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Chapter 258 Price War Epilogue

  Yuan Xue left, Li Dong did not go to send. The morning of the day of departure, the sky fell a wisp of snow, Dongping's first snow arrived! I don't know if it's to say goodbye or to celebrate the birthday, the snow is getting bigger and bigger. The next day, Dongping has become a crystal world. 8 afternoon, Li Dong received a phone call from Hu Wanlin, the launch time has arrived. Feng Bin could not wait for his 50th birthday after all, the 9th was his 50th birthday, four hours short of the 50th day. Li Dong's car was parked on the street across from Feng's house. Sitting in the car, through the window, Li Dong cold-eyed spectator. See the police swoop in, see Feng Bin hunched over and taken away, see Feng Jinsong dumbfounded standing at the door and do not know what to do, listen to the sound of whimpering in the house harsh …… everything like a cloud of the past, the famous Dongping Feng Bin collapsed! Mr. Feng, Feng Dahu, who was running both black and white in Dongping, collapsed so abruptly, and the reason for this is simply a venting of his son, a revenge. The power of capital is not enough to run amok, but when capital accumulates to a certain extent, it can simply manipulate power. Li Dong's a promise, Hu Wanlin's a trade-off, Feng Bin like a wave, come fierce, go silent. Li Dong lit a cigarette and silently recited the Buddhist scriptures in his heart. Not for Feng Bin, but for himself, Li Dong no guilt, Feng Bin such people, squatting in jail is deserved, not his turn to sympathize. Chanting Buddhist scriptures, Li Dong just to seek peace of mind, for their actions labeled a righteous. People live in this world, always set up a camp for themselves, righteous, neutral or evil, Feng Bin is evil, he Li Dong is naturally righteous. <> Self-deception is also, cover up the ears also, this is the cold reality. Fallen is Feng Bin, not he Li Dong! Finally took a look at the demented Feng Jinsong in the ice and snow, Li Dong silently laughed, flicked away the cigarette and sighed: "Let's go!" Zhou Haidong silently started the vehicle, and in the darkness of the night, the Mercedes slowly departed. Without Feng Bin, the Feng family no longer posed the slightest threat to him. Once Feng Bin is gone, the Feng family is a big piece of fat meat, Dongping and even Qingyang, there is no telling how many hungry wolves are waiting, waiting to share this big piece of fat meat. Feng Jinsong can't protect the Feng family, nor can he keep the Feng family's industry. Maybe just in case, in order to eliminate the root of the grass, maybe someone will help Li Dong clean up Feng Jinsong. The next Feng Jinsong drop out of school also, begging also, even the earth disappeared also, from then on and he is no longer a world of people, Li Dong do not need to spend energy on him. …… 10 afternoon, Li Dong returned to Pingchuan. This away is ten days, usually although there has been telephone contact, the company recently nothing big, but Li Dong still straight to the Global Building. When he entered the company, everything was in order and there was no sign of chaos. Li Dong was slightly relieved and went straight back to the office. Because of the advance notice, Liu Qi also prepared the information and reported the recent operation of the company to Li Dong item by item. Various stores in other cities, because of the recent peak period, turnover and profits have risen substantially, I think when the settlement is made next month, the profits should not be low. <> Pingchuan side, Longhua store performance although there is a rising trend, but the trend is not large, far from this time last year. Li Dong knows the reason, mainly because of the recent price war. Yaohai District, although not in the price war area, but the price war still caused a considerable impact on business, many customers have asked Longhua store also discount, or else go downtown shopping, so caused the performance compared to the same period last year fell a lot. These are expected in Li Dong, Li Dong listened and did not say much, and Liu Qi said some dry mouth before asking: "From the opening to now, the ten stores lost how much?" Liu Qi flipped through the information, paused for a while before saying, "December loss of 13 million, into January, because again discount, as of yesterday, has lost 11 million, a total of 24 million!" Li Dong sucked in a breath, more than twenty million, this cost is not the usual large. Spent so much money, until now also just squeezed down the Lotus, the other two are still holding on, these guys are also crazy. Although prepared for a loss of 30 million, but that is only the grand words, really when the loss of so much, Li Dong heart like a knife, heartache. But immediately after Liu Qi reported to him a good news. "According to our understanding, Carrefour and Tesco, no new goods have been delivered recently." Once these words came out, Li Dong's eyes suddenly lit up. Now is the end of the year, it is the peak shopping period, these two actually did not deliver new goods, this is the clearance of the preparation. Although the two business is not very good, but if you really want to persist, certainly still need to deliver new goods. But now look at the situation, the two seem to not want to persist. <> In fact, this is normal, after all, has been losing money, plus Jiangbei is not their main attack area, and the far side is determined to fight with them, the retreat is sooner or later.