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Chapter 233: The Eve of Opening

  Since Li Dong has made up his mind, Sun Tao also no longer stop. Although Sun Tao's decisiveness lacks some, but the work is thunder and lightning. Seeing that the situation can not be violated, immediately said: "Now the most urgent task is the recruitment of personnel and the source of goods channels, later a meeting?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Let the head of the commodity department and the personnel department come over." After saying that, he added: "Let Shen Xi also come over together, and see you in the meeting room in half an hour." Sun Tao nodded and hurried out of the office. …… An hour later, Li Dong laid out the tasks. The directors of the personnel department and the merchandise department were both bitter, this time the task was not generally arduous. Ten stores to be opened, eight stores ready for business, the remaining sixteen also strive to open at the end of the year. More than thirty stores, want to support the scene, recruiting employees at least on two thousand people. This time, the first ten stores opened, according to the plan to recruit 700 people, plus the need to prepare for the next opening, a one-time recruitment of at least nearly a thousand people. Now near the end of the year, it is not easy to recruit so many people at once. The good thing is that Pingchuan is the capital of the province, so this recruitment is not a recruitment of professional talents, but a few more job fairs and more advertisements, although the task is a bit daunting, but it can still be accomplished with a little effort. Personnel director complained that this month seems to have to work overtime, I am afraid that even the rest days are deprived. Compared with the personnel side, the head of the merchandise department is the one who is bitter. Recruitment as long as the city on the run, this time to develop new channels, those suppliers can be the north and south, coupled with the merchandise department is not much of the elderly, he himself I'm afraid he had to personally travel to run channels to do. How they think Li Dong did not care, as long as they can complete the task on the line. The usual high salary to support these people, if even this thing is not done, then what use do you want them to have. After sending away the two department heads, Li Dong said to Shen Xi, "You have nothing to do lately, right?" Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "What do you mean? Don't you think I'm not working? The PR department has nothing to do, and I have to want to do it, or you can give me a promotion?" Li Dong coughed dryly and hurriedly said, "Since you are fine, then I will give you a task." "What task?" Shen Xi said with some caution. "It's not a big deal, I want to take out another loan, you're familiar with the bank side, try to get them to release the money faster." Hearing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi was slightly relieved. The loan is really not a big deal, but Shen Xi still said: "I can't do it with empty gloves, I don't have that much face." "Don't worry, I'll take a mortgage on that piece of land in Huafu. Recently, the price of land has risen again, the land in Washington is now valued at least $150 million, is this okay?" "No problem!" Shen Xi immediately gave a positive answer, there is collateral, the bank is eager to give you a loan. "How much are you going to lend?" "Forty million at the bottom, just enough to make up a hundred million. If you can more can also, now is short of money." Li Dong rubbed his forehead, now the bottom of the Far East is empty, no money reserves really can not. Immediately, Yuanfang may have to face a big war, those few supermarkets are much stronger than Yuanfang, really want to drag on with Yuanfang, Yuanfang may not be able to drag. In addition, the distribution center side must also prepare a sum of money to do. Although the recent may not be able to negotiate, but it is necessary to prepare well in advance. Other than that, the money for the land itself has to be prepared partly, the rest can be delayed until next year when Baidu stock can be offered, then Li Dong will not panic. The task will be handed over to the people, Li Dong will not bother. When it comes to opening, Far Far Away now has experience. The reason why it feels difficult this time is just because the time is too tight, but it's not like everyone didn't make preparations in the early stage. Now although some difficult, but not impossible to complete. …… In November 2005, Far Far Away's name appeared in the eyes of Pingchuan people again. The recruitment sections of major newspapers were filled with advertisements for Yuanfang, and the streets and alleys were filled with advertisements for the opening of new Yuanfang stores. Almost all of the job markets had Yuanfang's employees in residence. The city TV station also advertised Yuanfang for half a month in a row. The words "Yuanfang Supermarket" made everyone's ears numb. On the propaganda, Li Dong spared the capital. Originally, several other supermarkets were prepared to take advantage of the opening of the new store to make trouble, such as allowing industry and fire to add some traffic. But Li Dong personally appeared and talked to several leaders of the city for a while, and soon these small actions were laid to rest. Speaking of which, Yuanfang is now a large household in Pingchuan. In Pingchuan alone, Yuanfang has 40 stores, plus the headquarters of Yuanfang will be located in Pingchuan soon, and the distribution center is also very likely to be located in Pingchuan, so the government of Pingchuan is not stupid, so it naturally has to protect Yuanfang, a big taxpayer. Without the government's intervention, several supermarkets knew that they could not stop Yuanfang's new store from opening. Since you can't stop it, you have to see the real ability. The next time, the major supermarkets are quiet, but Li Dong knows that this is the calm before the storm. Do not have to guess to know that these people are holding bad, and when the opening ten ** these people will have action.