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Chapter 253: Framing

  Dongping County Public Security Bureau. As soon as Li Dong and his group entered the police station, a civilian police officer in the lobby asked, "What do you want?" "Looking for someone." Li Dong asked, "Where is Li Chengyuan now?" "Li Chengyuan?" The police were a little confused. Li Dong reminded, "Just came in, the fish seller in the vegetable market." "Oh!" The police immediately remembered, the county every day arrested not many people, today's case is even less, just caught in the fish seller he naturally know. Up and down looked at Li Dong, and looked behind Li Dong followed by Zhou Haidong Wang Cheng a few people, the police eyes flickered a little, smiled and said: "This is the case of the Interpol, now should be in the second floor interrogation room over there." "Interrogation room?" Li Dong frowned, and his tone was much colder. The police felt a little uncomfortable by Li Dong look, dry cough to explain: "Do not misunderstand, said the interrogation room, in fact, is a small office, usually the Interpol team to handle cases there." Li Dong nodded and said, "Thank you!" Said the footsteps did not stop, led a few people straight up to the second floor. Downstairs, the police officer's eyes turned and muttered, "That guy Chen Li won't get into trouble, right?" Li Dong, the pedestrian is obviously not small, the hall of this civilian police received people not a thousand times also have 800 times. But Li Dong these people give him a lot of pressure, especially behind Li Dong Wang Cheng a few people, staring at him that feeling, let him have a kind of back in the army when the instructor stared to find fault with the feeling. Shaking his head, the civilian police did not bother to think much about it. Anyway, the matter is not their own, even if Chen Li offended people, and he does not have much to do with the Interpol team those guys have eyes on the head, really want to eat a little loss is also good. …… second floor interrogation room. When Li Dong arrived, the door was open. As the police downstairs said, said the interrogation room, in fact, and Li Dong imagined very different, is a small office. The only difference with the office is probably less than a computer, the other desks and sofas are not missing. Li Dong saw Li Chengyuan at a glance, Li Chengyuan was standing at the desk with a smile. And behind the desk sat a forty-year-old middle-aged man in civilian clothes, the man's mouth with a cigarette, said carelessly: "What else to explain?" Li Chengyuan said with a smile, "Officer Chen, I know what I have said, you see I am still confused." The man called Officer Chen flicked his cigarette and hummed: "Whether you are confused or not, this is a violation of the law, understand?" "The statement is ready, you sign it." Li Chengyuan sighed and picked up the pen and was about to sign when he heard someone behind him shout, "Dad, is everything okay?" Li Chengyuan put down the pen, looked back at Li Dong, and immediately breathed a sigh of relief: "Yes, why are you here?" "You are here, I can not come!" Li Dong answered, then looked at the middle-aged police officer said: "My father's matter is you made?" Chen Li raised his eyebrows, this is not polite enough. After sweeping a glance at Li Dong, and then at Li Chengyuan, Chen Li said with a cold face: "Can you come in here? To see someone, wait in the hall!" Li Dong said indifferently: "Don't interrupt first, let me ask you, what law did my father break, what right do you have to arrest people?" Chen Li's brow wrinkled, feeling a bit unpleasant. If this is an ordinary citizen, by his cold-eyed glare, guaranteed to be scared and sincere, but now it seems that the other party is emboldened ah. But he is not too worried, a vegetable market vendor's son, how big can be. I can only say that the other party is too young, ignorant and fearless. As for Zhou Haidong a few people, Chen Li directly ignored, you then dare to attack the police in the Public Security Bureau. Hearing Li Dong asked, Chen Li said unhappily: "The crime is not you say! Li Chengyuan is suspected of illegally selling precious and endangered wildlife under national protection, I see you also look like a reader, do you think this is a crime?" Li Dong swept a glance at him, and then towards Li Chengyuan, "Dad, tell me about it." Li Chengyuan had been depressed for a long time. Hearing Li Dong ask about it, he immediately explained. After listening to Li Chengyuan's story, Li Dong learned the whole story. In fact, a very simple thing, the morning when Li Chengyuan opened the stall, came a country farmer, said to sell wild fish to Li Chengyuan. This kind of thing is very common in the vegetable market, there are often farmers from the countryside or peddlers to sell fish to these stalls at a lower price. Li Chengyuan also did not care too much, plus the wild fish is more popular, immediately the other hand a net of fish to buy down. These fish all kinds of species, there are silver carp, fat head, there are black fish …… anyway, is the estimate of a large pile, the price is relatively cheap, Li Chengyuan also did not pick, all to want. But to say that this is evil, did not wait for Li Chengyuan to do a few single transaction, Chen Li with two people came to the market to arrest people. The reason for the arrest is exactly Li Chengyuan, just as Chen Li said, Li Chengyuan suspected of illegal sale of state-protected animals. As for what animal, almost everyone has heard of it: giant salamander, also called baby fish. This thing is very rare in Dongping, the general public do not know.