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Chapter 255 Equivalent Exchange

  (The average booking more than 1700, still owe two more, tomorrow strive to pay off.) In Dongping, Li Chengyuan is just a small person. Whether into the bureau or out of the bureau, not many people care, and not many people care. Even Feng Jinsong himself is not aware that Li Chengyuan has come out, this he did not forget, but also not to go to the police station every day to guard. In the eyes of Feng Jinsong, the Li family is a raggedy family. Li Dong in addition to the brave and ruthless, what skills are not, this time cleaned up Li Chengyuan, also considered to give Li Dong a lesson. As for Li Chengyuan out of the bureau, that has little to do with him, at least in his opinion, even if Li Chengyuan out, it will have to be fined a large sum of money. Just the money from the fine, it is enough for the Li family flesh pain for half a year. And Chen Li side because the Niu Bureau warned, plus also know that the Li family is not easy to mess with, naturally will not be kind enough to remind Feng Jinsong. One way or another, the Feng family father and son are completely unaware that someone is watching them. Feng Bin is even more unaware, Feng Jinsong clean up a fish peddler, naturally will not tell their own old son, because there is no need. ……3 In the afternoon, Li Dong drove Li Lan back to Chenjiawan. Since Chen Jing and Wang Li mother and son reached an agreement, they moved back to Chenjiawan from Qingyang. Li Dong did not go into the village and stopped the car at the entrance of the village. When Li Lan got out of the car, Li Dong took out a dozen bags from the trunk and handed them to Li Lan, "You can go to my place during the winter holidays, Dongping and Pingchuan can, and then take you to play." Li Lan nodded obediently. Li Dong said again, "I'm not going to the village, you go back by yourself, right?" "Well, it's okay." "Did you write down my phone number?" "Remembered." "That's good, call me if something happens." Li Dong nodded slightly, he could not see Chen Jing, nor could he see Li Nanming and Li Qing, but Li Lan, the cousin, was not bad. Whether because of sympathy or kinship, can help, he does not mind to help. When watching Li Lan's figure fade away, Li Dong got into his car and drove to Dongping. Back in Dongping, Li Dong did not go home, but went to a building across the street from his house. Upstairs, knocked on the door, Zhou Haidong opened the door. This is the stronghold of Wang Cheng's people, they have been living here for the past three months. Seeing Li Dong enter, Wang Cheng several people hastily got up, Li Dong waved his hand and greeted them to sit down, he also found a place to sit down, and then said, "How is the investigation?" Wang Cheng looked at Zhou Haidong, Zhou Haidong frowned and said, "You report yourself, why look at me?" Wang Cheng gave a dry smile, then said, "Checked out, the Feng family now has two restaurants, two hotels, one hotel, one KtV and one Internet cafe, and one movie theater in Dongping." "These are all the industries on the surface, in fact the Feng family has other industries." "According to our investigation, the Feng family owns the Tianfeng Furniture City in Dongping, and the Feng family also has a share in the Dongping Market, which draws money." "Also, the Feng family has two game halls in Dongping, mainly doing gambling machines, I heard that business is very good." "In addition, the Feng family also controls two construction teams, with a lot of manpower, adding up to almost two hundred people." "……" When Wang Cheng finished, Li Dong stroked his chin. Feng Bin this old fox really should not be underestimated, do not look at him these industries are fragmented, in fact Dongping make money is these businesses. This guy three religions and nine streams of business are doing, and almost all in a monopoly position, I'm afraid that his fortune is more than the number of their own guesses. Li Dong some scratching his head, the business is so scattered, not good for him. If the business is concentrated, they think of a way to spend a little money may also be able to stir him up. But the business is so scattered, they have nowhere to go, and not so much energy to put on him, for a while really can not do anything with him. Even if the collapse of one or two stores, for Feng Bin is not hurt. On the contrary, the grass is frightened of the snake, the snake does not die but suffer, this reason Li Dong still understands. Thinking about it Li Dong asked: "Yellow, gambling, drugs, gambling he is accounted for, the other two?" Wang Cheng nodded and said, "There should be, he that KtV is not very clean, but the other side is very careful, if not specially observed, the average person can not find. And his hotel also has that kind of service, but on the surface and he has nothing to do with it." Li Dong mulled over, this matter still has to go from the official side. If you can get the government to do, it would be good to say, tainted with these three, as long as the evidence is caught, Feng Bin can not run. But Feng Bin can be based in Dongping for so many years, to say that the police and the government no one, killed Li Dong also do not believe. Plus the guy has recently gotten involved in real estate, which means he has a lot of connections in the government. Li Dong has self-awareness, don't look at him than Feng Bin rich, and before also took Lv County Governor intimidated Chen Li, in fact, if he really fought with Feng Bin, Lv County Governor on which side can not say. It is not good that people have long been Feng Bin pulled down, or Feng Bin is not so scenic.