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Chapter 242 - Going to the Capital

  Compared with other supermarkets, Far Far Away has one big advantage. As Shen Xi said, Yuanfang is Li Dong's personal, what he says is what, there are no constraints. When Li Dong said to reduce prices, the following must be carried out without compromise. On the day after Li Dong made up his mind, a document called "ten stores preferential policy" was sent to all stores. On the third day, the ten stores put out the "20% discount" posters. This efficiency is not ordinary fast, other supermarkets have not yet reacted to see the original increasingly thin customer base has been reduced by almost half. Although it's not like the doors are full, but compared to the previous, this gap is too big. Several supermarket managers simply some can not accept, too pit, pit they are heartbroken. Previously, when Yuan Fang was not in, they can make at least a few million per month per store, but now, a loss of several million almost! This is still before, and now Yuanfang actually reduced the price! 20% off, if you add up the total, plus all kinds of costs, almost a loss of five cents. That is to say, now sell a hundred things, Far Eastern will lose five dollars. The ten stores in the far side, the daily turnover of at least more than ten million, a day down that is half a million hit the water. Of course, the effect is also a bar. Faraway supermarket is right next to them, and now Faraway's stuff is almost 10% cheaper than other supermarkets, so customers naturally don't mind walking a few steps to the Faraway next door. Although the more people, the more Far Far Away loses, several supermarkets would not like Far Far Away to lose money. But they had to take the trick, lower the price! Not down, and then let the far side so dry, there are customers? People are inertia, once the dependence of customers is cultivated, in the future, under the same conditions, others will naturally prefer Yuanfang, then how to compete. But this time, the price reduction is too much, losing money on the deal, several branch managers really have no right to decide. As Shen Xi said, they have to report to their superiors and get approval to continue to reduce prices. And this superior is first of all the regional side, if the regional side still can not give a reply, it will be reported to the headquarters. This set of processes was originally designed to limit the rights of the division managers, but now it has become a constraint. Report takes time, approval takes time, the production of posters and price tags also need time, without the approval of the above, sub managers do not dare to arrange in advance. In this way, Yuanfang really took the lead. For three consecutive days, Far Eastern's customer flow increased by 50%, and the daily turnover reached 15 million. There are even people who take the car from other districts to buy things, only a few dollars by car, the bus is enough for a round trip of two dollars. Can go to the city, 20% discount, buy thousands of things at a time, that is cheaper than two hundred dollars. This account will be calculated by everyone, and with the far side themselves also suffered, Yaohai District side business are a lot worse. Of course, other supermarkets not involved in the price war also can not run, far side this time almost to a pot braised. …… Carrefour. Since getting the approval from the top, the branch manager has been busy directing his men to make propaganda posters and change price tags. The moment the posters were hung up, Carrefour's branch manager was still thinking that this time he must fight to the death with the far side. But before he got back to his senses, his men reported to him, "Far Far Away has put out a propaganda poster, in order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, Far Far Away Supermarket has reduced the price again, 25% off!" "Pfft!" The branch manager of Carrefour almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. 25% off, you can simply free! The chubby manager is full of sadness, Carrefour across the world, I have never seen such people, really not money ah! In the past, Carrefour was the one who used to fight against other small and medium-sized supermarkets, but they were the ones who used to take the price, when did it become someone else's turn to deal with them like this? Looking at the document in his hand, the fat manager sighed: "Report again!" Hearing the voice of the assistant manager shook his head, this is to meet the opponent, who knows whether the far side will lower the price again. Of course, this was all a matter for the upper level, and it was not her turn to worry about it. But the young assistant still reminded: "Manager, business is getting worse and worse recently, the daily turnover is less than eight hundred thousand, if it continues like this, it will really close down." "Eight hundred thousand?" The manager was confused, a month ago, his store's daily turnover was close to two million. It's only been a month, how come 40% of the turnover is left? Although the price is one side, but the Carrefour old customers are many, new customers also have, after all, the reputation is there, the far side is not that capable of hitting the company's reputation. But the bias performance drop into this, this is too shocking. The assistant added: "Well, it's less than 800,000. And people are getting less and less, and now the people who come are still very picky, and too high prices, and too poor things, yesterday a day at least seven or eight waves of people make trouble, for this there are two cashier suspended service for more than an hour, many customers see this situation are going to the opposite." The manager said angrily: "How do I not know about this?" The assistant whispered, "Didn't you go to the regional report yesterday?" The manager froze for a moment.