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Chapter 239: Clearing Internal Troubles, Dividing

  (Request for subscription and reward!) The police left, the shouting, begging for mercy also faded away. The meeting room is quiet and can hear a pin drop. Li Dong looked around, the people on the stage ten ** are subconsciously avoiding Li Dong's gaze. Li Dong also does not care, said indifferently: "I Li Dong think that you are not thin, should give you will not be less than you, should not you, can not reach out!" "This time Liu Hai people suspected of misappropriation, embezzlement of company assets millions, not a three to five years I'm afraid is not out." Speaking of which, Li Dong looked at the slightly pale Qi Yunna said, "Your assistant, the Fucheng side let people to catch, dare to reach out, one can not escape!" Qi Yunna body trembled, lowered his head did not speak. Li Dong lightly hummed, continued: "Fucheng manager Qi Yunna, mismanagement, causing significant losses to the company. The company has decided to revoke its Fucheng city manager position!" Once these words came out, the conference hall was again a bit chaotic. The hearts of the people are getting colder and colder, the butcher's knife has not been taken back? Logistics manager were taken down, now take down a city manager, this is to purge ah! Li Dong let them talk, and wait for the voice to fade down, before continuing: "Guo Mingzhi arrived?" Guo Mingzhi, who was named, immediately got up and said, "Yes!" It was a cold day, but Guo Mingzhi was sweating profusely. He was really shocked today, Fucheng plus he only seven store managers, excluding the one who just took office, plus Cao Chun, the old store manager, a whole lot of six taken away! In other words, Fucheng was completely wiped out except for him. Even the city manager Qi Yunna was implicated and directly removed from the manager position. Guo Mingzhi did not know what Li Dong shouted at himself to do, his heart was a little chilly, afraid that he had committed something, Li Dong to be held responsible. To be honest, when the store manager, who can be so clean under the ass. Although Guo Mingzhi did not corrupt, nor misappropriated public funds, but the family eat with, almost all the supermarket inside. If this is pursued, he can not run. Li Dong swept him a glance, nodded and said: "This time Guo shopkeeper to the bottom line, not with their complicity, is the only thing that makes me happy. The first few months, Fucheng city store performance has been among the top, Guo shopkeeper is also the patriarch of the far side, this time Qi Yunna removed, the city manager position Guo shopkeeper top up." Guo Mingzhi was a little dizzy from this big pie falling from the sky. He became the city manager? He didn't do anything and got a city manager position for nothing? Not to mention Guo Mingzhi, the others also froze for a moment, followed by a low clamor. Guo Mingzhi is simply lucky to have gotten a dog/shit job! There are only a few city managers in the Far East so far, one in Copper Mountain and one in Fucheng, only two in total. In the sales system, two city managers are under one person and above ten thousand! Do not look at Guo Mingzhi was originally a second-level store manager, but if not for this accident, he wanted to be promoted to city manager, do not know until the monkey face and horse months. This is not only a change in status, but also a change in benefits. City manager equipped with a special car, not to mention the base salary of a thousand dollars more does not matter. The key is the commission and bonus ah! The store manager can only take a store commission, but the city manager can take a city total sales commission. For example, like Qi Yunna, before the Fucheng monthly performance of more than 100 million, profit also broke ten million. Qi Yunna a month just commission can get tens of thousands, plus a base salary of 10,000, there are additional bonuses, year-end awards, calculated Qi Yunna a year down at least can also get a 300,000 or so. This is if to calculate to less, if the performance is better, a year down 500,000 is not a problem. 05 can get 300,000 annual salary, simply comparable to the Beijing-Shanghai area of state-owned enterprises bosses. This is not even counting the reward for breakthrough performance, last time Qi Yunna but won the lottery, a set of houses in Pingchuan. If they become city manager, performance and just breakthrough mark, that the far side is certainly not stingy a house. Have a car and a house, plus a high salary, this is simply a winner in life ah! At the moment the crowd is no longer afraid of what just happened, things do not concern themselves, as long as they did not reach out, afraid of what. They are now thinking more about the position! These people who were taken away this time, but left a lot of fat vacancies. Guo Mingzhi topped Qi Yunna's city manager, which means that Fucheng is now vacant of a second-level store manager position, and Guanhai One store also left a second-level store manager vacancy. In total, there are still vacancies for the manager and deputy manager of the logistics department, the head of finance, the head of the inspection team, two second-level store managers, and five third-level store managers. Any one of these positions can make people move, even if it is a third-level store manager, there are also people rush to want it. In the field can still have a batch of four store manager and five store manager, three store manager vacancies five people, they have a big chance! The eyes of the crowd looked at Li Dong with fervor, and the previous fear gradually dissipated. Previously they were afraid, but now they simply can't wait for Li Dong to play a tough hand and kill a group of competitors. Li Dong heart frankly, this result has long been in his expected. This society, in addition to family love, the most important thing is to maintain the interests.