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Chapter 249: Xiaolan's Brother

  Although Wang Jie has matured a lot in the recent year, but this year is only the early twenties. r?anwenw?w?w????? Just out of school, he also thought of doing something big, especially to see his tablemate Li Dong is now so successful. But just the first step into the realization of his dream, the reality gave him a heavy blow. After hearing what Li Dong said, Wang Jie's entire body froze. He did not feel that Li Dong would lie to him, and there is no need for that, this time Li Dong is not his reach, no need to lie to him, an old classmate. Li Dong saw the situation patted his shoulder and said: "Forget it, consider it as experience. This time the document should not come down, think of a way to transfer out at most a loss of ten thousand dollars, buy a lesson worth." Wang Jie finally came back to his senses, smiled bitterly and said, "You are comforting me?" Li Dong nodded his head. Wang Jie cried and laughed and said: "How I do not sound like comfort. You guys, you're sure I'm losing money? Also ten thousand dollars, you the big boss a bottle of wine money more than this, but you have to know my old man and mother a year tired to save only a ten thousand dollars, if this loss, but also must be heartbroken death." "Also, do you think someone can take over now?" Speaking of this Wang Jie shook his head and said, "Forget it, there is no medicine for regret, let's do our best and listen to God's fate." Li Dong laughed: "You are quite able to accept the reality, this has slowed down?" Wang Jie helplessly said, "What else can I do if I don't accept it? Money has been spent, at this time do not cry the sky and wipe the ground is useful? I have experience in this kind of thing, this time sadness and despair are useless, only the relatives of the pain of the enemy, face the reality, this is what I should do." Li Dong smiled at the words, this guy is quite interesting. Wang Jie then complained: "Also, you guys don't tell me earlier but not later, but today. Can not change the time? Today at least I opened, just tasted the taste of being a big boss." "Fine, then you can forget I just said that." Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and said. "Nonsense, can I pretend I didn't hear you?" Wang Jie said, "If my wife loses all the money, when you get married you have to have a big red envelope, preferably enough for me to buy a house." Li Dong laughed and said, "The heart is quite big, this is thinking about the wedding, early." "Early what early, you think I'm still like you, 50 or 60 are not in a hurry. The other day a blind date, met a not bad, this year's New Year to bring home to meet their parents, originally intended to get married next year, now it seems to be dragged back." When he finished, Li Dong some frozen. Married next year? This guy next year seems to be less than the legal age of marriage, right, so soon? And the first six months also because Chen Yue looking for death and tired of living, now changed the door, feel some inconsistency ah. "Really want to get married?" Li Dong asked another question. Wang Jie did not speak, handed a cigarette to Li Dong, and then lit one himself. Smoke a few mouthfuls before saying lightly: "These days, love is a luxury thing. Find a life, character can get by, it's enough. The girl is not bad, the age and my average age, can take care of the family, although not as good-looking Chen Yue, but I feel quite suitable for me." Li Dong saw him talking about Chen Yue, he couldn't help but laugh: "Why do you feel older than me? We are the same age, right? You sound like a person of 30 or 40 years." Wang Jie did not take the straw, looked at the time and said, "Come on, let's go to dinner, just fool around with a meal at noon, and then treat you to a good meal at night." "Come on, I'll treat you, leave some money for you to save as a wife book." "That also becomes, originally prepared to treat you to eat fast food, you treat I will not be polite, noon casual, the evening Dongping Hotel and so you." "You are really nonchalant!" "Hahaha, who let you hit me today!" …… finished eating, it's almost one in the afternoon. And Wang Jie agreed on a place to eat in the evening, the two people then dispersed. The original Wang Jie is also ready to accompany Li Dong around, but Li Dong can see that this guy said he did not care, but I'm afraid the heart is anxious about the Internet cafe, and did not leave him, and sent him back to deal with the matter of the Internet cafe. Did not let Zhou Haidong drive, parked the car near a middle school, Li Dong and Zhou Haidong two people in the street strolled up. It's not about shopping, it's just to kill the food. Dongping city is not big, from the west to Dongping also took less than half an hour, soon Li Dong crossed the first middle school is located in the West Street, walked to his home is located in a piece of East Street. On the way home, Li Dong did see a familiar face. The four big words "Far Far Away Supermarket" came into view. This is not the Dongping store, but the convenience store that Li Dong's parents opened. Speaking of which, it seems that Li Dong has only come here once since it opened, and this year is the first time. Compared to Pingchuan, Dongping's New Year's Day seems a bit bland. At this time of the year in Pingchuan, the Yuanfang supermarket is doing a brisk business, with a constant flow of people and various activities coming one after another. But Dongping side, in addition to Dongping store made a small activity, the Lee family side of the convenience store how to do or how to do, and the usual almost nothing changes. And it seems to the crowd, business does not seem to be better than usual to where. Li Dong stood outside the door for a while, walked straight into the store.