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Chapter 261 - Black-hearted businessman Li Dong

  Involved in e-commerce, not Li Dong momentary Щщш……lā05 when Li Dong is ready to do e-commerce supermarkets, but at that time he did not have much capital on hand, so pressed on, has been delayed until now. Now into 06 years, Li Dong also counted a small capital. Although he does not have much money on hand, but after the New Year, the monthly profit of Yuanfang should be able to reach 50 million. Fifty million monthly profits, which translates into an annual profit of six hundred million. Even if we open fifty stores next year, we can't spend so much money, the rest of the money Li Dong naturally won't put in the bank to generate interest, spend out is the right thing to do. The next few years, really counted as profitable on the Internet industry and real estate. Real estate involves too many things, Li Dong temporarily not interested in mixing. As for the Internet, whether to do search engines or do other, Li Dong has no experience, nor the strength. Only the e-commerce platform is different, this thing is not difficult, and is also and he is now doing the supermarket industry is most closely related to an industry, doing e-commerce is naturally easier than other, also does not seem abrupt. Of course, not difficult to not difficult, this platform is not so good to do. Handed to Shen Xi, does not mean that Shen Xi alone can handle. Want to build a good, excellent e-commerce platform, without a large technical team support is impossible to complete. It takes a lot of time just to prepare the team, and Li Dong doesn't expect Shen Xi to finish it overnight. However, compared to the past, the current it elite is much better than before to find, domestic also has a mature e-commerce platform as a reference, but is much easier than before. Shen Xi took the task, her face showed a leap of faith, look like some can not wait. Li Dong saw her face excited, could not help but splash cold water said: "you first get the annual meeting, if a small annual meeting you can not get, do not expect me to give you this piece of e-commerce." Shen Xi held up her fist and swore: "Don't worry! There is nothing that can be difficult for me Shen Xi!" Li Dong shook his head speechless, and did not know whether his decision was right or not. But compared to Sun Tao and Wang Yue, Shen Xi is indeed more suitable than them, because Shen Xi is younger than them, more adaptable than them to the network, Sun Tao and Wang Yue, although not too old, but for the network this piece of understanding is too little. Li Dong's idea of building an e-commerce platform, said to Shen Xi, that does not matter much. But if you tell Sun Tao and Wang Yue, these two people must have different opinions. In their view, instead of spending so much money to get a virtual network platform that can not be seen and touched, it is better to build more branches to be cost-effective. Today's largest domestic e-commerce platform - Taobao, although it has done a great job, but most of the entity business is not very concerned about, because e-commerce at this time occupies too little market share, not enough to make everyone pay attention. To say that this era, who has the most confidence in e-commerce, non-Li Dong. Even the creation of Taobao's old horse, this time is not seen than Li Dong more certain. ……1 15th. Ten stores in the Far East resumed their original prices, and the turnover dropped from 15 million per day before to just over 8 million that day. Although the turnover fell by nearly half, but the profit is incomparable. Previously, the ten stores of Yuanfang had a loss of nearly 1 million per day, but on the 15th, the profit reached 1 million. Repeatedly, in one day's time, Yuanfang's net income increased by about 2 million. At the same time, the performance of other stores also had a growth trend, and everyone within Yuanfang was happy. Li Dong and Sun Tao, the top management of the company, were also slightly relieved, not because of making money, but because Carrefour and Tesco still did not deliver new goods. This shows that these two supermarkets are really going to withdraw from the Jiangbei market. Three less competitors at once, for Li Dong than earn 10 million are more happy. As for the remaining three, Li Dong is not prepared to provoke for the time being, frequent attacks, the far side can not eat, but also easy to be criticized. Monopoly business is profitable, but Li Dong temporarily do not have the strength to eat the entire Jiangbei. Since this is the case, then let go of part of it, and when there is strength, then swallow them is not too late.