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Chapter 259 Visiting the sick

  Sun Tao just left, Shen Xi hurried over. These days because of the annual meeting, Shen Xi busy dizzy, if not know that Li Dong back, she is still outside the contact it. Once in the office, Shen Xi complained: "You live a really dashing life, do not care about anything, leave the company and leave, I still have a lot of things waiting for you to deal with it." Li Dong laughed: "It's just an annual meeting, you are a high achiever, elite talent, aspiring to become a vice president, this kind of small matter still need my intervention?" Shen Xi was immediately blocked, some stifled said: "Of course you do not need to help, I can do it by myself!" Li Dong laughed and shook his head, the dead duck's mouth was stiff. Not continuing to squeeze her, Li Dong asked, "Tell me, what else do I need to deal with?" Shen Xi cooed, before turning back to the topic: "Three things, first, the invitation candidates." "Before I was only going to let the company staff to participate, but then the news spread, a part of the suppliers called and said they also want to come to participate, these people invited?" Li Dong considered for a moment and nodded: "Yes, regardless of the size, send invitations, it is also the time to let them see our strength." Shen Xi added: "Also, we were only going to let the leadership of each store come over, but recently each store response, the following employees are also very high emotions about participating in the annual meeting, should we release some places?" Li Dong frowned, not that he did not want to invite employees. The key is that there are a lot of employees from afar, nearly five thousand people, too many. Even if a part of the supermarket to stay, the rest is more than a thousand people, such a huge crowd of employees, far side now can not have this reception level. Li Dong pondered for a moment and said, "Select some of it, personnel to do some restrictions, after all, the end of the year is a busy time, control within five hundred people." Shen Xi nodded and continued, "The second thing, the annual meeting I want to invite a few starlets to participate, to drive the atmosphere." "This is up to you, just stay within the budget." "It's not because of this, I did some research in advance, what are the stars that people want to invite most, and Li Xi is also listed among them." Li Dong looked up and swept her a glance, after a moment before saying, "Whatever you want, I have no opinion." For today's Li Dong, Li Xi is no different from a stranger. He is the boss of the company, even if he invites Li Xi, Li Xi may not be able to talk to him, and the other party can not say whether to come or not, Li Dong simply does not take it to heart. Seeing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi was slightly relieved. She had also heard some rumors that Li Dong and Li Xi had some conflicts, and even because of Li Xi, the former marketing manager of the far side had stepped down. Originally, Shen Xi saw the final statistics, was ready to simply ignore the past. But then somehow, seeing Li Xi's name, Shen Xi felt that the two names are the same, a bit of fate, plus she also heard Li Xi sing, feel quite like it, so that's why and Li Dong mentioned a word. Li Dong did not want to say more on this matter and asked, "What is the third thing, say it before it's too late, I'm busy." "Uh, the third thing is ……" Shen Xi hesitated, or said: "I asked for everyone's opinion, everyone wants you to perform a show on stage, what do you think? " Li Dong frowned, just wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it still said, "Okay, I'll prepare, we'll talk about it then." He originally wanted to refuse, but then thought, after the annual meeting of large companies, the boss on stage to perform a program is also very common, there is no need to look so noble. And this annual meeting was originally intended to inspire people, he took the lead on stage, but also to reassure the staff. Seeing Li Dong agree, Shen Xi face a flash of joy. Other than that, Li Dong is willing to perform a show, which is a major highlight. Usually Li Dong is mysterious, the company in addition to the headquarters of these people, not many employees below have seen Li Dong, this time the mysterious boss on stage performance, this is a big gimmick. Seeing that Shen Xi finished, Li Dong got up and said, "Other things you look after yourself, I still have something to do, I'll leave first." "Just back and leaving?" "Qi Yunna is sick, I'm going to visit." "Oh!" Qi Yunna's hospitalization, Shen Xi also heard about it, considered for a moment and said, "Why don't I also go to see Manager Qi?" Li Dong glanced at her and said with a frown, "You're not busy?" Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "Do you know how to combine work and rest!" Li Dong indifferent said: "That's fine, you also together!" When …… went downstairs, Li Dong naturally got into his own car. Shen Xi also drove her car out from the garage, a red Beetle. Last time promised to Shen Xi with a car, afterwards Li Dong did not pay attention, originally he thought Shen Xi must pick some more expensive, did not expect to choose a beetle. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, let Zhou Haidong lead the way in front. …… Fourth People's Hospital. Sending away two colleagues who came to visit, Qi Yunna leaned on the hospital bed and became silent. Today's vacation, specially come to accompany the store employees Xiao Xu whispered: "Store manager, what's wrong?"