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Chapter 234 Opening Promotion

  December 1st, Guanhai District. Pingchuan has four districts under its jurisdiction, except Yaohai and Nanjiao, Guanhai District is the real downtown. Of the ten stores that Yuanfang opened this time, Guanhai District accounted for four of them. And they include a second-level store, a third-level store and two fourth-level stores. These four stores are distributed in a ring shape, which is surrounded by Sun Tao's old boss, Carrefour. Early in the morning, Li Dong arrived at the second-level store in the Guanhai District. This store is located in the commercial street on the south side of the downtown square, occupying the upper and lower three floors of the mall, with a total area of nearly five thousand square meters. Originally, Li Dong was going to designate this store as a first-class store, after all, no matter the site area or location, this store is far better than other second-class stores. However, in the end, considering that the Longhua store is already a first-class store, plus the Guanhai store is much smaller than it, it was finally identified as a second-class store. Even so, this store in Guanhai occupies a very important position in Yuanfang. The investment in this store alone is more than 10 million, not including the rent, if the incidental rent, compared to the investment in Longhua are not low. Li Dong arrived when it was not yet eight o'clock, the supermarket entrance has been filled with flower baskets. Two employees are setting up firecrackers, now the city of Pingchuan has not yet restricted the discharge of fireworks, so the opening of the store prepared a lot of firecrackers. The store manager of the Guanhai store is a very young man named Cao Chun, not yet thirty years old, or just graduated from graduate school this year. This is a member of the batch of college students recruited by Yuanfang in June this year, just six months, perhaps in other companies Cao Chun is still struggling for the conversion. But in Yuanfang, Cao Chun has already achieved the store manager of the second branch! When his classmates were still fighting for two or three thousand a month, Cao Chun simply could already earn more than ten thousand a month. Of course, all this is not to say that there is no one from afar, but Cao Chun this person's skills are indeed high enough. This guy joined less than three months, he was successfully promoted to the store manager of a store, and the second month of becoming a store manager, the performance of that third-level store rose by 50 percent. Last month, Cao Chun was even more powerful, winning the sales championship of the third-level store in one fell swoop. Finally, when competing for the manager of the Guanhai store, he defeated several veteran level 3 store managers, and finally won the approval of several senior executives, including Li Dong, and successfully became the manager of the Guanhai store. However, Cao Chun is still young and inexperienced in the end, so Li Dong deliberately came to Guanhai store to see the situation. The news that Li Dong was coming had already been notified before. So Li Dong just got off the car, Cao Chun already welcomed him. Seeing Li Dong and Liu Qi, Cao Chun smiled and said, "Mr. Li, Assistant Liu, it's about to open, let's go up and take a look, it's going to be noisy here later." Li Dong nodded and took Liu Qi into the mall with him. The interior of the mall was ready, and the employees were all in place. This batch of employees, the old and new half open, part of the old staff transferred from several other stores in the far side, part of the recently recruited new employees. Both old and new employees are waiting for the opening with great concentration. For this opening, Yuanfang had specially ordered a batch of big red staff uniforms to add some cheer to everyone. As soon as they saw Cao Chun and Li Dong enter, all the employees said loudly, "Hello, Mr. Li!" Li Dong glanced at Cao Chun and saw that he was happy, so he smiled and didn't say anything. Nodding to the crowd, Li Dong went up to the second floor and received the same neat greeting sound. Then to the third floor, like a military parade, just stepped into the ground on the third floor, a row of employees shouted: "Hello, Mr. Li!" Li Dong responded with a smile and then said to Cao Chun, "It's useless to kiss ass, today we mainly look at the performance, if your performance is not good, I will dismiss you even if you kiss ass loudly!" Cao Chun said with a smile, "Li, you'll see, the opening is guaranteed!" "I hope so." Li Dong laughed and stepped into Cao Chun's office. In the office looked out of the window, just in time to see the situation downstairs, at this time is close to the opening time, downstairs has gathered a lot of citizens. Li Dong did not look carefully, but look to the opposite side of the road, Guanhai store across the road to the left more than 100 meters, that is where Carrefour! Today's Carrefour is also waiting for, far away, Li Dong saw the Carrefour door floating all kinds of balloons ribbons, made with the New Year festival. Li Dong asked Cao Chun: "How is it, there is pressure?" Cao Chun smilingly said: "no pressure, to say a big word, the company gave so many preferential policies, publicity for so many days, whether the price or service or activities, we are better than the opposite, if this is still the opposite than down, then I just quit." Li Dong laughed: "Okay, I'll remember this. I'm waiting for you to give me a good report." "Don't worry, Mr. Li!" Cao Chun finished and looked at the watch and said, "Mr. Li, it's almost time for the opening, I'll go down and make some arrangements." "Go ahead!" When Cao Chun left, Liu Qi muttered, "Mr. Li, this guy can really blow, if he can't do a good job, I'll see if he resigns." Li Dong glanced at her and said, "You can't expect anything good?" Liu Qi smiled and did not dare to answer.