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Chapter 225 Treats

  From the milk tea store, Li Dong gave Cheng Nan a phone call. Hanging up the phone, Li Dong shrugged and said, "I told you it was useless to look for me, Cheng Nan said I should leave the matter alone." Meng Qiping was still full of expectation at first, and when Li Dong finished, he wilted. Sighing for a while, Meng Qiping helplessly said, "I knew it would be like this." Li Dong said: "This is not obvious, if I say you are finished this time." "Can you stop hitting me? I came to you to comfort me, not to let you hit me." Meng Qiping complained. Li Dong was not impressed and said, "You deserve it, who told you not to control your own bird!" Meng Qiping immediately indignantly said: "Brother Dong, you do not stand and speak without waist pain. Let me ask you, sister-in-law is not in Pingchuan, you have not cheated?" "Sorry, not really." Li Dong gave a laugh and patted the fat man's shoulder and sighed: "Fat man, don't think everyone is as shameless as you, your brother Dong I am very pure." "Really?" Meng Qiping a face of disbelief, in his opinion, Li Dong now has a lot of money to spend, and his girlfriend is not in Pingchuan, find ten or eight women is not uncommon. Li Dong did not bother to talk to him, humming a few times did not answer. The two had a few more words, Li Dong was about to go first, Meng Qiping's cell phone rang. Once he saw the caller number, Meng Qiping shivered a little. Li Dong saw the situation and asked, "The woman?" Fatty nodded his head in a hurry, full of tangled face: "Answer it or not?" "How do I know, you see for yourself." Li Dong gave an irresponsible laugh. The fat man was torn for a while, but still picked up the phone. Li Dong didn't hear what was said on the other side of the phone, but Meng Qiping's face kept changing. When hanging up the phone, fatty sighed and chagrined. Li Dong was curious: "What did you say?" "She said there was a mistake, the child is not mine." Li Dong "poof" sprayed, then laughed backwards and forwards, almost a breath did not come up. It took a while for Li Dong to calm down, forcing down his laughter and said, "You two are playing a double act?" Meng Qiping face full of black lines, depressed said: "You say how this happened to me, this is my life's bad luck." She also said, "She also said that I have to pay for the abortion, or else I will continue to harass me, do you think I am wronged?" "Wrong, my ass! I say this girl is true love for you, otherwise people must also blackmail you, you fucked her several times, spend some money to send off is not a loss." This said Meng Qiping speechless. Thinking about it, Meng Qiping still decided to spend money to buy peace. Otherwise, the woman was really stalked, the school can be a problem, although Jiang University did not explicitly prohibit the engagement of **** can be such things out of reputation is ruined, it is not good enough to be disciplined, it is not cost-effective. Li Dong smiled and said, "Is there enough money? Not enough I borrow you?" Meng Qiping rolled his eyes and said, "I'm still looking for you to borrow money for this, do I have to have a face." "Do you have a face?" Li Dong snickered. Meng Qiping glared at him, grunting a few words did not answer. But Meng Qiping heart is a sigh of relief, at least the woman's trouble to solve. The next no that woman trouble, persuade Cheng Nan grasp a lot more, is also not a small good news. The two of them were talking when someone behind them suddenly said, "Meng Qiping, you are really shameless!" Meng Qiping was furious, turned around and wanted to curse, looked back, but Meng Qiping is a bitter face, really hell, how to meet her here.