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Chapter 250: You have itchy skin, don't you!

  When you first enter the 06 Dongping, there are not many things you can play. Plus accompanied by only Zhou Haidong this uninteresting guy, Li Dong is also too lazy to run. The two did not go anywhere, soaking in the teahouse for the afternoon. By the time they came out of the teahouse, Li Dong felt full of tea, there was no need to eat. Around six o'clock, Li Dong arrived at the Dongping Hotel early. Originally and Wang Jie agreed that the evening he treat, but when Li Dong arrived, Wang Jie this guy is already in the hall of the box. Upon hearing that Wang Jie wanted to book a box, Li Dong was surprised: "There are people besides us?" "Didn't I tell you at noon, my girlfriend." Li Dong nodded and asked, "You've only been well for a few days and you're starting to pull out to meet guests?" "Roll, why do you sound so awkward to me." Wang Jie cursed with a laugh, "And didn't I tell you last time? There are surprises!" Li Dong glanced at him, his brain turned for a moment and asked, "Back?" Wang Jie gave a dry laugh and said in a low voice: "I came back a few days ago, I thought of gathering, now not many students stay in Dongping." Li Dong did not say anything, in fact, before he guessed about it. Surprise, Dongping can still have what surprise waiting for them. The reason for returning to Dongping this time, Li Dong is not sure whether he is for Wang Jie, or for others. Since that brief encounter in the capital, there are half a year did not see Yuan Xue, Li Dong also do not know what their own psychological, some contradictions, and some expectations. The next two people did not talk much, booked the box, the two people went into the room. After a while, about ten minutes or so, the door of the room was pushed open. Li Dong subconsciously raised his head to look, is a young girl do not know, twenty-one two years old, the look is quite clean, the body is also good, but not the kind of beauty can not be forgotten at a glance. Li Dong immediately guessed the identity of the visitor, than he imagined a lot better. Before hearing Wang Jie say that, Li Dong thought Wang Jie really found an ugly girl as a girlfriend, but now it seems not bad. Even if it is not as good as Chen Yue, but also not bad to where, the only some differences is probably the temperament. Chen Yue is cheerful atmosphere, can be open, the young girl in front of you seems a little restrained, see Li Dong, an outsider in, a time actually did not have the intention to move. Li Dong saw the situation and got up and smiled: "Sister-in-law, right, come in, I do not eat people." The young girl blushed, next to Wang Jie also got up to meet the girl, pulled the girl into the door, while complaining: "What sister-in-law, who are we older who you do not know in your heart?" "Who is older, of course I am older!" "Bullshit, your birthday in July, my April, who do you think is older?" "Seven to four, ask your sister-in-law, which of these two numbers is bigger?" Li Dong said laughingly. Wang Jie retreated in defeat, laughing and shaking his head, "No bullshit with you, this is my girlfriend, Wu Mei." He said and introduced towards Wu Mei: "My buddy Li Dong, a rich man, tonight he treats, we both can eat hard, let him bleed." Wu Mei could not help but laugh out, blushing slightly and said, "Li Dong, hello." Li Dong also laughed and said, "Don't listen to your Wang Jie's bullshit, he lied to me before about finding an ugly girl as his girlfriend, which made me take it seriously. But as soon as I saw my sister-in-law, I knew what this bastard had in mind, afraid that I would pry the corner, right?" Wang Jie heard the words immediately anxious, retorted: "You can not slander me, when did I say that!" "Cut, I knew you wouldn't admit it." "I didn't say it, why should I admit it!" "Okay, okay, okay, you did not say, I heard wrong, okay, big man, there is no embarrassment to admit." "Li Dong!" Wang Jie said in annoyance: "Believe it or not, I will eat you tonight!" "Let go of your stomach, as long as you are not afraid of dying." Li Dong said smilingly. The two of them fought, Wu Mei also relaxed, listening to the two talk, the corners of the mouth can not help but slightly up, apparently find it quite interesting. Li Dong saw this and squeezed his eyes towards Wang Jie, who responded with a smile. The two said so much before, but also in order to be able to let go of Wu Mei. Now see the effect is good, naturally lazy to fight again, greeted Wu Mei seated, Wang Jie suddenly said: "Dongzi, our family Mei Zi will count on you to take care of the future. I am a big man embarrassed to open his mouth towards you, Meizi you said is your sister-in-law, which I also admit, remember to help a hand when you have time." Li Dong raised his eyebrows, Wu Mei also looked at Wang Jie with some surprise, obviously did not understand his meaning. Wang Jie smiled and continued, "Plum in the supermarket as an accounting assistant, still in the internship period." This said Wu Mei still do not understand, but Li Dong is laughing and scolding: "feelings you are here waiting for me!" Said nodded and said, "I'll take this to heart." Wang Jie smiled and did not say more, and did not explain to Wu Mei. Li Dong's phrase "take it to heart" can almost save Wu Mei ten years of struggle time, which for Wu Mei is no different from the pie in the sky. As Wang Jie himself said, he himself encountered difficulties embarrassed to ask Li Dong, but his own daughter-in-law identified with the opportunity, he, of course, when the boyfriend to help her seize. For Li Dong, a county branch of the accounting assistant is nothing, a matter of words. What Wang Jie wants is just to be converted, or a little higher, even if it becomes the accounting supervisor of the Dongping store, there is no impact on Li Dong.