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Chapter 227: This is not the end

  Fang's mother had originally made up her mind to do a stick to beat the lovebirds. But when she saw Li Dong's car, Fang's mother began to waver. Once he saw the look in Fang Qingfei's mother's eyes, Li Dong knew why Fang Qingfei wanted to drive herself here. But this is also a common sense, Li Dong is nothing special. These days, the first meeting, we are not familiar with, naturally to see the facade, as for the character character of those things are false, the first meeting who knows how your character character. With a car and without a car, bring the effect is naturally different. When getting into the car, Fang's mother asked, "Little Li, when did you buy this car?" Fang's mother kept an eye out and didn't ask if the car was Li Dong's. If she did, it would look like she was a bit mercenary. But whether Fang Qingfei or Li Dong, who is not understanding, Fang mother's words, the two understand her meaning. Fang Qingfei secretly pulled the corner of her mother's clothes, Fang mother saw this glared at her. Li Dong looked clearly in the rearview mirror, smiled and said, "Bought in the first half of the year." "Did you get a loan?" Fang's mother asked again. Li Dong returned: "Full payment." In fact, Fang's mother also wanted to ask how much the car bought, but talking about money hurts feelings, asking money at this time is a bit down. But she does not know how much Li Dong's car is worth, but just by looking at the style you know it should not be cheap. This is not asked by the next mother, and did not talk to Fang Qingfei, looking thoughtful. …… to Longhua Square, into the supermarket, the mother of Fang frowned again. Li Dong in front of walking did not see, Fang Qingfei see the situation whispered: "What is it again?" Fang's mother frowned: "You guys fool me?" Fang Qingfei was shocked, where did she reveal herself? Without waiting for her to ask, Fang's mother said unpleasantly, "You said that the Yuanfang Supermarket is owned by Xiao Li?" "Yes!" "Do you really think I don't know anything? Yuanfang Supermarket is so big, there is a Yuanfang Supermarket near our home, I heard that there are dozens of Yuanfang Supermarkets in Jiangbei, such a big company, is owned by Xiao Li?" Fang Qingfei breathed a sigh of relief, it's good that it wasn't revealed. After listening to her mother, Fang Qingfei hurriedly said: "Yuanfang is really opened by Li Dong, you think I will take this to cheat you? If it's fake, it will be worn out when you ask later." There was no need for Fang's mother to ask, the two were whispering, and the employees in front saw Li Dong had already started to greet him. "Mr. Li!" "Good day, Mr. Li!" …… Fang's mother's mouth twitched for a long time before she said, "Little Li is really the owner of Yuanfang Supermarket?" Fang Qingfei smiled, "Of course it's true." "That …… that ……" Fang's mother stammered a little, not knowing for a moment what she should say. If we push forward a few months, the Yuanfang Supermarket is still unknown, and Fang's mother wouldn't know it if she said it. But a few days ago, there was a Yuanfang supermarket opened near the Fang family's neighborhood. The day of the opening, the scene, the whole city knows the fuss. In addition, both the decoration and scale of the supermarket, far better than several other supermarkets in the city, but also the fame of the supermarket. One way or another, Fang's mother and left and right next door also gossip about the Yuanfang supermarket. They are not sure about the specific things, but the concept that Yuanfang Supermarket is a big enterprise they still have, and Yuanfang Supermarket is very rich, the boss is even richer, this is a recognized thing. They used to feel that these gossips were too far away from them, and usually chatted about it. But today, her daughter actually said that the owner of Yuanfang Supermarket is her boyfriend, which made Fang's mother a little dizzy for a while! It took a while for Fang's mother to say, "Are you really going out?" Fang Qingfei said dryly, "Mom, look at what you said, what do you mean by "hooked up." Fang's mother caught her breath and just wanted to say more when Li Dong in front of her turned around and said, "Auntie, go sit in the lounge and have a cup of tea to rest for a while." Previously there are some arrogant mother Fang is now restrained: "Forget it, are busy, do not give people trouble." "It's okay, it's no trouble." Li Dong smiled and led the two to the lounge. The store assistant had already received the news and rushed over, and when he saw Li Dong, he quickly smiled and said, "Mr. Li, why didn't you say hello in advance when you arrived? Said the store assistant hurriedly began to clean up, scattered newspapers organized, drinking disposable paper cups are also thrown into the trash can. Seeing this, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Don't work, go make a few cups of tea, I'll leave after a break." The store assistant quickly nodded and smiled: "You guys sit down first, I'll go make tea." As soon as the assistant left, the lounge was quiet. Li Dong did not know what to say, Fang's mother was a bit stunned, nervous and did not dare to make a sound. Fang Qingfei wanted to say a few words, but the words that came to her mouth just couldn't come out. If this is really her boyfriend, then she is pampered, sell cute, it is not a matter. But it's a fake, and it's said that Li Dong is still her student, Fang Qingfei is also embarrassed to pout and be cute. Li Dong is sitting on pins and needles, cursing in his heart how tea is still not coming. Sitting for a while, Li Dong really can not sit, get up and smile: "Auntie, Fang …… Fei Fei, you sit for a while, I go out to see, will be back later." Fang mother and Fang Qingfei are eager for him to go quickly, the two nodded. When Li Dong left, Fang's mother breathed a long sigh of relief. Fang Qingfei was a bit nervous, but now she couldn't help but laugh: "Mom, is it necessary to be so nervous?"