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Chapter 228 Nature of the land

  The matters of Fang Qingfei and Meng Qiping were all minor interludes, and Li Dong did not put too much energy into paying attention to them. Nowadays, the distribution center and the Yuanfang building are Li Dong's focus. The Far Far Away Building is fine, the land has been taken, the building is not too important to be delayed. The distribution center, however, cannot be delayed. As of now, there are nearly seventy stores in operation and under construction in Yuanfang. By next year, this number will probably increase significantly. From site selection to operation, it takes a long time, and Yuanfang can't wait any longer. At the end of October, Li Dong met with the government of the southern suburbs. Involving an investment of 200 million, the Southern Suburbs District Government also attached considerable importance to the matter, and the district governor, Meng Tingzhu, personally held a meeting with Li Dong. In the first meeting, Li Dong returned disappointed. Although the southern suburbs government gave a lot of preferential policies, it obviously failed to meet Li Dong's requirements. Especially for the land, the policy given by the southern suburbs government was even inferior to Yaohai. The next day, Yuanfang started the negotiation with Yaohai District. This time, the southern suburban government was a bit anxious, and in less than a week, the southern suburban government once again held a second negotiation with Yuanfang. This time, the southern suburbs government is no longer dominated by Meng Tingzhu, but the executive vice mayor of Pingchuan, Zhang Yunlong, led the team. To the Pingchuan city government, no matter in which district Yuanfang invests, it is the political achievement of Pingchuan. But this does not mean that the city leaders are not inclined. The economic development of the southern suburbs is not as good as Yaohai, which has been dragging the city government's leg all these years. If Yuanfang could build the distribution center in the southern suburbs, it is likely to revitalize the economy of the southern suburbs. The company's main business is the development of a new product. Li Dong is not unfamiliar with Zhang Yunlong, the other day when the distant donations, several donation ceremonies were presided over by Zhang Yunlong. Of course, Zhang Yunlong has another identity more important to Li Dong, Zhang Qing's father. Li Dong and Zhang Qing relationship is not considered cordial, to Zhang Yunlong is also to maintain a kind of neither close nor distant attitude. However, this is a business meeting, the far side is a big investor, Li Dong is not afraid that Zhang Yunlong deliberately target himself. During the meeting, Zhang Yunlong did not target Li Dong. But the results of the meeting still let Li Dong disappointed. The two sides now have big differences, the biggest one being the nature of the land. According to the meaning of Pingchuan Municipal Government and South Suburban District Government, the land chosen by Far Eastern's distribution center does not meet the standard of industrial land and should be calculated according to commercial land. But Li Dong is not a fool, a commercial land, an industrial land, the price is a world of difference! If calculated according to the commercial land, the land chosen by Li Dong covers an area of 100,000 square meters, which translates to 150 mu. According to the current market price of land in the southern suburbs, a commercial land of one hundred and fifty acres will cost nearly two hundred million dollars just to acquire the land. Li Dong's brain would only agree if he was amused. And if it is calculated according to the industrial land, take that piece of land less than fifty million. One against the other, the gap between the upper and lower more than one hundred million, more than one hundred million in 05, than a few hundred million after ten years are precious. Li Dong insisted to follow the nature of industrial land, but the southern suburbs side refused to agree. It's not that they don't want Li Dong's investment, and they don't mean to make things difficult for Li Dong, but the piece of land that Li Dong chose is considered a prosperous location in the southern suburbs. And there is also a provincial highway through it, this kind of land, the value is never industrial land can be compared.