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Chapter 243 Success is no accident

  After Li Dong some comfort, Qin Yuhan mood a lot better. Because in the car, Li Dong also did not ask more. After getting off the car, looking up at the name on the sign in front of him, Li Dong finally understood what Qin Yu Han meant when she said "loss". East Rain Dessert House. Li Dong found that Qin Yu Han's level of naming is actually not very good, the family likes to use people's names as store names. After looking at it for a while, Li Dong asked, "You opened it?" Qin Yuhan nodded, blushing slightly. Li Dong stood at the door and swept a glance toward the store, which was not big, but the arrangement was very cozy. Of course, this warm is relative, pink wallpaper is not Li Dong's dish, I think not many of the boys can accept. But the dessert business, or mainly girls, so there is no excuse for the arrangement. The environment is not bad, and the location is not bad. The only shortcoming is too few people, the store set up a dozen tables, now almost empty. Doing business, the environment is not important, the location is not important, the popularity is the root. Even customers are not, the environment is good, but also useless. Li Dong finally know why Qin Yuhan lost money, if the business is so every day, want not to lose money can not. After watching for a while, Qin Yuhan led Li Dong into the store. A few little girls sitting chatting as soon as they saw Qin Yuhan and Li Dong, they hurriedly chattered: "Store manager, you're here." "Yu Han, have you eaten yet?" "Sister Yuhan, is this your boyfriend?" "……" Qin Yuhan and a few girls laughing and joking, but Li Dong is slightly frowning. <> Of course, this frown is also a momentary thing, Li Dong face was soon covered with a smile. The heart is a sigh, on Qin Yuhan this way, can not lose money? Whether there is no business, employees sitting together to chat should not be, more should not be everyone has become accustomed to. Even if you see the boss also did not take it seriously, and the boss himself did not take it more seriously, which is a big problem. Also, when the boss, although it is good to mingle with the staff to enhance the sense of belonging of the staff, but the concept of upper and lower hierarchy or to have. From just calling on it can be seen, Qin Yuhan simply did not when the boss's concept, employees call him by his name, which comes to the prestige to speak. These thoughts are in Li Dong's mind flashed, but see Qin Yu Han smile happy, Li Dong and relieved. Just open a small store, loss is a loss, happy. Although it is not clear how Qin Yuhan thought of opening a store, but since Qin Yuhan has this idea, Li Dong will fully support. A dessert store, the loss is not enough for Li Dong to earn a day. In his mind, someone behind him suddenly said, "Li Dong, when did you come?" Li Dong looked back, Qi Fangfang three people standing in the doorway stamping their feet and gas, see him turn around, Zhang Mengmeng sweet smile said: "Brother Li Dong, are you here to accompany Sister Yu Han for Christmas?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Just got off the plane, just in time for Christmas. <> "Qi Fangfang saw that he was not wearing much, and asked with a breath: "Is it not cold in Pingchuan? The capital is freezing, do not want to go out." "It's not bad, not as cold as the capital." Li Dong returned. Several people chatted for a while, Qin Yuhan also sent away a few little girls came over. Seeing everyone standing at the door, he quickly said, "Go in and sit down." Said and shouted to the girl at the counter, "Yuan Yuan, ask for two cups of double skin milk, one cup of papaya sago dew, one cup of mango milkshake, all hot." After saying that, he asked Li Dongdao, "Li Dong, what are you drinking?" "Whatever, I don't pick." "Coconut juice to drink?" "Okay." "Yuan Yuan, another cup of coconut milk." "Okay!" Several people talked while looking for a seat and sat down. Just after sitting down, Qin Yuhan asked Qi Fangfang and the others, "Don't you guys have to review? Why are you here now?" Qi Fangfang said, "I haven't seen you all morning, so we came to take a look. I didn't think it was Li Dong who came. If we had known, we wouldn't have disturbed the two of you." Qin Yuhan gave her a blank look and didn't pay any attention to her. Li Dong smiled and didn't care, asking, "When did the store open?" Speaking of the dessert house, Qin Yuhan's eyes were a bit gloomy and she said softly, "It opened on November." Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Okay, you still hide it from me, is it to give me a surprise?" Qin Yuhan deflated mouth, some lost: "originally prepared to give you a surprise, but then ……" later needless to say Li Dong also know, loss of money, this girl which still have the intention to mention this with themselves. <> The reason for telling yourself this time, I'm afraid is that you can't hold on, and the heart is hard, want to find someone to talk about the reason. Li Dong smiled and comforted: "loss on loss, what's so hard to feel, business is either loss or gain, no one can guarantee that they will be able to make money." Qin Yuhan pouted and cooed, "You're not losing money." She had ambitiously wanted to compete with Li Dong before. But who knew that reality was so cruel, watching Li Dong make money so easily, she thought she could also make money, and maybe she would also open branches all over the capital like Li Dong. The result is a big disappointment to her, not only did not make money, the old capital is almost lost.