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Chapter 235 Unexpected

  Guanhai Store. Third floor office, Li Dong looking out of the window. Staring across the Carrefour people come and go, Li Dong frowned slightly, do not know what is thinking. Cao Chun, standing behind Li Dong, had a disheveled face and looked a little distracted. Liu Qi next to him looked at his watch and said softly, "Mr. Li, it's twelve o'clock, time to eat." Li Dong waved his hand and asked Cao Chun, "How much is the performance now?" Cao Chun hurriedly said, "Ten minutes ago, the inventory, 970,000." "970,000" Li Dong muttered, this performance did not sound low. In one morning, the sales of a single store nearly one million, if the word out I'm afraid that the envy of others. But in the eyes of Li Dong and Yuan Fang, this performance is completely inadequate. Located in the city center, 5,000 square meters of business area, 10% discount, raffle to send a car this series of activities down, far side is almost no money to operate, but also the first day of business, a morning sales actually only 900,000. This is the provincial city, this is the city center! If all according to the Guanhai store this level, the opening of the ten stores, to the evening inventory, I'm afraid the total sales will not exceed ten million. When the Fucheng side opened, the economic level is not as good as Pingchuan, the number of stores is not as good as Pingchuan, then also recorded a single day broken ten million performance. A comparison between the two, Pingchuan this opening is a big failure! Although Li Dong has long been prepared, but also know that the competition pressure is too much, but this result still let Li Dong full of disappointment. His mouth said it does not matter whether to make money, but according to today's market, I'm afraid that within three or two months these stores are not going to make much money. The total investment in these ten stores is close to fifty million, if placed elsewhere, the long is a year, the short is three to five months to pay back the capital. But now it seems that the fifty million want to return to the capital is far away. This is just the beginning, there are more than twenty stores ready to open, with a total investment of more than 100 million, to be today's level, Li Dong is afraid to vomit blood. More than a billion pressed into the result of three or two years back to the capital, that they must not be depressed to death. Supermarket industry golden period is also this five or six years, two or three years to pay back the capital, the next two or three years can earn how much? Perhaps for others, five or six years to double the investment has been worth it, but in Li Dong's view that is a big loss. A series of thoughts popped up in his mind, but soon Li Dong suppressed them. After all, it's still a competition disaster, if you take out a few other supermarkets, far away a monopoly, the results will be very different. Although he did not make money today, but Li Dong believes that the other supermarkets are also not good. Now it depends on who can drag who, if you can squeeze the other few out, the day of money is still ahead. Li Dong let out a long breath and said to Cao Chun, "Good job, keep up the good work." Cao Chun's face turned red and he whispered, "Thank you, Mr. Li." To be honest, today's performance made him lose face for once, he had said big words in the morning, but the result was not satisfactory. For others, a million turnover a morning, a day at least a million and a half up, this performance is not bad. But who is he? He is the champion store manager of the third-tier store last month! That three-level store is located in Fucheng, an area of only 2,000 square meters, or in a county, such a store, he has done a day of one and a half million performance. And now, the activities played countless, the publicity overwhelming, the price is almost not profitable, the location and area are far better than the previous store, but the first day of business turnover is actually this level! Cao Chun is simply embarrassed. Li Dong looked back at him and saw his face was red, so he knew what he was thinking. Smiled and said: "You are doing very well, mainly because of the competition. The two stores are too close to each other, Carrefour has been open for more than a year, there is this result is not unexpected." Carrefour is also playing activities, the customer base diverted a lot. Coupled with the opposite side has a stable customer base, the far side just involved in Guanhai, want to steal the other side's business at once is not realistic. Knowing that Li Dong was giving himself a step down, Cao Chun took a deep breath and said: "Thank you, Mr. Li! But this is just the beginning, next Mr. Li, don't worry, the Guanhai store will not be a disgrace to the company in my hands!" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Steady and steady, don't put too much psychological pressure, I'm ready for a year without making money." Cao Chun did not speak again, now say anything is empty. Want to save face, just say no, no results, say more good is also false. Others do not care if you have no pressure, is not a strong competitor, they will only say they are rash and ineffective. Originally, he was a newcomer who had just joined the store to become the store manager of the Guanhai store has attracted the envy of countless people, and now the results are not ideal, I'm afraid that gossip is less. When the Fucheng city manager Qi Yunna is also the same, but in the end, the opening day of a flop, hit countless people's faces, and finally sit in the city manager position. And he lost today's opening, if the next no results, not to say that Li Dong will not remove him, he himself also have no face to stay. Li Dong saw him this expression, did not say anything else. Once again glanced across the Carrefour, Li Dong Dong: "This is not only a challenge, but also a sharpening, do a good job." After saying that, Li Dong left the office, Cao Chun froze for a moment to catch up and said, "Mr. Li, lunch"