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Chapter 241 - Two-pronged approach

  ♂, despite Li Dong's determination to clean up a few supermarkets, but it is easier said than done. He is now a dog biting a hedgehog, there is no way to start. Those supermarkets are not the small supermarkets in Dongping, this is a few big internationally known brands. Regardless of the aspect of comparison, the far side also has no advantage to speak of. Say brand and fame, people are well-known brands, fame even without publicity also placed there. If not for the recent half-year fire, coupled with more advertising, it really can not compare with these families. And when it comes to service and environment, the two sides are also half and half. Service, despite Li Dong's repeated requests, but after all, there are too many newcomers, and the quality of staff is not too high, for the time being is not comparable to several foreign companies. The environment, the far side for the time being some priority, which is also because it is a new store. In addition, the supermarket also depends on the type of goods. But we are all big supermarkets, and we are all living supermarkets, and there is not much difference in the types of goods. After counting, the only thing that can be considered an advantage is that Far Eastern has more stores, so it has taken the initiative. But now, more stores have become a burden. Price war, people a store to reduce prices is enough, but the far side is to several nearby stores at the same time to reduce prices, or the reputation of the far side is also a blow. More stores, price war, the loss of nature is also more. Li Dong some headache, in the end, what to do is good? One person is short, many people are long. No choice, Li Dong can only call a meeting of the company's senior management, ask the people. For the competition between Yuanfang and several supermarkets, the current situation has been heard, usually also thought about how to win. But when it comes to solutions, there is really nothing good. The director of the marketing department hesitated for a long time before saying, "Should we find the city government to exert pressure?" Li Dong shook his head, this is not appropriate to find the government. Business competition, if the government is involved, there will be more trouble, and people are not good, you know to go to the government, they will not. The director of the commodity department said: "We are losing money, the other party is also losing money, or talk to them again, almost the end of the year, the competition at this time, we can not take advantage of." Li Dong exhaled and said, "This matter has been mentioned by Mr. Sun before, but after looking for Carrefour, they have no sign of relenting. Now they are forcing us not to get a foothold and would rather lose money than do business properly." Now everyone has nothing to say. People would rather lose money to continue to do business with you, it is useless to talk about anything else. It took a long time before someone whispered, "How about continuing to lower the price?" The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched, this idea coincides with him, now other conditions are not very different, continue to reduce the price is probably the only way to win. But Li Dong also has difficulties, now both sides are already operating at a loss. Although the loss is not much, but also has been losing, if the price is reduced again, then the loss will be more. If before, Li Dong is used to big money, the loss of money does not matter, can kill each other on the line. But now the money is not much, can use even less, if the loss of more, may hurt the root of the far side. Li Dong sighed, is there no other way? In the crowd pondering, the conference room suddenly sounded "snap" a crisp sound. Li Dong turned his head to look, Shen Xi is spitting tongue smiling, picking up the signature pen that fell on the table. Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Turn the pen to go out and turn, everyone is thinking of ways, you are idle!" Shen Xi grunted, indignantly said: "What else is there to think about, what else can be done at this juncture but to reduce the price? Long pain is better than short pain, we will lose money if we drag it out, so we might as well crush our rivals in one fell swoop. After all, they are only a branch, want to reduce prices every time they have to be reported to the first level, we reduce prices this time to reduce the hard, at least two or three days can be delayed." "A time difference, two or three days we can grab a large part of the customer base." "Wait for their headquarters to send documents down, we will drop again, several times down, grabbed all their business and sources of customers." "The only advantage we have now is the mobility, the far side you can decide at the drop of a hat. And other companies have a board of directors, a long time to operate at a loss, you think their internal views will be unified? Just the time of the board tug of war, we can beat our rivals." Shen Xi said simply, but Li Dong frowned, "I understand what you said, but how much will it cost to do so?" "A substantial price reduction, ten stores, spending out is not a small amount." "I estimated, the first 20% discount, the second 25% discount, the third 30% discount, three times down should be about the same. Compared to the usual flow of people and sales, we are ready to lose thirty million dollars is enough." Shen Xi did not think that said. Li Dong really want to spray her face, what do you mean thirty million is enough? Thirty million, this if set aside in the past, Li Dong gritted his teeth can also be held up, but now the key is not much money in the far side. And this is still just Shen Xi's estimate, if the few families did not and Shen Xi imagined the same, how much money to pay for enough. Fifty million? Eighty million? Once the spell goes on, the bottom of the far side can be empty, a little mistake, that is a big problem. Seeing Li Dong staring at himself, Shen Xi hummed: "This is not good, that is also not good, then you say how to do?" "Now also in the loss of money, when other new stores open up, I'm afraid there will be a loss of money. A loss of ten million a month, a few months to lose all this money out of the same effect."