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Chapter 254: Knowing your son is like a father

  The distant Li Dong, now in Dongping is a piece of gold WW……lā Nowadays, Li Dong, body hanging a lot of titles. The youngest billionaire, the fastest rising entrepreneurs, the richest man in Dongping, the leading soldier after eighty this series of titles, Dongping ordinary people know not much, the government departments should know who is not clear. To say that Li Dong has money is not distributed to everyone, the Niu Bureau is also not guilty of sticking up. But these days, the money means power. Li Dong a young man, in the provincial development of smooth sailing, to say that he has no one to cover, who will believe. That is the provincial capital, section level full of walking, department level as much as a dog. Niu Bureau in Dongping County is also considered a person, the Director of Public Security, sounding bullying, in fact, is also a positive section. To the provincial capital, people don't even look at it with a straight face. So for the current Li Dong, even if the Niu Bureau to curry favor, there is no need to offend. Otherwise, people just open their mouths, maybe he will be bad luck, too unprofitable. Niu Bureau and Li Dong finished greeting, then looked to the side of the face suddenly changed Chen Li said "Chen Li, you just big mouth ah, who gave you the power?" Chen Li's mouth opened, half a long time before whispering "Niu Bureau, this matter I" Niu Bureau waved his hand, impatient said "All right, I know everything, this matter ends here, do not apologize to Mr. Li and Mr. Li!" Chen Li's face was a little ugly, but still bowed his eyebrows towards Li Dong and the two said "Mr. Li, Mr. Li, I'm sorry." He is not stupid, how can he not know that he has kicked the iron board today. Although I don't know where this Li is the boss, but look at the director's appearance will know, not he can afford to mess with. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, the surname Niu is a bit interesting. Seems to reprimand Chen Li, but in fact is not the slightest punishment, an apology is finished. Li Dong also did not dwell, lightly said "Officer Chen, now can tell me which masses reported it?" Chen Li is just a fighter, the director of the Niu to protect him, Li Dong also do not want to tear the face now, let him a horse impact is not big. But behind the framing of Li Chengyuan that person, Li Dong is to uncover. Chen Li's face showed a touch of hesitation, looked at the Niu Bureau. Niu Bureau did not move, as if not see the general. Li Dong smiled and said "OK, since Officer Chen is difficult, I do not ask. Later I will ask the governor of Lu, to see if this Dongping has changed?" When these words came out, Niu Bureau and Chen Li's face changed a little. Lv County Governor, Dongping can still have a few Lv County Governor, a serious government department brother, even the county party committee has to look at his face. Chen Li does not know if Li Dong is scaring him, but the Niu Bureau knows that Li Dong's words are not really scary. For the rise of the Yuanfang supermarket in Dongping, Lv County Governor but personally went to inspect several times. Even in the government assembly, several times named to praise the supermarket, for Dongping business has made a big contribution. In this case, the Niu Bureau naturally worried about Li Dong will be stabbed up, if the governor of Lv eyes, he trouble but who let him and the governor of Lv is not the same way. Niu Bureau took a deep breath and looked at Chen Li and said, "There are no outsiders here, Chen Li, tell the matter to Mr. Li once." Chen Li smiled and said with a bitter face "Feng Bin." Li Dong was not surprised by this answer, he just wanted to confirm it, and Chen Li finished, continued to ask "Feng Bin himself?" "His son." Li Dong nodded his head, this is reliable. This kind of thing is also Feng Jinsong do out, not painful, not enough old spice. If his old man Feng Bin personally, certainly not so pedestrian, trafficking in baby fish, even if it is true, was caught is also a fine mostly, the real jail a few. Feng Jinsong is too young, his old man personally, things are not so simple. Know who did the good thing, Li Dong did not ask more questions. And Niu Bureau polite a few words, Li Dong suddenly said "that doll fish is true?" Chen Li froze for a moment, but still returned "true, but it is farmed." "That's fine, how much money should be fined, turn around and I'll have someone pay." This matter really should be pursued, Li Chengyuan does have a place to break the law, but the fine is also to the limit, Li Dong is not short of money, there is no need to leave a handle for this. Once the fine is paid, the future accounting can not find Li Chengyuan. After all this, Li Dong and Niu Bureau greeted, took Li Chengyuan out of the police station together. As soon as they left, Chen Li could not help but say "Niu Bureau, just that is?" Niu Bureau glanced at him, not good-naturedly said "you ask this why, less trouble for me on the line! People fighting, you get involved in what, the next time you give me trouble, you directly to me to get out!" Counting Chen Li and he is still cousins, although a bit far away, but also relatives. Otherwise, today, Niu Bureau also did not have to round up for Chen Li. Before he protects Chen Li, Li Dong's heart is certainly not happy, but the Niu Bureau is also no way, can not really Chen Li to clean up it. This is one of our own, Li Dong patted his ass away, he will not have much prestige in the Bureau. And he also felt that Li Dong will not pursue because of this small matter. After all, Li Dong's father was not hurt and painful, but came to the police station to take a statement, Li Dong does not want to be entangled in this, really should be looking for the Feng family is right.