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Chapter 236 - A man's heart is not enough for a sn

  ♂, the next day. When Li Dong arrived at the company, he learned that the total turnover of the ten stores on the first day of opening had actually reached twelve million. This result was a bit scary. Originally, Li Dong did not expect to break ten million, but who knew that it reached twelve million! Only after asking did we know that the miracle was created by the first store in Guanhai again. At eight o'clock, the performance of the first store in the sea reached two million, Li Dong originally thought that the rate of increase should not be too much. But who knows the back actually broke out a wave of small **, Guanhai a store until the end of business performance actually reached more than two million eight hundred thousand. The performance of just one store, Guanhai, accounted for about a quarter of the total performance of the ten stores. After listening to the report, Li Dong smiled at Liu Qi and said, "Cao Chun really has some ability, I didn't expect that he had turned the tide in the end." Liu Qi is not as happy as Li Dong, some want to say but still. At first Li Dong did not care, but later saw it asked: "What's wrong?" Liu Qi said periodically: "That …… Mr. Li, the prizes of the first store of Guanhai yesterday seems to have some problems." Li Dong frowned and asked, "What's the problem?" Liu Qi did not answer, handed a list to Li Dong. Li Dong took a glance at it, followed by a big frown. "A car, a computer, three cell phones, an electric car ……" a series of list makes Li Dong heart annoyed, not that he can not spare these prizes, the key is that something is not right. Another look at the list of prizes of several other stores, the problem is even bigger. The other nine stores, the prizes won yesterday together is not as much as the Guanhai one! Is it possible that the feng shui of the Guanhai store is better than the other stores? Only one day, or only one afternoon, when Li Dong was there in the morning, Guanhai one store only won a cell phone. But as soon as he left, so many things in the afternoon, cars, computers, cell phones …… almost all can be won, the probability of winning the lottery is too high. Take a deep breath, Li Dong Dong: "Let the inspector team to check! Check secretly, don't let Cao Chun find out!" Liu Qi nodded, then added: "Mr. Li, that now ……" "For now, leave it alone, I would like to see, in the end is really good luck, or someone faking!" Li Dong gritted his teeth, falsehoods are not afraid, the key is that these prizes in the end to the hands of who! The far side of the family is large, the prize money is not much, but a car alone more than 100,000, plus other computers and cell phones, yesterday the Guanhai side issued nearly 200,000 prizes! Two hundred thousand, 05 years is not a small amount. To really Cao Chun did, then this guy has too much guts, if this is caught, then wait to eat jail time. Li Dong inhaled again and said, "Also, let the inspector team check the situation of the store operated by Cao Chun before, I would like to see, how in the end he achieved the monthly champion of the three-tier stores!" Speaking of which, Li Dong suddenly moved his eyebrows. "First wait, this thing don't find the inspector team side, I will arrange people to check!" Liu Qi heard a shock in his heart, Mr. Li is even the inspector group also suspected on? To know that the internal inspector group of Yuanfang under the direct control of Sun Tao, if the inspector group are out of order, it is not that …… Liu Qi swallowed, feeling that this is a big trouble. Li Dong did not care about her, waved his hand and said, "You go and call Sun Tao and Zhou manager to come over." …… Sun Tao and Zhou Haidong came quickly. When the two arrived, Li Dong did not say much, and directly handed the list to Sun Tao. Sun Tao took a look, frowned slightly, and handed the list to Zhou Haidong. Zhou Haidong swept a glance, for the time being, did not understand what Li Dong meant, and did not speak. Only after the two had seen it did Li Dong say, "What are your thoughts?" Zhou Haidong did not say anything, looked at Sun Tao, Sun Tao sullenly said: "The winning rate is a little higher, but can not be too arbitrary, this matter should be investigated clearly." Li Dong nodded, of course, this matter can not be based on subjective judgment. When Sun Tao finished, Li Dong Dong: "Let old Zhou arrange a few people to check." Zhou Haidong hurriedly said, "No problem!" Sun Tao frowned more tightly, Zhou Haidong is the security, but this should let the inspection team to check. He has almost understood Li Dong's meaning now, this is even the inspector team suspected on, Sun Tao heart some uncomfortable. But since Li Dong did not hide it from him, it means that Li Dong still trusts himself, and Sun Tao is slightly relieved. Seeing Sun Tao did not object, Li Dong said: "Another point, this kind of list at a glance is a bit wrong, to really have problems, he is not afraid?" Sun Tao's eyes narrowed and said, "The prize list is under the responsibility of logistics, generally as long as there are no major problems, there will be no one to check." Li Dong gently knocked on the table and shouted, "Liu Qi, come in!" Liu Qi hurriedly entered, and Li Dong asked, "Where did you get this list?" Liu Qi hurriedly said, "I saw it on my desk when I came here this morning." "On your desk?" "Hmm." "Oh, it's a bit interesting." Li Dong gave a laugh, but his voice was a little cold. The company has only been running for how long, what dog skin backwards things have come out, hook and line work are not bad well!