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Chapter 240 - Li Dong's family

  Solve the internal hidden problems of the far side, does not mean that Li Dong next can be idle. Now the far side also faces many problems. First, that is the industry competition problem! Several large supermarkets in Pingchuan is all-out to fight with Li Dong to the end, nearly ten days, the price reduction storm has not yet stopped. Ten days down, the loss of Far Eastern at least more than five million! But at this time, Li Dong can not retreat, once retreated, it will have to lose most of the market in Pingchuan. Yuanfang has built so many branches in Pingchuan, once the majority of the market is lost, the trouble that will come afterwards will make Yuanfang doom. This is the first problem that Yuanfang is currently facing. Second, that is the distribution center. If you can't get it before the end of the year, wait until early next year, the negotiations do not know how long it will last. Once the delay is too long, such as distribution center construction, I'm afraid to delay until the year after next to put into use. And wait until the year after next, the far side of the stores will definitely exceed one hundred, or even two hundred are possible. Nowadays, with less than seventy stores, Far Eastern's logistics system is already struggling, and even most of the logistics channels are relying on other logistics companies, which is another hidden problem of Far Eastern. In addition to these two points, the headquarters building can no longer be delayed. Li Dong is not sure how many employees Far Eastern has now, but he probably has a number in mind. All the branches combined, more than 3,000 employees, which is not a small number. The previous recruitment of dozens or hundreds of people could be made up over at Global, and the training could be borrowed from each branch. But before that time, a one-time recruitment of seven or eight hundred people, the result is not even a place for training. In the end, a large warehouse in the suburbs was borrowed to solve the training problem, which made Li Dong realize that the lack of his own headquarters would not only weaken the sense of belonging of the staff, but also make the senior management of Far Eastern not confident. Now that so many people are nestled in the Global Building, the leaders' office space is getting smaller and smaller. By now, except for Li Dong, the highest level, other department heads have to share an office with several supervisors, which is also not a small blow to morale. There are a lot of things, but there is no hurry. Li Dong, ready to deal with one thing at a time, it is best to be able to deal with all these things at the end of the year. When the year 06 opens, Yuanfang will step into a new page. Among the three things, industry competition needs time, Li Dong temporarily remain inactive. But the other two things can be put on the agenda. In mid-December, Li Dong started the third negotiation with the government of southern suburbs. This time, no matter it is for the far side or the southern suburbs, there is some urgency in the negotiation. The far side hopes to get the land as soon as possible, then the construction can start in early spring next year, and the construction can be completed in October next year if it is fast, and it can be put into use before the end of the year. The southern suburbs, on the other hand, are more urgent than the far side. The further negotiation between Yuanfang and South Lake really made the government of South Suburbs anxious, originally they also thought that Yuanfang might be putting pressure on them. But when the news came from South Lake side that Wang Yue, the vice president of Yuanfang, had already started to make field visits, the main government officials in the southern suburbs couldn't help themselves. This time, both sides are desperately hoping to facilitate the negotiations. In fact, what should be discussed in the early stage has been discussed, and now the only issue left is the nature of the land, whether it should be commercial or industrial land. But since it has come to this point, the southern suburbs government is willing to take the initiative to negotiate, which is enough to explain a lot of problems. Even this time, the city government did not intervene, but let the southern suburban government negotiate with the distant side on its own. The third meeting lasted not long, just three days, and the two sides reached an agreement. The most important point of the agreement, that is, the land, the southern suburbs government made a concession. The land will be given to Yuanfang in accordance with the nature of industrial land, but in terms of price, Yuanfang has to acquire it at 20% above the market price. In fact, this is to give the government a step down, really according to the commercial land, the land is worth nearly 200 million. But now according to the industrial land, 50 million can be taken. Twenty percent up, that is only 60 million, 100,000 square meters of land, 60 million spent is not a loss. The reason why the government in the southern suburbs is willing to spend money to introduce Far Eastern's distribution center is naturally for political performance and economy. If Far Eastern fails to meet the requirements of the southern suburbs government, the government side has the right to buy back the land. This point Li Dong quickly agreed to, for the distribution center, he has a number in mind. Not to mention the other, think about the Nanjing side of the Maqun distribution center will know, a Maqun distribution center, supporting how many people. Su Guo relies on this horse group distribution center, also do not know how much advantage. If not for the sudden rise of the far side in Jiangbei, I'm afraid Su Guo has intended to enter Jiangbei, all this is the impact of the Maqun distribution center. Negotiation is over, the follow-up does not need Li Dong to intervene. When Li Dong was ready to work for the headquarters, the financial director Liu Hongmei came to him and told him that there was no money! Li Dong couldn't believe it, how could there be no money! Not long ago, Shen Xi used the land in Huafu to borrow 50 million from the bank, 50 million is not 500, plus the Yuanfang now has a strong blood supply capacity, there will not be a problem of capital breakage. Li Dong's face was gloomy: "So how much money does Yuanfang have now?" "Less than one hundred million." As soon as Li Dong heard it, he frowned and said, "How can it be so little?" This is not pretending, speaking the truth, for the current Yuanfang, one hundred million in reserves is really not much. In Li Dong's impression, just the two pieces of goods and shopping coupons, the funds that Yuanfang could use were more than two hundred million. In other words, now Far Eastern not only owes the bank a loan of 90 million dollars, but has also misappropriated more than 100 million dollars itself. The debt of more than two hundred million was beyond Li Dong's expectation.