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Chapter 245: Career and Love

  Did not dare to ask deeper, Li Dong bypassed the snow щww{][lā} Qin Yuhan for Li Dong set the hotel is not far from the east gate of Beijing University, the two walked over. Probably because it is going to snow, the sky is a little dull. The cold wind blew, Li Dong couldn't help but ha a breath, the winter of the capital is really cold, if not for Qin Yu Han in this side, he was afraid to die will not come here. After spending the afternoon at the hotel, Li Dong was refreshed when he went out again, but Qin Yu Han was flushed. Out of the hotel, Li Dong whispered jokingly: "combat power can not ah, it seems that we have to practice more in the future." "Rascal!" Qin Yuhan blushed and snapped. Li Dong laughed and squeezed his eyebrows and said, "This is a big matter of human decency, how can you call it a hooligan." Qin Yuhan gave him a white glance and didn't pay attention to him. The sky has been completely dark, the roadside streets are still brightly lit. The two just out of the hotel not far, see a seven or eight-year-old girl ran over with a flower basket, little face in the cold wind frozen red, see Li Dong two, the little girl with a prayer: "Brother, tonight is Christmas Eve, buy a few flowers for sister." Li Dong was in a good mood, smiled and asked, "How to sell?" "Ten dollars a piece!" The little girl finished with a face of apprehension, now is not the future, ten dollars a flower is not cheap, a night does not sell on a few. Li Dong smilingly said: "Brother have bought, go back to rest early!" Said from the wallet to draw five or six hundred, did not look specifically, directly to the little girl, and then will be the flower basket received. The little girl was a bit dazed, but Qin Yuhan rolled her eyes. Looked at the little girl, Qin Yuhan whispered: "Blind deceit, these small children are controlled ……" "I know, but seek a happy, care so much why." Li Dong gave a laugh, this kind of thing who can still know better than him, later on the network exposure of countless such things. But today he is in a good mood, plus a few hundred is nothing for Li Dong. He is not so ambitious, nor is he so capable of helping these controlled children in society, but met, so that they can have a happy Christmas Eve, this Li Dong can still meet them. Patted the little girl's head, Li Dong laughed: "Do not freeze, brother have bought, do not hurry back." Only then did the little girl return to her senses, and did not care to count the money, hurried to the next shady place. Li Dong has good eyesight and saw a man in a military coat squatting and smoking in the shadows, knowing that this is the stalker. He did not bother, unfamiliar with the place, involved in this kind of thing is looking for abuse. Qin Yuhan saw the situation and sighed slightly: "You do not help these children, but only let the people behind her benefit, and perhaps in the future will intensify." Li Dong laughed: "I know, but I do what I have to do, and I can't care about the rest." Seeing that Qin Yuhan wanted to say something, Li Dong laughed again: "Okay, this is all trivial, don't think too much about it, when we are capable later, we will come back to save the world." "Again, you are full of talk." Qin Yuhan said helplessly. Every time he talked about serious matters, this guy gagged and nailed, Qin Yuhan had long been used to it. Li Dong smiled happily and did not say anything, carrying the flower basket with one hand and holding Qin Yuhan with the other, the two of them walked towards the pedestrian street. On the way, Li Dong handed the flower basket to Qin Yuhan and said, "We have known each other for so many years, it seems that I have never sent you flowers, this time I also romantic once, send you." Qin Yuhan cried and laughed and said, "How can you send a flower basket together? I'm not going to give it to me, are you going to give it to someone else?" Li Dong said aggrieved: "You are also jealous of this, you are almost jealous." "Who's jealous of you!" Qin Yuhan hummed lightly, but with a happy face, he took the flower basket over.