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Chapter 252 - Something's wrong!

  The entrance to the subdivision. r?a??nw?en?w?w?w?.?? Li Dong Dong: "You go back, I'm leaving." A silent Yuan Xue suddenly turned around and asked, "Do you want me to come back?" Li Dong touched his nose, his face a little sarcastic under the night, for a long time before saying, "This depends on your own ideas ……" "Pretentious!" Li Dong suspected that he had heard wrong, surprised: "What?" "I said you are pretentious!" Yuan Xue's voice was much louder than just now. Li Dong looked embarrassed, who is pretentious? Yuan Xue gave him a blank look and said in a good mood: "I just asked you, do you want me to come back? Answer me positively!" "Ahem, that ……" Li Dong laughed dryly, "This really depends on you." Said to see Yuan Xue face changed, and continued: "But I think it, the moon abroad is not more round than ours, unfamiliar, in fact, back to the domestic development is also good." Yuan Xue's face instantly showed a dazzling smile. After a glance at Li Dong, Yuan Xue smiled and said, "I'll think about it and tell you later." Li Dong coughed a few times and said somewhat sheepishly, "I'm just making a suggestion, nothing else." "Coward!" Yuan Xue hummed, turned around and walked towards the district. After a few steps, she suddenly turned around again and said, "How many days are you staying in Dongping?" "Two or three days, if something comes up, I might leave tomorrow." "Oh, the seventh holiday?" "The seventh ……" Without waiting for his reply, Yuan Xue had already left, this time for real. Li Dong stared at her back for a while, until Yuan Xue completely disappeared, then he muttered, "The seventh?" After thinking for a while, Li Dong muttered, "The eighth day of the waxing moon, right?" …… Li Dong arrived home when it was not yet ten o'clock. But people in the county go to bed early, parents have long gone to bed, Li Dong washed up, tiptoeing just ready to go back to the house, the door to his parents' room opened. Cao Fang rubbed her eyes and whispered, "Xiaolan sleep in your room, you can stay on the sofa for the night." Li Dong had a bitter, miserable face. He is a big boss with a billion dollars, and you let me sleep on the sofa? Unfortunately, Cao Fang didn't care whether he was a big boss or not, he moved two quilts out of the room and yawned, "The air conditioner in the living room is on, it won't freeze you, don't sleep too late." "Got it." Li Dong returned, waiting for Cao Fang to close the door, Li Dong spread the quilt on the sofa and turned on the TV to watch for a while. Almost eleven o'clock, Li Dong turned off the TV and started to sleep. During the night, Li Dong half-asleep and half-awake, he felt someone covering himself. Did not open his eyes, but Li Dong smelled a faint smell of fish, should be the old man. And did not care much, continue to sleep. …… The next day, Li Dong woke up when the sky was already bright. Opened his eyes and looked out the window, Li Dong yawned, and only then did he notice that there was an extra girl beside him. Li Lan looked a little timid, seeing Li Dong looking at himself, quickly lowered his head and did not dare to look again. Li Dong smiled and said, "Up so early?" Leland nodded and said as low as a mosquito, "Mm." "How many days of vacation?" "Three days." "What grade are you in?" "Second year." "……" Basically, Li Dong asked a question before Li Lan answered one. Li Dong did not say anything, Li Lan also did not say anything, lowering his head and rubbing his fingers in a restless manner. It was only when Cao Fang came out of the kitchen that Li Lan sighed with relief and shouted, "Second Aunt." Cao Fang smiled: "Lan Lan, ready to eat, I do not know what you want to like to eat, I bought buns, doughnuts, barbecue wheat, want to drink porridge also can ……" Li Lan hurriedly said: "Second Aunt, I can eat anything. " Cao Fang smiled and nodded: "Then you can eat whatever you like, don't be polite when you arrive at our home." After saying this, she said to Li Dong: "What time is it? Get dressed, wash your face, brush your teeth and eat!" Li Dong complained, "Mom, am I your own son? Why do I feel like I'm the one who came here after Xiaolan arrived?" "Don't be poor, do you want to eat or not, forget it." Li Dong muttered a few words, put on his clothes, washed up and started to eat. After eating, Cao Fang said, "I will go to the store later, Xiaolan left to you, you take her out to play, your father's side busy can not leave." "Okay, you go ahead." "Well, by the way, when will you leave?" "No hurry, if Pingchuan is okay, I'm not busy to go back for now." There is no big deal in Pingchuan for now, the only thing that needs to be concerned is the price war with several other stores. But now the price war is also near the end, at most half a month, those guys should not be able to hold up. Carrefour and Tesco can still hold on for a while, Lotus has heard that the transfer of the sign has been posted. People's Lotus capital was not as good as the other two, plus in Jiangbei is also isolated, the main operating area is not the East China generation, now not profitable, the withdrawal is also justifiable. Although not yet closed, but at most early next year, Lotus should be withdrawn from Jiangbei. Six big supermarkets, three of them are being pursued by Li Dong. Now when Lotus withdraws, Carrefour and Tesco will not last long, and Li Dong can also liberate three stores, even if the loss, but also less than the previous loss. In addition, the distribution center and headquarters were also put by Li Dong to deal with after the year. As for the thirty-four stores, there are still sixteen stores that have not been opened, and it is probably too late this year, there are not enough people, so we can only wait for the wave of migrant workers at the beginning of the year and then recruit people to open in the first month. Even if Li Dong returns to Pingchuan, he has nothing to do now. Other small things, Sun Tao and the others can handle themselves. But at the latest on the day of the Chinese New Year, he definitely has to go back, the annual meeting of the far side is scheduled for that day. Seeing Li Dong said so, Cao Fang no longer ask, now Li Dong need not worry about her. When Cao Fang left, Li Dong asked Li Lan, "Is there anything you want to play?" Li Lan shook her head.