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Chapter 257

  This year's winter, Dongping extraordinarily cold. The wind outside the house was bitterly cold, and Li Dong couldn't help but tighten his shirt when he got off at the corner. The entrance of the first county high school. When Li Dong arrived, Yuan Xue was stomping his feet in the air. Seeing Li Dong, Yuan Xue harrumphed and said, "Go into the school and turn around, it's been a long time since I came back." Li Dong nodded, did not say anything, accompanied Yuan Xue into the school. The first middle school is still the same, but in the cold winter, the trees beside the campus path have withered, and a few withered leaves are floating down the road. Walking on the campus path, Li Dong and Yuan Xue did not speak. Until they reached the school playground, Yuan Xue said, "Sit down for a while." Li Dong found a place to sit down, still did not say anything. Yuan Xue couldn't help but say, "Since when did you talk so little?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Learned from you." "Boring!" Yuan Xue rolled her eyes, sat down beside him, and stopped making noises. This time it was Li Dong's turn to hold back and asked, "Why do you have to leave now? The winter vacation of foreigners is so short? Not even for the New Year?" Just now Yuan Xue called him about leaving, which caught Li Dong a bit off guard. He thought that Yuan Xue could at least stay until after the New Year, but who knew that she had to leave so soon. Yuan Xue said softly, "There's something at school, I have to go and take care of it." "Have to go?" "Almost." "Foreigners are too impersonal, right! It's hard to come back for a trip, at least after the New Year." Li Dong complained. Yuan Xue couldn't help but "pfft" out a laugh for a while before laughing: "Foreigners don't live our New Year, Christmas is over, who cares about the rest." Li Dong exhaled and turned into white mist in the blink of an eye. After a moment's pause, Li Dong said again, "Tomorrow you want to leave?" "Well, tomorrow to move, first to Qingyang, then transfer to the capital, and then take a plane ……" "I'm not asking you this, I mean you can't wait a day?" Yuan Xue glanced at him, the corners of her mouth rose slightly and smiled lightly, "Is there a difference between a day early and a day late?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said without good humor, "You tell me!" Yuan Xue laughed even more happily and suddenly said, "Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to snow in Dongping this year." "It's hard to say, maybe it will snow tomorrow." "The weather forecast says there is no snow." "What the weather forecast says is what it is. They don't know shit about whether it's going to snow or not!" "No swearing!" Li Dong skimmed his mouth, some annoyance said: "Forget it, go away, go away, go far away, save your heart from watching." Yuan Xue gave him a blank look and asked, "Is there anything you want to say to me?" Li Dong impatiently hummed, "No!" "Really no?" "No!" "Forget it, if I don't say anything this year, I won't come back next summer, I'll stay over there to work during the summer, and I'm not sure if I'll be back in a few years." Li Dong was a bit troubled, for a long time before saying: "Why work for foreigners? Is there a shortage of money?" "It's not a matter of money, foreign countries focus on practice, so I want to experience it." "You can't work back home?" "Okay, let's not talk about it, let's talk about it next year." Yuan Xue interrupted him. The two were silent again, Li Dong hesitated for a moment, took out a wrapped box from his pocket and handed it to her, "For you, a birthday present, originally intended to give it to you tomorrow." Yuan Xue's eyes narrowed, the corners of her mouth rose and she laughed lightly, "Didn't you say no snow, no gifts?" "Are you annoyed, I love to send it, you care!" Yuan Xue covered her mouth and laughed, this guy is still so rogue. Clutching the gift box in her palm, Yuan Xue tangled for a moment and asked, "Can I open it?" "Whatever you want." "Then I can unwrap it." Yuan Xue's eyes showed a smile at the corner and slowly unwrapped the gift box in her hand. When she unwrapped the gift box and looked at the contents of the box, a touch of surprise appeared on Yuan Xue's face.