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Chapter 238 - Too hard-hearted

  Li Dong scolded for a while, the heart of a lot of relief. Seeing Qi Yunna lost soul, Li Dong said in a good mood: "Your city manager position withdrawn, anyway, you can not do well, do it for nothing." Qi Yunna heard some hard feelings in his heart, but this is also expected. Fucheng made such a big mistake, the dismissal is already the easiest. "The city manager is gone, the car you should turn over to the company, the house is the company's reward for you, you can stay." "Also, now give you two ways, first, you submit your own letter of resignation ……" Not waiting for him to finish, Qi Yunna hurriedly said, "I choose the second!" "Are you sure?" "Sure!" Qi Yunna hurriedly nodded her head. Li Dong hummed: "Hear me out before you make a decision!" "Second, there are eight stores opening at the end of the month, and there is a level five store that lacks a store manager, so if you are willing, go there and become a store manager." The corners of Qi Yunna's mouth twitched, the heel she planted this time was not ordinary. The fifth-level store, the good words are stores, in fact, is a few dozen square meters of convenience stores. From a city manager in charge of a city, directly into a level five store manager, is simply a disgrace. But Qi Yunna did not hesitate much and immediately said, "I'll do it!" "No regrets? According to your current experience, it's not hard to go to other industries or supermarkets and find a middle or senior position." "I can not reveal your dereliction of duty, good get-together, I will not delay your future, you can think about it?" "No, I'll go to the convenience store! Where I fell I will get up from, this time I was too arrogant, I believe that one day I will catch up again!" Li Dong kindly laughed and grunted: "Don't think it's still the old days, before the Far Side was small and not many people, you could climb up mostly by luck." "But now there are nearly 50 stores open in Yuanfang, and there are a lot of store managers. You want to catch up again is not so easy, especially you start low this time, the possibility of promotion to city manager within three or two years is very small, the salary and the previous is a world of difference, maybe you do a year, the salary is not as much as the previous month, so you are still willing?" "I am willing!" Qi Yunna answer is very firm, she just planted a heel this time, her head is not out of order. At this time, Li Dong also gave her a choice, indicating that she has not given up on her, in the distance as long as Li Dong did not give up, then she will have a day to get up. But if you leave now, lost Li Dong's trust, not to mention, another stove is not so simple. The fluke she got as a city manager is not necessarily recognized by other companies, so since it's the same result, why not stay at Far Far Away. At least it is a store manager, at least better than a jerk in the end. Li Dong hummed: "Since you are willing, then I will not say anything else." "Today you do not go back to Fucheng, tomorrow the company meeting, you are also present. Also, go back to Fucheng, hand things over, then you go back to Pingchuan to take up your post." "Back to Pingchuan ……," Qi Yunna murmured, her heart full of bitterness. When the company initially rewarded her house, Li Dong said this, saying that she would return to Pingchuan sooner or later. At that time she was full of expectation, she can think of the results of the return to Pingchuan, at least is also the city manager of Pingchuan, or even regional manager is possible, or director of the position she does not see can not sit a seat. But now what? Defeated Fucheng, returned in disarray, shame to the grandmother's house. Heart sigh, Qi Yunna asked: "That Fucheng side?" Li Dong understood her meaning and said lightly, "Guo Mingzhi took over as city manager." Qi Yunna's heart became even more bitter, knowing that this was the result. Guo Mingzhi was not only an old acquaintance of hers, but also an old subordinate, when they were in Qingyang, they were both store managers in the same group. When she was the city manager, she was very happy, but Guo Mingzhi became the store manager of Fucheng city, but he was still below her. Now seven stores in Fucheng, six of them are out of order, only Guo Mingzhi stand, this time Guo Mingzhi not promoted to the ghost. Now Qi Yunna is even more embarrassed, she planted the heel, Guo Mingzhi won the lottery, too suffocating. Li Dong did not bother to say more, waved his hand and said, "Go, do not reveal this matter for the time being, wait until after the meeting tomorrow." Qi Yunna nodded, she naturally knew that she could not reveal her mouth at this time. Li Dong could tell her in advance, not only to give her a precautionary shot, but also because of trust in her. Without further ado, Qi Yunna slowly left the office. When you enter the door you are still ambitious, when you go out is the thing is not, Qi Yunna taste inexplicable. …… Qi Yunna just walked shortly, Sun Tao and Wang Yue entered the office together. Sun Tao opened the door and said, "General Li, really want to do it?" "What do you think?" Sun Tao frowned and said, "How about a private settlement, let them spit out what they ate and leave on their own initiative, this is better. Not only reduce losses, but also make everyone feel that the company is tolerant ……" "I do not need tolerance! The front tolerance has been enough! Is the treatment of the far side worse than other companies? Ask yourself, which point of Yuanfang is sorry for them, they choose to betray, so don't blame me for having a cruel heart!" Li Dong hummed, saw Sun Tao still want to talk, interrupted: "I have decided, the material has been submitted to the economic investigation side!" Sun Tao heard a sigh and stopped talking. Among the people taken down this time, many of them are his old acquaintances, even old subordinates. When he suddenly ascended to a high position in the far side, the far side is short of people, he recruited a lot of old friends and old subordinates, originally thought to give them a bright future, who knows now has come to this step.