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Chapter 224: The children are all there

  After returning from the provincial party committee compound, Li Dong thought a lot. But some things are his own guesses, and did not have the heart to ask Shen Xi. As for Shen Xi, it is as if he did not mention this, the next day at work and back to the same old. Li Dong met several times to say a few words to her, but did not know how to speak. In the end, Li Dong did not bother to think about it, no matter what Shen Xi means, as long as that did not mention, they do not know, it is useless to think more. The next few days, Li Dong again began to be busy. Since the plans for the distribution center and the Yuanfang Building have already spread, it will be implemented as soon as possible. While Li Dong was busy examining the site of the distribution center, he also had to deal with Hu Sicheng and other people. Others are easy to deal with, but Hu Sicheng's side is really a bit troublesome. It's not that Hu Sicheng is stalking, but the Yaohai District Government has given a very low price to keep the distribution center from afar. The other side is full of sincerity, Li Dong is not good enough to refuse directly. Even if the southern suburbs do not give the same preferential policies, Li Dong is ready to talk with the Yaohai District Government. The preferential conditions given by the Yaohai District are not many, but each one of them makes Li Dong's heart flutter. First, land preferential policies. Second, tax incentives. Just these two, if according to Hu Sicheng, Yaohai District Government can fulfill the promise, Li Dong can save at least fifty million dollars. The district government is determined to keep Yuanfang this time, and even the district mayor personally came to Yuanfang headquarters to talk with Li Dong once. The conditions given by the other party made Li Dong hesitate a little. The southern suburbs are good, with less people and more land and convenient transportation. But if Yaohai side gives the policy, it is not necessarily worse than the southern suburbs, not to mention other things, just the land price is not equal. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Jiang Da. North gate entrance. When Li Dong saw Meng Qiping, this guy was squatting at the entrance of the university smoking. While smoking, this guy also swept the girls coming and going with lewd eyes. When Li Dong arrived, Meng Qiping was staring at a big-breasted beauty and drooling, not even knowing that Li Dong had arrived. It was only when Li Dong tapped him that Meng Qiping hurriedly withdrew his gaze. When he saw that it was Li Dong, Meng Qiping smiled cheaply and said, "Brother Dong, see, 36, our Jiang Da really crouching tiger hidden dragon." Li Dong gave him a white glance, said in a good mood: "What's wrong with you kid, just look at the chest not look at the face? Be careful of your family Cheng Nan saw to get you killed." "Hey! Don't mention Cheng Nan." Hearing Li Dong talking about Cheng Nan, the fat man sighed. Li Dong sniffed curiously: "Divided?" "No!" "Not divided you sigh a fart!" "But it's almost as good as splitting." Meng Qiping sighed again. "Don't play coy, tell me what happened?" Meng Qiping shook his head and sighed without saying a word, Li Dong saw the situation and turned around to leave. Fatty anxious, hurriedly grabbed his shirt and said: "Brother Dong, I have not said, you do not go ah." Li Dong glared at him and said, "Say it or not, I still have things to do, do you know that I have a few million a minute, because of a phone call from you, lost tens of millions!" The fat man was indifferent, but the girls passing by next to him snorted out a laugh. Li Dong turned his head and swept a glance, among them there is not an acquaintance of acquaintances. The last time he asked him to help move the book of that Su Yu, but Li Dong and she is not familiar, nodded and did not say anything, pulling the fat man on the go. Until the two left, the girl next to Su Yu asked: "Su Yu, you know him?" Su Yu laughed lightly and said, "I've met him a few times, a sophomore." "Hee hee, this senior is quite funny, he didn't see you and made you laugh on purpose." Female students joked. Su Yu shook her head and didn't say anything, but in her heart she was a little curious about Li Dong.