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Chapter 237 - Stickman

  Global Building. Since he got the second list, Li Dong's last hope for Cao Chun all turned into disappointment. This list was a list of prizes for all the events that Cao Chun had held since he became the store manager. Cao Chun held the position of store manager for a total of three months, except for the first month, the remaining two months held a total of four events. These four events where valuable prizes, without exception, were all drawn. This is if the layman must feel very normal, but in fact the main purpose of holding such activities or to attract customers, the winning rate is not very high. Generally like this kind of activity, until the end of the activity, the prizes drawn is probably about half. And Cao Chun held the event, every time the prize was drawn, this is the biggest unreasonable! Li Dong rubbed his temples, slightly tired and said, "In addition to Cao Chun, how are the other stores checking?" Cao Chun is just a newcomer, and has not been the store manager for long, so whether he is taken down or not actually does not have a great impact on Yuanfang. Li Dong was worried that Cao Chun was not the only one, the inspection team had been completely corrupted, the headquarters side had become blind and deaf, the store managers underneath had too much autonomy, Li Dong did not know how many people were involved this time. The far side can now be said to be internal and external problems. Externally, it is still fighting with several major supermarkets in Pingchuan, and internally, there are assholes, which is not dangerous for Li Dong. Zhou Haidong glanced at Li Dong with some concern and said in a low voice: "There are a total of forty-one stores that are now operating, and apart from the ten that just opened, there are thirty-one others." "Because this is a covert inventory, the efficiency is not too high. For the time being, we only checked six stores in Qingyang and seven stores in Fucheng, the Tong Mountain side has not been moved, and there is not much activity in the previously opened level five stores in Pingchuan, so we have not checked them for the time being. As for the Longhua side, Sun personally went to check." "This side of Qingyang, for the time being, no big problem has been found." "Fucheng side is a bit troublesome, except for the downtown store, the other six stores have more or less some problems." Said Zhou Haidong handed a folder to Li Dong. Li Dong did not rush to read it, but asked, "Just Fucheng has a problem?" Zhou Haidong nodded and said in a low voice: "Copper Mountain side has not yet had time to check." Li Dong waved his hand, his face showed a trace of fatigue. Fucheng ah, six stores had problems! Six out of seven, Cao Chun also came from Fucheng, Fucheng manager is Qi Yunna! This own earliest beloved general, the only one from the store manager up city manager, the company's first direct line to become a city manager. Li Dong feels like too much of a failure. Closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, Li Dong opened his eyes and said again: "Here we two, I ask you, this Qi Yunna in the end participate or not?" Zhou Haidong face full of difficult color. Thought about it before saying: "For the time being there is no evidence to show that manager Qi is involved, but manager Qi is the manager of Fucheng, in charge of all matters in Fucheng. In any case, the oversight is certain." Li Dong smiled bitterly, if it is really negligence, so be it. But if Qi Yunna is also involved, then they have to wield tears to cut off the horse su this time no matter what. I hope there will not be such a day! The more you think about it, the more painful it is, the human heart is really the most difficult thing to understand in this world. Picked up the folder and took a look, Li Dong face is getting worse and worse. See the end, Li Dong pounded the table fiercely! "Good, very good!" "What is the finance side doing for food?" "Finance, logistics, city manager, store manager, store assistant, has the whole Far Side been corrupted!" Li Dong gnashed his teeth in hatred, how long has it been? The Fucheng store opened just over five months ago, surprisingly, so many assholes have come out, it's almost as if Li Dong is dumbfounded. "Do these people think I am really kind and deceivable? I gave them salary increases, gave them bonuses, houses, cars, I gave them all, and they are still not satisfied, what more do they want!" Li Dong's eyes showed a fierce light and said to Zhou Haidong, "Keep investigating, find tangible evidence, this time I'll let them eat their words!" Zhou Haidong said softly: "I'm afraid it's a bit troublesome to investigate deeper now, should we contact the economic investigation side?" Li Dong some hesitation, his face changed, a moment of silence before saying, "No, for the time being, you guys check first, if you can't find out, let go first, don't startle the snake." "Well, I know." Zhou Haidong said softly back. Li Dong finished these really some tired, tired heart. After a while before waving his hand and said, "You go ahead and get busy." Zhou Haidong answered, slowed down his steps and slowly went out of the office. …… December 8, a week has passed since the opening of the new store in Pingchuan. In addition to the price war still continues, everything else has returned to the original, the far side seems calm and quiet. 8 afternoon, an Audi a4 in the global building downstairs slowly stop. Qi Yunna tightened her shirt when she got out of the car, it was a little cold in December in Pingchuan, and she still wore less this time. Take the elevator upstairs, Qi Yunna some envy of the headquarters of these guys, I wonder when they can also be transferred back to Pingchuan. Although the city manager makes a lot of money, and the rights are not small, but which is better than the director of each department, that is the top leadership of the company. The heart thinking about things, Qi Yunna some distracted. Only when she reached the door of Li Dong's office and saw Liu Qi, did Qi Yunna slow down and greeted her with a smile, "Assistant Liu, is Mr. Li here?"