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Chapter 229: Highly talented students in the veget

  The matter of the distribution center was temporarily deadlocked. Li Dong had nothing else to do for a while, so in early November, Li Dong returned to Dongping again. The last time he persuaded his parents to move to Pingchuan, Cao Fang had already been moved, but Li Chengyuan refused to do so. The first few days, Li Dong was busy negotiating with the government and did not care about his parents' side. Now that the negotiations have stopped for the time being, Li Dong took the time to go back to Dongping. When he returned home, both Li Chengyuan and Li Dongdong were not at home. Li Dong rested at home for a while and paced towards the vegetable market. Dongping County is still the same as it was when Li Dong was in high school, obviously not much has changed, but in Li Dong's eyes is more than a point of unfamiliarity. Now he almost Pingchuan as a second hometown, back to Dongping less and less often, even back also rarely wander outside, this is almost his first time in more than a year to walk alone in the county. The vegetable market is not far from Li Dong's home, more than ten minutes after the market gate has been reflected in the eyes. Li Dong was about to go in to find Li Chengyuan when a person suddenly walked in front of him and the two brushed past each other. But then both of them stopped in their tracks. Li Dong hurriedly turned his head and said in surprise, "Wang Jie?" Wang Jie obviously did not expect to meet Li Dong at this time in Dongping, and scratched his head and said, "Dongzi, you've returned to Dongping." "Well, I came back to see my parents, how come you're back too?" Only after saying that Li Dong felt something was wrong, the Wang Jie at this moment was very different from the time he met years ago. Obviously the same age as Li Dong, but the face of the frost color a lot more, although not considered old, but compared to Li Dong, does seem to be some before the feeling of old age. And the previous Wang Jie although not called cleanliness, but a clothes always washed clean. But now, the face is dirty, not to mention that the body is also surrounded by an earthy yellow stained with a little black apron. Li Dong frowned slightly, was about to ask, Wang Jie laughed: "You are to see Uncle Li, right, you go see your father first, let's make a place tonight, come out together to eat a meal." Li Dong nodded at the word, the two said the time and place, Wang Jie left in a hurry. Looking not far away Wang Jie pedal tricycle away, Li Dong frowned more and more tightly, this guy in the end what happened. Thinking back to the beginning of the year, Wang Jie said and Chen Yue split, is it still the impact of this? …… Wang Jie's matter Li Dong temporarily did not think much about it, want to know what to ask at night will know. Into the food market, far away Li Dong heard Li Chengyuan is yelling: "General!" In front of five or six people are gathered around, playing chess, one of the two is Li Chengyuan, the other Li Dong also know, is next to a meat vendor surnamed Gao, we all call him Lao Gao, specific name not many people know. In the afternoon, the vegetable market is less crowded, these vendors like to play chess when they have nothing to do. Although Li Chengyuan's chess playing level is very bad, but very good mouth, usually nothing to do almost every day to play a few games. Li Dong went over to look, Li Chengyuan was smugly laughing: "General Double Cannon, now you are dead, and I fight, old Gao, go back to practice a few more years to do!" Old Gao, the meat seller opposite Li Chengyuan, skimmed his lips and said disdainfully, "Old Li, you're a stinking chess basketball who hasn't improved at all!" Li Chengyuan's "gun" was killed by the "rook" next to him, and Li Chengyuan's army was defeated. Li Chengyuan was shocked and hurriedly said, "How come, how come I didn't see your 'rook' here?" Old Gao snickered: "Who made you blind, General, now you have no way out, right?" "Old Li, you can not ah, replace me!" The onlookers next to him raised a ruckus. "That's right, Lao Gao's 'rook' has been waiting for a long time, you send yourself up to die, this level is too bad!" "Don't look at Lao Li's chess level, but his bragging level is not low, he even said he would let Lao Gao have a 'knight'." "Hahahaha, we only have the worst hand here!" "……" people are joking and sarcastic, angry Li Chengyuan cursed: "Watching chess does not speak true gentleman understand? One by one, what chatter, not convinced we come to a plate!" "Cut! Old Li, if you lose, you go down, who will come with you. Come on, it's my turn, don't try to cheat!" Li Chengyuan was about to renege when he heard someone behind him shout, "Dad, you lost again?" Li Chengyuan turned his head to look, and his face turned red, "Who lost? I deliberately gave way to Gao!" He hurriedly pushed the chess board, disrupting the game. The crowd laughed, and the old Gao on the other side didn't care, smiling at Li Dong, "Dongzi, I haven't seen you for days, when did you come back?" "I just came back, Uncle Gao, let my dad, you win every day is no fun, if you keep winning my dad won't play with you." Li Dong laughed. Old Gao suddenly laughed and said, "That's the truth, next time I'll let your father a few games, or college students will talk." "Who wants you to let!" Li Chengyuan grunted and said to another person next to him, "No more, you do it!" The other people didn't care, and the other person continued the war.