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Chapter 251 - The face is purple!

  Recommended Reading: Li Dong's words evoked a sore spot in Feng Jinsong's heart. Sweeping a glance at Li Dong with resentment, Feng Jinsong said gloomily, "Li Dong, this is not a society of barbarians!" Li Dong glanced at him and said indifferently, "Get lost!" Feng Jinsong's face changed and he gritted his teeth and said, "Don't be a jerk with me! I will not leave, you dare to do it? Believe it or not, I will send you to the classroom with one phone call! You're an ordinary family, it's not easy to get into college, into the classroom left behind a record, was expelled from school, what consequences you have to think clearly!" Feng Jinsong also afraid of Li Dong this second-rate really do it, and quickly with words to deter some. Li Dong snorted, this guy is still so childish even after more than a year in the university. Lazy to talk nonsense with him, Li Dong impatience: "told you to get lost hear? Where do you like to go, do not hang around in front of me!" To Feng Jinsong such a small person Li Dong is not even bothered to retaliate, if not met today, Li Dong almost forget this guy. At the beginning, although Feng Jinsong gave Qin Yuhan a lot of trouble, but then Li Dong also crushed the Feng family supermarket, so that the other party lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this account is considered settled. As for now, Feng Jinsong is not the same as him. Do not look at the Feng family in Dongping some small money, in fact, not more than ten or twenty million, Feng Jinsong self-proclaimed as the richest son of Dongping family, the eyes are still too shallow. Dongping don't look small, there is no shortage of rich people, really want to expose their fortune, Dongping millionaires no eighty also have fifty, which turn to the Feng family as the richest. But these days the rich are low-key, most of the rich and powerful who started in the 70s and 80s are not too clean family. Not until necessary, people generally do not choose to show their wealth. Hearing Li Dong's nonchalant words, Feng Jinsong's face turned red with anger. After fiercely glaring at Li Dong, Feng Jinsong angrily said, "I came along with Yuan Xue, is it your turn to make the decision?" Li Dong glanced at him and looked at Yuan Xue who was silent and said, "Did you bring this thing here?" Hearing Li Dong call him "this thing", Feng Jinsong almost vomited blood in anger. But to be honest, he was really a little afraid of Li Dong, Li Dong did not explicitly say, he also did not hear it. Seeing Li Dong ask himself, Yuan Xue glanced at him, and then glanced at Feng Jinsong, and only then said lightly: "I don't know, I met him on the way." "Pfft!" A few people in the room almost burst out laughing, Yuan Xue this knife to the powerful. Feng Jinsong was even more annoyed, his face was purple. Yes, he was following Yuan Xue, but Yuan Xue did not say he was not allowed to follow, and called his name on the way! This is only a few minutes, turn the head directly to a do not know, Feng Jinsong feel their faces are swollen! Ruthlessly swept a few people in the room, Feng Jinsong even with Yuan Xue hate on, even more than Li Dong hate, today this is no longer a disgrace, but the face was put underground to step on. Did not say anything harsh, Feng Jinsong turned around and left. To this point, do not go also stay to shame? As soon as he left, the atmosphere in the room was much more active. Li Dong held up a cup of tea to Yuan Xue smiled: "Tea instead of wine, toast you, just enough pain." Yuan Xue hummed and said coldly, "I don't drink tea." Li Dong some speechless said, "Come on, don't be pretentious, cold face in the winter put away, look at all the cold." Yuan Xue said in annoyance: "You are the pretentious!" "Well, I'm pretentious, come on, let's clink a glass." Li Dong laughed and did not refute, picked up the teacup and touched Yuan Xue's cup. Yuan Xue a speechless face, rolled his eyes and did not pay attention to him. Li Dong did not think, this expression is used to seeing it is just the same, think when people were cold for several years in high school, but also over. Next Wang Jie greeted the waiter outside the door to come in and order, and introduced Wu Mei to Yuan Xue. Yuan Xue looked at Wu Mei's eyes a little complicated, she and Chen Yue is a good friend, now see Wang Jie found a new girlfriend, Yuan Xue also do not know what attitude to face. But this can not be said that Wang Jie is not right, after all, he and Chen Yue have been separated. As for the two of them in the end who is right and who is wrong, Yuan Xue does not make a judgment, but everyone's heart is far from close, Yuan Xue to Wu Mei eventually chose a bland friendship. Not offended, not close, just as strangers get along is. Wu Mei does not understand, plus Yuan Xue is also cold face to others, she also did not take it seriously. Wang Jie and Li Dong did see a hint, but the two did not reveal. After all, it is Wang Jie and Wu Mei living, Yuan Xue and Wu Mei close or not have no impact, as long as Yuan Xue does not badmouthing on the problem. After that, the private room is mainly Li Dong and Wang Jie chat. Yuan Xue and Wu Mei two people do not talk much, Li Dong they ask a sentence, two people back a sentence. A few times down, Li Dong and Wang Jie also do not ask, chatting too tired. When it comes to Wang Jie open Internet cafe, Yuan Xue only interjected a sentence: "Internet cafe is not good." Wang Jie some suspicion said, "What is not good?" "Just Feng Jinsong said." Yuan Xue organized a language: "just come on the way, Feng Jinsong said his father and people to cooperate, to develop your Internet cafe that area, built into a commercial street." Said and added: "I saw his father, is with someone in the inspection place." The reason why Feng Jinsong just came with her is because Feng Jinsong accompanied his father to wander around in the area of Jiejie's Internet cafe, and happened to see Yuan Xue, so he followed him over. Yuan Xue already knew that Wang Jie had opened an Internet cafe in that area, and by the way, she also set up a few words with Feng Jinsong.