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Chapter 247 - Qi Yunna's insistence

  Wang Jie's bar has not yet opened, the home store under Yuanfang is the first to open WwW……lā This store, which was left over from the last opening. Last month, the renovation of a total of ten stores, then because of insufficient manpower, lack of resources, Li Dong only chose the home. The remaining store, Li Dong scheduled to open at the end of the month, February 3, the last day of 2oo5, the store opened silently. The opening of the store is very low-key. Low-profile to Li Dong almost forgot about this, if not Liu Qi unintentionally mentioned, Li Dong really gave forgotten. When Liu Qi mentioned it, Li Dong woke up and said, "I almost forgot, it's a big deal!" The company has a store opening at the same time, the boss himself actually forgot, Li Dong is very ashamed. To know the opening date or his own decision, but these two days Li Dong mind are on the price war, really did not think about this matter. But this can not be blamed on him, who let this store is too low importance. Home stores, three-level stores, two four-level stores, five-level stores, five stores, on the scale, home plus up than a secondary stores. Li Dong forgot about this is normal. Small scale is only one aspect, but also a bit, the opening of the store, five of them are in Yaohai District. Since the opening of the Longhua store, Yaohai District is the home base of the Far Side. There are several small stores opened in the base camp, not to mention Li Dong, and few senior leaders of Yuanfang are concerned. Now all eyes are on the ten stores on the front line of the battlefield, which is the focus of Yuanfang. If they win, they will establish Yuanfang's leading position, and if they lose, they will lose the right to speak in the small half of Pingchuan market. At this juncture, a few small stores opened, who has nothing to care. Others do not care about the problem is not big, but Li Dong can not not care. Performance is an aspect, but also a bit is this five-level stores when but a special status of the store manager. Li Dong thought about asking Liu Qi, "Qi Yunna took office?" Asking about others Liu Qi may not be clear, but when it comes to Qi Yunna, Liu Qi naturally will not be ignorant. Hearing Li Dong ask about it, Liu Qi hurriedly said, "She went to work, and now Manager Qi is presiding over the four stores in Yaohai." Li Dong knocked on the table, hesitated for a moment before saying "Go, go and take a look." …… Yaohai four stores. Qi Yunna, who is presiding over the work of Liu Qi, is now humming and puffing as she moves the goods. After the last box of goods, Qi Yunna is already full of sweat, gasping for breath and asked the girl next to her, "Xiao Xu, no shortage, right?" The girl called Xiao Xu hurriedly said, "Store manager, no shortage." Said face adoration said "shopkeeper, you are really strong, I and Chen just two people did not move, you personally moved up." Qi Yunna face full of black lines, this praise words might as well not praise. When did she, Qi Yunna was reduced to living by selling her strength. Not taking Xiao Xu's words, Qi Yunna said to the girl at the cash register, "Xiao Yu, how much is the performance?" Xiao Yu looked at the computer, looked up, after a moment before saying "thirty-two thousand, store manager, business is too good!" Hearing Xiao Yu report the performance, several employees in the store were full of excitement. Of course, in fact, there were not many people in the whole Yaohai four stores. In addition to Qi Yunna, the store manager, a cashier, two sales clerks, a total of three employees, otherwise it would not be Qi Yunna's turn to personally move goods.