete surprise, Chen Rui a few people a time some blind. Several times the matter of the project was brought up, but Li Dong refused through the mouth of Shen Xi. If Li Dong directly refused, it may have offended Chen Rui, but Shen Xi is different, she does not give face, Zhang Lan Yu, they can not do anything. Several people are full of depression, know that today this is not negotiable. Since this is the case, Zhang Lan Yu people will no longer mention the project, but accompanied Li Dong chatting up. Anyway, this is not urgent this moment, Li Dong even if you want to start construction, but also not so fast. There is still time to talk slowly next is. After all, it is a project of hundreds of millions of dollars, it is impossible for them to agree to Li Dong because of a few empty words, Zhang Lan Yu and they are also ready for a long battle. Today because Shen Xi in, some things they can not talk. When Shen Xi is no longer in, then talk to Li Dong, Chen Rui they can still offer to make Li Dong satisfied with the conditions. Li Dong should eat and drink, as long as they do not mention the project, it does not matter to talk. Chen Rui suddenly said: "Mr. Li, do you know that Niu Meng was arrested?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows, Niu Meng was arrested? This matter he really did not know, these days he has been in Dongping, also did not pay too much attention to this side of Pingchuan. But when he left Niu Mang was still alive and kicking, so soon something happened? Li Dong's first thought was that behind Hu Wanlin, the speed of action is not slow, he originally thought to wait a year and a half it. Just thinking, Chen Rui smiled again: "This is said to be a little related to Mr. Li." Li Dong pretended to be surprised and said, "Mr. Chen is joking, I have not dealt with Mr. Niu a few times, how can it be related to me?" Chen Rui waved his hand and said, "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Li, it's Niu Meng's fault, his temper is too impulsive." "Some time ago, Mr. Li's store was smashed, and it was Niu Meng who had someone do it." Li Dong was surprised: "Niu Meng did it? I have not offended Mr. Niu, right?" Chen Rui frowned slightly, he did not know whether Li Dong really did not know or pretend not to know. But since it was mentioned, Chen Rui also no longer play sloppy eyes, smiled and said: "Whether Mr. Li believes it or not, although this matter is Niu Meng let people do, but he really has no bad intentions. Niu Mang this kid is a little stubborn, like a cannonball a little bit on the ……" "The other day because of the matter of the land, Niu Mang may have some misunderstanding of Mr. Li, a momentary impulse to commit a problem." "The police department said that because of the report on the side of Mr. Li, finally investigated the head of Niu Mang, arrested Niu Mang in the name of gang-related. I mean can Mr. Li lift a hand, turn around and withdraw the case. When Niu Meng comes out, I will let him make amends to Mr. Li with a drink." After saying this, Chen Rui's eyes flashed with a fine mane, staring at Li Dong's face without blinking. Li Dong did not move, said with a smile: "This is a simple matter, to make amends for what Mr. Chen do not say. I'll have the case withdrawn, whether it's a misunderstanding or not, I'm sure I'll have to give Mr. Chen this face." Chen Rui eyes a flash of suspicion, but did not think too much, smiled and said, "Then thank you, Mr. Li, I toast you." "You're welcome, Mr. Chen!" Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, and got up to drink a glass with Chen Rui. Then a few people chatted a few more words, and Li Dong took Shen Xi, whose face was a little red from drinking, out of the private room. As soon as they left, Zhang Lan Yu frowned and said, "What did you just mention this for?" Chen Rui laughed and said, "After eating a meal for me, at least a little blood." "Besides, if he doesn't drop the case, I'm afraid there's some trouble on the side of the Niu family, Niu Meng is still quite obedient, so don't fold in for this little thing." Zhang Lan Yu looked at him, hummed and did not speak. Heart but still some dissatisfaction, just Li Dong promised is too fast, fast not at all like young people. Niu Mang smashed his store, Li Dong did not mind at all? Chen Rui said he withdrew the case, Li Dong is also too abject, do not have to think about it also know that he must have a grudge in his heart. For a Niu Mang, offend Li Dong not to mention, maybe even Shen Xi offended. Chen Rui's brain is in the water! If according to Zhang Lan Yu's idea, this time should be and Li Dong to pull a good relationship, for a Niu Meng face, it is not worth it!