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Chapter 256 - Eliminating Harm for the People

  Wrapping up the Feng family, Li Dong is not in a hurry. After talking with Hu Wanlin Li Dong is no longer concerned, he believes Hu Wanlin will agree. Not to say how much profit this time, the key is to sell personal favors to themselves. Hu Wanlin behind that person is almost retired, the next Hu Wanlin how to go is a big problem, harvest Li Dong's friendship, for Hu Wanlin is absolutely beneficial. And the Feng family, a sitting household is just. As long as it does not cause a big commotion, who will care, Hu Wanlin will naturally take the trade-off. ……1 6th. Li Dong back the sixth day. Jiejie Internet Cafe. Li Dong knocked on the counter, the inside of the counter napping Wang Jie opened his eyes, saw Li Dong, Wang Jie yawned and said, "You still not gone?" Li Dong didn't have a good mood and said, "Listen to your tone, I'm not welcome?" "It doesn't mean that." Wang Jie rubbed his eyes and said lazily, "The key is that you are a big company boss, so idle all day, something is not right. The end of the year, your company is not busy?" "Not bad, the company is not only me, there are others to keep an eye on." Li Dong said indifferently. He is not really busy lately, the supermarket side also does not need him to intervene, rather than stay in Pingchuan every day to watch the loss of money, it is better to see the net. Wang Jie smiled and said: "I say, you stay in Dongping all day, and do not go to see her, what do you think?" Li Dong said, "What can I think about? I stay home with my parents understand, my mother was scared last time, I calmed her." Speaking of this matter, Wang Jie also stopped teasing him and said indignantly, "That dog Feng Jinsong is really not a good thing!" "Dongzi, you know what? That little son of a bitch actually came to my place yesterday to show off his authority, saying that I should get out of here quickly, do you think it's angry?" Wang Jie said this is angry, Feng Jinsong's tone is too unbearable! Not to mention that the house still belongs to the landlord, even if the real demolition, it is not Feng Jinsong's turn to evict people. But Wang Jie also has some scruples, after all, the Feng family is not easy to mess with, despite the words of Feng Jinsong, but he did not really do it, at most two curses, he did not have the courage of Li Dong, directly hit people. Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "He still hasn't left?" New Year's Day is generally only three days off, he previously thought Feng Jinsong has gone back to school. But now it looks like that guy is still in Dongping. Wang Jie shook his head and said, "No, I heard that his old man is going to have a 50th birthday, probably just a few days, when his old man finished his birthday he left." "Fifty is still a big birthday? Life with great fanfare, not afraid to break life?" The corner of Li Dong's eyes twitched, Dongping side is not interested in fifty birthday, generally fifty years old is no one to do. And sixty years old, seventy years old, these also do not do according to the whole life, but fifty-nine, sixty-nine to do life. Feng Bin guy really has the courage, Dongping's old traditions look like he did not even take it to heart. Think it is, this guy started as a gangster, naturally do not believe in those gods and goddesses of things, but more believe in their own strength. Li Dong thought for a moment, how about contacting Hu Wanlin? When people do birthday, they give him a fire, directly send him to the cell to do? But after thinking about it, Li Dong still shook his head. The reason why he got him was because he was implicated by Feng Jinsong, so he was caught in it. If people do it when they celebrate their birthday, it will be too dark. The reason why he got him is because Feng Jinsong was involved in the case.