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Chapter 226 - Pitted

  Yang Huai Road Restaurant. Li Dong parked the car and just got out, Fang Qingfei said, "Your hair is a bit messy, let me help you cut it." Li Dong saw her hand to help him cut his hair, hurriedly said, "No, I'll do it myself." After wiping his hair, he looked at Fang Qingfei's eyes more and more bizarre. What the hell is this woman doing today? Is she ready to hook up with herself? The more you think about it, the more likely it is, nine times out of ten is to see their own money, Fang Qingfei moved a small mind. Li Dong some lost, originally thought Fang Qingfei can be different from others, now it seems to be people are like this, money can really mess with the hearts of people. Just thinking, Fang Qingfei said: "By the way, later there may be a few friends are also in, you do not have to speak, I say it." Li Dong immediately returned to his senses and frowned: "You have friends too?" Fang Qingfei laughed dryly, "Don't be angry, just have a meal, if you don't want to take care of them, just don't talk." "Forget it, I'd better go back, I'll treat you next time." Li Dong turned around and wanted to leave, if he had known that Fang Qingfei had friends in, he would not have come at all. This kind of dinner with people you don't know is the most troublesome, Li Dong doesn't like that kind of atmosphere. Li Dong just want to go, but Fang Qingfei is a pull his sleeve, pitifully said: "to all arrived, help can, as I beg you." Li Dong immediately felt some unreliable, Fang Qingfei today what is wrong, must accompany her friend dinner why? Is it possible that there is something to ask for your help? This is probably the only explanation, Li Dong slightly dissatisfied said: "Dinner can be, I will not agree to anything else." "No problem!" Fang Qingfei answered in one breath and pulled the reluctant Li Dong towards the restaurant. Once inside the restaurant, Fang Qingfei didn't need the waiter to lead the way and headed upstairs to the private room by herself. When pushing open the door of a private room, Li Dong heard someone laughing: "Fei Fei is here, I haven't seen her for some years, she's getting prettier and prettier." Then Li Dong just entered the door, as soon as he saw several people sitting in the private room, Li Dong felt a little bad. He seemed to be fooled by Fang Qing Fei! Two middle-aged women in their 40s and 50s, plus a young man in a suit, that dress is not to mention how formal. At this time, if Li Dong has not guessed anything, it would be really stupid! Sure enough, next we heard Fang Qingfei laugh: "Mom, Aunt Huang, you're here." After saying this, she pulled Li Dong, who was ready to escape, and said with a smile, "Mom, this is my boyfriend, I brought him along, do you guys mind?" Li Dong almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood, you bastard! I told you that Fang Qingfei is unreliable, the pit father this is! Li Dong saw several people in the room with strange eyes staring at themselves, and quickly said: "misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding, I'm not Fang Qingfei ……" "Oh, my boyfriend likes to joke, you do not mind. " Fang Qingfei did not wait for Li Dong to finish to come together in his ear whispered pleading: "Do me a favor, my mother will leave this afternoon, just eat a meal, the afternoon you will be liberated." Li Dong hated his teeth, smiled and nodded with the others, also came up to her ear and gritted his teeth: "The surnamed Fang, have you watched too many dogma dramas?" "It's really not a drama, I was also forced, who let me just meet you." "So you're just trying to screw me over?" "Don't be so stingy, okay? You're a piece of meat." The two of them were talking hot, but the faces of the other people in the room changed again and again. Especially the middle-aged woman known as Aunt Huang, her face was ugly and frightening. The young man beside her was okay, glanced at Fang Qingfei, then at Li Dong, and finally said to the woman beside her, "Mom, I'll go back first." Said and said to the opposite dumbfounded woman: "Auntie Liu, my company still has some business, the meal will not eat, next time there is an opportunity to talk about it." "Xiao Chen ……" Fang Qingfei's mother shouted, but didn't know what to say next. The woman opposite her also smiled and said, "Liu Yun, the children's affairs or let them make their own decisions, next time I wait and your family's wedding wine, my son's company still has things to do, it is not easy to find time to come out of the trip, now since your Fei Fei found a sweetheart, we will not bother!" Said a heavy hum, turned around and left. When passing by Li Dong, both mother and son looked at him with a smile. Her son did not say anything, but the woman sneered: "Young man, take care of your girlfriend, have a boyfriend and bring it back to meet your parents, and still out there waving what!" Li Dong smiled dryly and did not say anything. Fang Qingfei was also embarrassed to speak, but Fang's mother frowned and said, "Old Huang, look what you said, I did not know about this beforehand, you have some virtue." "How can I not be virtuous? Liu Yun, if not for the sake of our friendship for many years, you make such a set, I will turn against you on the spot believe it or not!" "Mom, forget it." The young man next to the woman pulled his mother, swept a glance at Fang Qingfei said: "Fei Fei found a boyfriend is a good thing, I told you before that you do not need to get involved, our boss's daughter is chasing me, I will bring back to you to know." Originally Li Dong still think this guy has a good personality, the results of a sentence exposed the nature. But Li Dong is not bothered to get involved, let him say what he wants, anyway, this matter is completely suffered from an unwarranted disaster. Li Dong and Fang Qingfei do not answer, the mother of Fang feels that they are at a disadvantage, but also did not have the intention to speak out again, the mother and son feel some boredom, grunted and turned around and left. Once they left, Li Dong was even more embarrassed.