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Chapter 246 - A surprise when you come back

  On the morning of the 28th, Li Dong returned to the company. Soon after entering the office, Sun Tao and Liu Hongmei entered the office together. Li Dong greeted the two and sat down, asking, "Nothing happened in the past few days I was gone, right?" "No big things, but there are many small things." Sun Tao smiled and said, "The main thing is the competition, so I'll report to you." Li Dong nodded and said, "Tell me, how much is the loss?" "Twelve million!" Li Dong sucked in a breath of cold air, it's only been a few days, so much loss! He thought about the price war hurt, but did not expect so hurt, this time last year, it is the end of the peak season, did not expect this year actually operating at a loss. One after another, almost 20 million losses. Li Dong let out a long breath and asked, "Those few are still holding up?" Sun Tao nodded and said, "But I think they can't hold on, yesterday Carrefour's old bag also called me, I heard his meaning, there is the intention of reconciliation." Li Dong frowned: "This time reconciliation, my losses who compensate me!" Before Sun Tao looking for them to talk, these guys are all playing tricks, as if they will not stop until they dry up Yuanfang. At this time, Yuanfang has put down blood money, those guys can't hold out anymore, and then come back to peace talks, Li Dong is not willing. Knocked on the table, Li Dong Dong: "Continue, is not the New Year's Day, order down, 30% off the entire site!" Sun Tao frowned slightly and said, "They still maintain at 80% discount, 70% discount is not necessary, right?" Now the price is already lower than the other side, and then reduce the price is a little too much, losing too much money, and the far side can not afford it. Li Dong Dong: "It's settled, I want them to see our determination! I would like to see who can drag who!" Sun Tao smiled bitterly, but did not persuade again. The difference between 25% and 70% discount is not much, anyway, it is a loss, Li Dong is ready to lose 30 million, it is useless to talk about this now. When Sun Tao and Li Dong finished talking about the price reduction, Liu Hongmei said, "Mr. Li, the southern suburbs asked us to call the first batch of land payments, what do you think?" Li Dong rubbed his head, there are really a lot of troublesome things. It's all about money, the land for the distribution center must be paid, and it won't take long to delay. After thinking about it, Li Dong Dong said, "Then call the past, people are suspicious of our strength after a long delay." The land price of 60 million, the first payment will be 20 million, for the current far side is also a bit strained. At the end of December, Yuanfang once again maintained a level of no loss and no profit. The Pingchuan side lost more than 10 million, the land paid 20 million, and the other stores made a profit of about 30 million, which was just about even. If we count according to the Yang calendar, the year of 2005 will end in two more days. This year, Yuanfang achieved a lot, but now the debt is high, Li Dong also some feeling of strain. After talking about the money, Sun Tao said: "Right, Mr. Li, you are not in these days, Longhua side and we have contacted several times, want to talk to you about the construction of the headquarters, you see?" "No hurry, it's useless to talk now, let's talk about it early next year." Li Dong knows this matter in his heart, not to mention the Longhua side, many people are staring at these two projects. But Li Dong is not ready to talk about this now, the key is no money. Plus the winter construction can not, now talk down is also a waste of time. The next few people talked about other things, just sent away Sun Tao two people, Shen Xi entered the door. Once inside, Shen Xi said: "Mr. Li, I am ready to do a New Year's Day party ……" did not wait for her to finish Li Dong said: "New Year's Day party first, you plan an annual meeting, the end of the year when we get together. " Last year, there were fewer stores and fewer people, plus the end of the year was too busy, Li Dong also did not do any annual meeting. But this year is different, nearly seventy stores, the staff can reach five thousand people.