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Chapter 244: Total denial

  Several girls were vocally denouncing the liar, and Li Dong did not blindly get involved. ???? Fire Ran? The text?  Qin Yuhan's eyes lit up when she heard that, but she didn't open her mouth. She wanted to ask Li Dong, but was too embarrassed to ask, after all, her original purpose was to surpass Li Dong. To be honest, now she is not holding this idea. But the East Rain dessert house is really her heart and soul, whether it is renting or decorating, opening or operating, she is doing it all by herself. In order to run this dessert house well, Qin Yuhan put almost all her spare time into it. But the truth is so cruel, every day watching the store operating at a loss, Qin Yuhan do not know how many times wipe tears. The reason for calling Li Dong to come this time, Qin Yuhan is also holding out hope. She also does not want to let the East Rain dessert house so down, but also do not want to continue to lose money. Li Dong does not care that she lost money, but Qin Yuhan herself can not accept, more than 10,000 per month, which for the average person simply lost to vomit blood. Zhang Mengmeng also said: "Brother Li Dong, tell us about it, sister Yu Han for this store, are concealed a large circle." Li Dong glanced at several people and said slowly: "What can be the trick to doing business, it depends on luck. I was lucky, so I made money, you lost money is bad luck, who let the winter come." "Seriously!" Qin Yuhan could not help but drink a sentence, this guy can not be reliable. Qi Fangfang also dissatisfied: "Li Dong, can not be so petty, are you afraid that Yu Han success, after you can not suppress her?" Li Dong lost his smile, these women are still playing with themselves to provoke. But he did not care, smiled and continued, "Do you really want to listen to my opinion?" Several people hurriedly nodded their heads. Li Dong did not panic and said, "Then I will talk about it, but this is just my family's opinion, it is up to you guys to listen or not." "Come on, say it!" "That's it, how can a big man be so abrasive." "……" Li Dong skimmed his mouth, half-truth: "Then I will say, in fact, want not to lose money is also simple, as long as you do the following points on the line." "First, open up all the employees in the store!" As soon as the words left their mouths, several women froze. Fire all the employees? Earn money or not, and fire employees have a relationship? See their faces full of suspicion, Li Dong also did not explain. Qin Yuhan store on these employees, not all open, what business is also to spoil. The boss is here, a few employees still this lazy look, the boss is not in, that has to become what look. And sitting for so long, drinks are cold, no one said to heat up, not to mention, not even a cup of hot water, and no one came up to ask the boss if there are other needs. If this is stranded in the far side, has long been Li Dong kicked off. A store, individuals like this is not a big problem, all like this, that these people are all wasted, and then stay useless. Of course, this is also and Qin Yuhan's attitude is not unrelated. But Qin Yuhan is the boss, she is tolerant of people, does not mean that they can stomp on the nose. Seeing that they hadn't returned to their senses, Li Dong laughed and said, "I'm just saying this casually, you guys shouldn't take it seriously." Qin Yuhan's face showed a struggle, for a long time before she asked, "Do you have to?" "That does not have to be, if the rules can be changed in the future, we can comply to stay also. Not enough bucket of rice grace rising rice hatred, now this way to get used to, the next rules are strict, I'm afraid that grace does not become hatred." Li Dong said this kind of thing is very common. Some companies, at the beginning of the staff is very lenient, very indulgent. And later to rectify, set up rules, these employees can not accept, feel the company inhumane, the boss is too hard-hearted. In fact, you take the company's money, comply with the company's rules which are basic professional ethics. Can't because you used to be used to easy, it means you can continue to do so, and the company does not owe you, why feed you for nothing. Qin Yuhan they experience less, I'm afraid that for the time being can not understand this mood. Especially Qin Yuhan, treat these employees as sisters, feel that pay sincere will be rewarded. But the fact is just the opposite, maybe these employees secretly how to scold her stupid it. Qin Yuhan several people are not talking, Li Dong see the situation and laugh: "Forget it, do not talk about this, let's talk about something else." "You continue to talk!" Qin Yuhan bit her lips and said with some reluctance. "Still want to say?" "Say it!" "Okay then, let's say the second point, the price is all cut in half." "Isn't that a loss of money?" "Yes, half price is definitely a loss of money, Li Dong, what do you think?" Li Dong glanced at several people and said speechlessly, "What do I think? I haven't asked you guys what you think? Half price is a loss, that other people on the street a couple of dollars a cup of milk tea also do not see a loss." "I'm afraid your juice is all real juice, right? And I'm afraid it's still the best fruit, you go around the street, who is so real with you?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "I'm not asking you to fake, before a cup of the amount, now diluted into three cups, not a big problem, right?" Several women are a little confused, can still do this?