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Chapter 260 Mission and Platform

  Xiao Xu did not know who Li Dong was. Just now Qi Yunna shouted Li, but at that time Xiao Xu was in shock and did not pay attention. At this moment, seeing Li Dong denigrate Qi Yunna, he couldn't help but voice his displeasure. Li Dong grunted and said, "Not stupid?" "Let's say that this time when you are sick, did your store manager ask for it himself? More ways to solicit business, in the middle of winter, you have to blow the cold wind outside the door and shout vociferously for people to buy things?" "The loudspeaker can't be used? The company's publicity vehicle can not apply? If you can't, make a report, do a campaign can not be approved? Even if you have to set up a stall outside the store to solicit customers, do not know how to wear more clothes? Can't you think of a way to get something to block the wind?" Xiao Xu's jaw dropped, is that so? Qi Yunna was indignant at first, but at this moment was somewhat touched, she knew that Li Dong was not criticizing her, but was concerned about her. Otherwise, Li Dong, the big boss, did he need to talk to her so much? After giving Li Dong a grateful look, Qi Yunna whispered, "Mr. Li, I was wrong." Li Dong hummed: "You are not wrong, I think you are not convinced, do you think I was too hard on you at first?" Qi Yunna smiled and hurriedly said, "No, really!" "Whether or not, I won't sympathize with you and give you a promotion just because you're sick, you should understand that." Qi Yunna nodded her head hastily and said, "Mr. Li, I didn't think of it that way." "That's good." Li Dong added: "Your performance this month is good, ten days, by now the performance has been 870,000, compared to several other stores is considered excellent." "It's all because of Mr. Li ……" "Don't pat me on the back, it has nothing to do with me. You hear me out first." Qi Yunna immediately made a docile listening look, while the side of Xiao Xu has been silly. Mr. Li? The owner of the company seems to be surnamed Li, right? Seems to be very young too, right? Is this the big boss coming? Li Dong did not care what Xu thought, continued: "Do not say I do not give you the opportunity, last month, the worst performance of the four stores in the far side, the monthly turnover of 2.82 million. As long as your performance this month can exceed 2.82 million, I will promote you to become a fourth-level store manager." Qi Yunna was overjoyed when she heard that, and just as she wanted to speak, Xiao Xu was surprised and said, "2.82 million?" You know, it's been ten days now, and the opening in front of them, and Qi Yunna personally solicited customers, and the performance of their store in ten days was only 870,000. Even if the business was still so good later on, it would only be about 2.5 million in a month at most. Want to exceed 2.82 million, this task is not generally difficult. Qi Yunna glared at her and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for giving me this opportunity!" Originally, she did not even hope to be promoted in the short term, but now that Li Dong had given her the opportunity, how could Qi Yunna not be happy. No matter how difficult the task is, there is still hope that it can be achieved, the goal is there, visible and tangible. It's better than not seeing any hope at all, which would make her feel desperate. 2.82 million, who says she can't finish it! When Fucheng was first opened, how many people were optimistic about her? But her first month's performance exceeded 150 million, shocked off a jaw, who could believe she could do this achievement at that time. Li Dong saw her face full of excitement and said: "Want to complete the task, first get well and then. Eating hot bean curd in a hurry, the more hasty you are, the more chaotic it is, and it's even harder to do well, you should understand that." "I know, thank you for your concern, Mr. Li!" "Well, that's all I have to say, you rest, I'll go first." Li Dong got up, waved his hand and said no more, turned around and left. Shen Xi also hurriedly got up, see Li Dong out of the ward, before Qi Yunna whispered and laughed: "Manager Qi, work hard! What need help to find me, I give you the back door, next year the company to develop South Lake and Ming City, these two places are more economically developed than Fucheng, the city manager has not yet chosen." Qi Yunna's eyes slightly brightened, and likewise whispered, "Thank you, Manager Shen, I'll try to complete the task." "Hee hee, even if you can't finish it, it doesn't matter, when I don't say, Li Dong doesn't say, who knows how many tasks you have, next month you will definitely be the fourth level store manager." Shen Xi squeezed her eyes towards Qi Yunna. Li Dong's mind who can not see, clearly taking sides with his own direct line. Who would oppose Li Dong's opinion because of a fourth-ranking store manager? Besides, Qi Yunna's performance this month is good, the first among the five-level stores should not be a big problem. There is a first name, official promotion is normal. Now is the time to be short of people, there are still sixteen stores to open at the beginning of the year, Qi Yunna as the first level five store manager, take over a level four store is normal. After saying these, Qi Yunna also did not stay long, hurried out of the door to catch up with Li Dong. In the sickroom, Qi Yunna clenched her fist. Originally because of the cold and fever, no energy in the body, but now Qi Yunna feel like they are full of energy, full of strength. City manager, you must get it back! Just when Qi Yunna was fierce, Xiao Xu next to her couldn't wait to say: "Store manager, are you really the city manager? That was the company's President Li just now? You're getting a promotion next month? When you leave, can you take me with you? Nanhu and Mingcheng are so far away, can you be the city manager of Pingchuan?" Xiao Xu asked a whole bunch of questions in one breath, without pausing in her tone. Qi Yunna gave her a white look, pinched her nose and laughed: "Little girl, take you, when the time comes, I'll let you be my assistant, okay?" "Really?" Xiao Xu eyes full of light, really this good thing? Qi Yunna laughed and did not explain, the previous assistant pitted her. And although Xiao Xu is young, but can be a good person, otherwise would not be on vacation specially to accompany her, if you can really climb up, let her become an assistant and what is the harm. Besides, she's not as stupid as she used to be, and it's not that easy to screw her again!