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Chapter 232 - No madness, no life

  Hearing Sun Tao say that someone was deliberately targeting Far Far Away, Li Dong knew that trouble was coming. And this trouble is inevitable, not tolerance and concessions can be solved. The market is like a battlefield, the market is so big, you want to make money, others also want to make money, not to get rid of you that death can be their own. Li Dong wants to dominate Pingchuan, or even dominate Jiangbei, this is the main source of conflict. And this contradiction can not be reconciled, unless Li Dong willing to give up most of the benefits, but this kind of self-interest is naturally not Li Dong can do out. Li Dong thought for a moment and said, "Which family moved to know?" Sun Tao smiled bitterly and said, "Not which family, I suspect that they are involved." This is not a matter of two families, to really let the dozens of stores in the far side opened up, Pingchuan where there is room for others to survive. At this juncture, the weak naturally form alliances. Do not even have to come out to engage in any form, everyone is a united front, can not let the far side so smoothly continue. More than thirty stores, plus the current ones, a total of more than forty stores. Pingchuan has four districts and five counties under its jurisdiction, the place is so big and the population is so large, if Yuanfang gets a foothold, no one else can live. Hearing Sun Tao say so, Li Dong had some headache. One or two of them does not matter, if several large supermarkets in Pingchuan are involved, it is really not easy to deal with. Than the strength, the current Yuanfang naturally better than these outlets. But don't forget, people have a backstage, the backstage is hard, strong capital, really want to fight, Yuanfang may not be the opponent. Headache to headache, things must be dealt with in a timely manner. Or else drag on, the trouble may be even bigger. Li Dong fingers gently knocked on the table, picked up a flat map of Pingchuan from the table and looked at it for a while. Then he said to Sun Tao: "Tell me about the process of the new store." Sun Tao immediately said, "Now there are a total of thirty-four stores under construction in Pingchuan, plus the Longhua store, and five convenience stores, a total of forty stores." "Among them, one first-class store Longhua store, three second-class stores, five third-class stores, sixteen fourth-class stores, and fifteen fifth-class stores ……" "The thirty-four new stores are divided into two batches for construction, eighteen of which are now close to completion. Other stores, almost completed by the end of the year." Although the store construction matter Sun Tao handed over to Wang Yue, but he has not put down. When Li Dong asked, Sun Tao answered in a clear manner and knew all the data like the back of his hand. Li Dong listened while marking against the map. Soon the map was covered with various dots, red, green, and black. Sun Tao glanced toward the map, compared with reality, and soon distinguished what each dot represented. The red dots represent the supermarkets in Pingchuan other than the far side, the green dots represent those supermarkets that are already open in the far side, and those that are close to completion, and the other black dots are stores that cannot be completed for the time being. Usually Sun Tao did not care, but now a look, Sun Tao is frowned. The distribution of these green dots was interesting, except for the Longhua store which was unique. The other green dots, have surrounded the red dots in which, at a glance, the red dots look particularly striking. Sun Tao first frowned, then came to understand, and soon sighed in his heart. Is he really old? Previously, when building stores in batches, Sun Tao thought that Li Dong was randomly designated stores, but now it seems that I'm afraid that Li Dong has long moved to force the mind of the Palace. These green dot mark the stores once put into operation, want not to turn the face can not. Li Dong is too much, it is not clearly not to give people a way to live? At this time can not blame others mess, only blame Li Dong heart is too big, has long been stored to get people's minds. Li Dong did not care how Sun Tao thought, Sun Tao guessed right, he did want to solve those other supermarkets long ago. Even if you can't force them to close down, you can't give them the opportunity to expand. Will their paws beaten back, trapped in a corner, this is Li Dong's purpose. But Li Dong did not expect those people to bounce back so quickly, before he opened for business began to make a move. Of course, others are not stupid, careful analysis, most people can guess Li Dong's purpose, there is a counterattack is certain. After pondering carefully for a moment, Li Dong Dong: "How is the recruitment of staff now?" "One hundred employees were recruited in the early stage and are now being trained in internships at various branches." "Not enough!" Li Dong frowned and said, "One hundred people is too few, a third-level store needs almost a hundred people to support, and the second-level store has more people. Recruit again, at the beginning of next month, all 18 stores will be officially opened!" "General Li!" Sun Tao's face turned white and he laughed bitterly, "This is too urgent!" Eighteen stores, how many people do you need, how can you meet them overnight? Even if there are level four and five stores, but there are also level two and three stores, eighteen stores, at least seven or eight hundred people. Recruiting so many people at once, not to mention the difficulty of recruiting people, the key is still too much financial pressure.