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Chapter 230 - Living in Style

  Evening. Li Dong arrived at the small hotel with Wang Jie, Wang Jie had arrived early. Compared with the day, Wang Jie cleaned up a lot, did not wear the eyes during the day also wore back again, more bookish. Seeing Li Dong, Wang Jie smiled and said, "Sit, what to eat?" "Whatever." "I hate it when you guys say casual, but it turns out that none of you are casual." Wang Jie teased a sentence, turned his head to the busy boss lady said: "Sister Ding, a Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, braised crucian carp ……" a series of five or six dishes, Li Dong quickly said: "Enough, just two people, order more It's a waste." Wang Jie laughed: "Other not point can, beer duck to a, this duck but I sold out, you taste." Li Dong also laughed: "Since when do you sell duck?" Hearing Li Dong's tone, Wang Jie knew what he meant and said, "Get lost, sordid thoughts!" The two laughed, and the boss's wife next to him also laughed at the situation. After a few laughs, Wang Jie lamented, "I haven't seen you for half a year, you've changed quite a bit." "Let's not talk about me, you have changed even more, talk about it." Wang Jie shrugged and said, "Say what, you also saw." "Expelled from school, now home to sell chickens and ducks, counted with your father is a peer, after I call your father old Li, you have to call me Uncle Wang to." Li Dong glared at him and feigned anger, "You bastard, now you have the guts to take advantage of me!" "Hey, hey, what you said is easily misunderstood, I like women, not men, next time you have to pay attention to what you say." Wang Jie smiled back. Li Dong saw him gagging to change the subject, knowing that he did not want to say, and did not continue to ask. When the food came up, the two opened a bottle of white wine and drank a glass of each other. A few glasses of wine down, Wang Jie face does not change color, Li Dong saw the situation and asked: "the wine is getting better and better, how to practice?" "Drink more to practice out." Wang Jie gave a laugh and said plainly: "The time of the breakup, a bottle of white every day, for a month, almost stomach bleeding. Since then not much to drink, today we are not easy to get together once, otherwise usually I do not drink." Although the words are plain, but Li Dong can imagine what kind of life Wang Jie was living during that time. A person who does not drink much, a bottle of liquor every day, did not drink to death considered Wang Jie's life. But now it seems that Wang Jie should be through that stage, Li Dong asked again: "The dismissal has something to do with Chen Yue?" Wang Jie first nodded, and then shook his head: "Counting up and she does not have much to do with. This is my own heart can not get over the hurdle, looking for an opportunity to break the guy a leg, Chen Yue help me plead, otherwise not only expelled, I'm afraid also have to go to the classroom." Li Dong now kind of understand what happened, remember last time Wang Jie told himself, Chen Yue seems to have a good time with a rich second generation. I did not expect Wang Jie this guy's heart is quite black, directly broke a leg. But if this matter is put on Li Dong, that guy is afraid of more miserable, the master does not say the second master. Li Dong laughed: "expelled or, to be honest, it is no longer interesting to stay in the capital, looking at other people's affection for me, the heart is more uncomfortable." "You this guy mouth is still so damaging, to say that I act this style is brought down by you. I think at first I was more simple, the main thing is to tolerate things, if it is not you all day to fight and kill, I would not have learned bad." Li Dong rolled his eyes, annoyed: "Less nonsense, you are already wilting bad, but also blamed on my head." Wang Jie laughed and did not retort, raised his glass and Li Dong clinked, then said: "But you do not say, after this thing, I really feel a lot of relief." Li Dong laughed: "This is called honest people's anger, these years you hold hard, venting a little is good for physical and mental health." "Quackery!" Wang Jie laughed and cursed, "But this is what I like to say!" "Hahahaha ……" Both of them laughed and once again raised their glasses to drink together. After a few words of small talk, Li Dong asked, "I heard that you got a small website, dedicated to selling poultry?" Wang Jie chewed a few mouthfuls of peanut rice and nodded, "Yes, there is such a thing. But the effect is average, Dongping not many people on the Internet, and mainly young people. Food market to buy things or mainly the elderly, I am recently thinking about whether to change the method."