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Chapter 231: The Eve of the Storm

  With enough wine and food, both of them were a little drunk. Li Dong found that he rarely drink after his rebirth back, and accompany Wang Jie this guy drank several times. Out of the restaurant, Wang Jie stretched out his hands to do a virtual hug air action. Li Dong looked at him with a drunken face and couldn't help but laugh: "Who was that in your head just now?" "You!" "Roll!" "Hahahaha ……" The two laughed and joked for a few minutes, Li Dong said with a straight face, "What are your plans for the future?" "For now, I haven't thought about it, selling chickens is definitely not my purpose. I'm going to save some money first and find a way to open an Internet cafe, there are too few Internet cafes in Dongping." Wang Jie said calmly. Li Dong felt that this guy's thinking is very jumpy, the front also said open an online store, and now change to open an Internet cafe. Of course, whether it is an online store or an Internet cafe, it is a profitable business at this time. If Wang Jie can do a good job, there may really be a day of great fortune. And cyber cafes and online stores can actually complement each other, Wang Jie really can open up, in Dongping as a rich family or not difficult. Li Dong thought about it and said: "Time is not waiting for me, don't hang on, miss this opportunity. If you really need money, you can find me, consider me to invest in you." "No rush first, I'll think of something on my own, when I really have no way, I'll find you again." Wang Jie smiled and changed the subject, "How are you and Qin Yuhan?" Li Dong saw the situation and did not mention the money, took over the topic and said, "Not bad, just a little less opportunity to meet." The mention of Qin Yuhan, Li Dong can not help but slightly frown. This period of time, Qin Yuhan's phone seems to be less, they called, Qin Yuhan is also busy all day dizzy, Li Dong do not know what she is busy with. Always feel that this girl has something to hide from himself, it seems to have to find an opportunity to go to the capital to see it. Wang Jie nodded and did not ask further questions, he and Qin Yuhan are not familiar. The two walked a cut in the night, to the intersection to separate, Wang Jie suddenly said, "I met Yuan Xue a few days ago." Li Dong's feet stalled slightly and asked, "Didn't she go to America?" "On vacation, I guess, didn't ask about the specifics. Now people seem to go, but the end of next month, the United States winter vacation, she should come back, find an opportunity to get together?" "Forget it, the end of the year is more busy." "Hypocrisy!" Wang Jie crunched a laugh, playing with the flavor: "Really no regrets?" Li Dong glanced at him, not good-naturedly said: "Regret what?" Wang Jie laughed: "This is a school beauty, you really can't see it at all?" "She didn't do it for your money, she had her eyes on you when you weren't rich, and now she's troubled by love and left for another country, are you losing your heart?" Li Dong sniffed annoyed: "Less bullshit, just mind your own business." Wang Jie also does not care about his tone, still laughing and saying: "If I say all want, you are at least a billionaire, can support. But a little trouble is who is the oldest who is the second, according to age, or according to the head, or according to the appearance, really can not be …… "not waiting for him to finish Li Dong annoyed:" Shut up! "Yes, I shut up, I do not say it okay." Said not to say, then Wang Jie and sighed: "To me, women are blind these days, in addition to money, which point you are stronger than me, how do they all look at you? Is the sixth sense of women are so strong, can predict that you are a potential stock?" Li Dong did not pay attention to him, the silhouette has walked into the dark pathway. Wang Jie behind him shouted, "Dongzi, you haven't said who's the boss and who's the second?" "Roll!" Wang Jie laughed and turned around and didn't go into the darkness. …… The next day, Li Dong woke up when the sky was already bright. Cao Fang is sitting on the sofa watching TV, see his son sleepy eyes out of the room, could not help but say: "next time less wine, not too old, drinking hurts, how to do in the future!" Li Dong yawned and said, "I know, my classmates invited me to dinner yesterday, usually I don't drink." "Go wash your face and brush your teeth, I've made you some millet porridge, it's good for your stomach." Cao Fang urged. Li Dong answered, went into the bathroom and washed up a bit. When he came out, his mother had already prepared the rice porridge. While drinking the congee, Li Dong asked, "Dad told you yesterday, right?" "Yes." Cao Fang first nodded, and then said, "I don't mind moving, but what about the house and the supermarket at home?" Li Dong had thought about this point and immediately said, "The house is fine, I will arrange for someone to come and clean it regularly, it's not like I won't come back in the future, I can come back and live here directly if I want to, it's very convenient." Li Dong's words were to Cao Fang's liking. This house has lived for nearly twenty years, it is impossible to say that there is no feeling. Since there is no shortage of money, there is no need to sell the house, usually want to go home, can also come back to live a few days, so the best. Cao Fang said: "What about the supermarket?" "According to my idea, the supermarket should not be operated. Simply let the distant acquisition, save the trouble." Cao Fang immediately frowned and said, "What acquisition or not, the supermarket I keep for myself, not for you." Li Dong scratched his head and said, "Why do you keep it? I do not want for nothing, the company pays ……"